Worksheet of the Week


Worksheet of the Week: Make a Route

make-a-routeUh oh! This ghastly little fellow is in need of a smart Jumpee to guide him through this twisty path! Use your problem solving talents and help this ghost find his way to his haunted home. With the help of an adult, download and print this free Halloween-themed Worksheet of the Week and get started on this spooky maze:

Worksheet of the Week: Punctuation in the Lunchroom

punctuation-in-the-lunchroomFrankie can be so sneaky sometimes! Looks like he secretly added a bit of punctuation into your lunch bag. Complete our FREE Worksheet of the Week so that you can get a healthy serving of grammar today. That way, you can get the last laugh in Frankie’s classroom pranks!

Worksheet of the Week: Picture the Words

picture-the-words-readingFrankie has a new worksheet for you to complete for when you have a quiet summer day. Help the team at JumpStart match these colorful pictures to the sentences that describe them. To get started on our free Worksheet of the Week, simply click on the image so you can download and print it out!

Worksheet of the Week: Word Jumble

word-jumbleThese baby monkeys were having a bit too much fun in this mango tree and now the sentence we just wrote got scrambled! Guess that is what happens when you try doing a bit of writing next to a group of pranksters like them! Can you use your writing talents to put these words back in order? Ask a parent for help downloading and printing this Worksheet of the Week to save our story AND practice working on your sentence structure techniques!

Worksheet of the Week: Color the Summer Shades

color-the-summer-shadesIt can be tricky trying to keep cool in the summer. There are just so many fun and exciting activities to do outdoors around this time of year! Once you return home from your adventures today, help yourself relax by coloring in this refreshing glass of lime juice. Make sure to carefully color in each part with the matching number! That way, you will know your glass of juice will be bright and sweet, which is the PERFECT combination for summer days like this. Make sure to get a parent’s assistance with downloading this Worksheet of the Week by downloading it at the following location:

Worksheet of the Week: Marigolds in the Morning!

marigolds-in-the-morningMarigolds are a colorful flower that grow well during all seasons of the year! Its brightly colored petals always stand out, whether they are in a field or a bouquet. For today’s Worksheet of the Week, help us put the “gold” back into our marigolds by coloring our black and white flowers. Once you are done with that, try seeing if you can identify the different parts of this flower including the leaves, stem, and petals!

For this FREE coloring page, ask a parent to help you download and print it here: