Get Cozy with Winter-Themed Ridez, Threadz, and Petz

Hey Jumpeez! Things SURE have gotten chilly in JumpStart lately! Keep yourself warm and cozy by hopping on over to DownTown where you can buy all your new festive Ridez, Threadz, and Petz for the winter season! Show Jumpeez from all around the new styles and Threadz you will be rocking this winter season!


At the Threadz shop, think about how you want to coordinate your seasonal attire. Maybe some candy cane stockings and an adorable snowman t-shirt? Just don’t forget your snow-cap!


With this sleigh from the Ridez store, you’ll no doubt look like winter royalty!


Once you’re ready to cruise down MainStreet in style, find a new pal to play with at the Petz shop. Don’t you love how excited this little reindeer is for winter? It’ll be the life of the party at your next Neighborhood shindig!

These jolly items will only be around for a LIMITED-TIME! Make sure you get to DownTown soon before we sell out of these highly demanded items!

Winter Wonderland: A New Season for New Features!

By now you’ve all probably heard the BIG news… the SpeedDrome and Boardwalk are making their triumphant return to the JumpStart World! As our friends Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private nestle into their new home at the World of Madagascar, snow has finally fallen in JumpStart. Are you ready for the Winter Wonderland and all the majestic and magical updates that are heading your way?


To kick off everyone’s favorite time of year, Frankie and the JumpStart friends have not only updated our LIMITED-TIME selection of Petz, Ridez and Threadz in the DownTown stores but they’ve also included a few new features for our festive FunZones!

Are you ready to start exploring the NEW and improved JumpStart, this winter? Stroll through one of our fun and festive Elf-O-Matics to transform your Jumpee into a super cute seasonal helper! After all there’s no better look to sport when you join your Jumpee friends to grow our community snowman, enter the Winter Wonderland, Ice skate through the Boardwalk, and celebrate this very special time of year!

Jump to it and let us know what you think of what winter has brought to the JumpStart World! Are you excited to hear that the Boardwalk and SpeedDrome are here to stay?

Indoor Family Activities for Winter

For many parts of the country, this past winter season has brought about a number of challenges when it comes to staying safe from the harsh outdoor weather conditions. Not to mention, keeping kids indoors for extended periods of time can be in itself, a mind boggling challenge for any parent. From regular reports about snow storms to the phenomenon of the polar vortex, this season probably has you looking for ways to keep your kids occupied indoors, where it is safe and warm. Read on learn about some of our favorite indoor activities for the family –

Photo by: FamilyTravelCK

Indoor Camp Out
When was the last time that you build a fort in the house? Ask any adult and they will probably have a few memories of their own to share about some super cool structures that they built during their childhood. And you don’t need much to take part in this time honored tradition. Gather as many bed sheets, blandest and other textiles that you are able to spare and let your kid’s imagination do the rest. Setting up around a furniture filled are like a living room or den can give then a better starting point. Have the whole family or maybe just the kids spend the night in the fort to mimic a traditional camp out!

Hot Cocoa Movie Night
Pick a family friendly film to screen in your home and cozy up on the couch with your little ones! To make the night stand out from just any ole’ family movie night prepare warm and delicious seasonal treat that everyone will enjoy – Hot Cocoa! This time around put your skills in the kitchen to the test by foregoing the usual powdered filled packets to make a rich and unique homemade cup of cocoa. If you find a recipe that you really like, you might consider making this into a family tradition to revisit during the winter.

Art and Crafts Time
Nothing quite keeps kids occupied the way that interactive crafts and DIY projects can. If the weather has you locked down and indoors, plan for a night of crafts with your little ones and their friends, if possible. Art related projects allow your kids to express themselves in new and creative ways. Not to mention, when all is said and done, you’ll be equipped with a few great keepsakes to commemorate your kids’ younger years. Crafts can also double as seasonal décor for your home.

Game Night
Whether you family is a fan of charades, trivia, or are more of a board game type of group, when it comes to hosting a game night, the possibilities are almost endless. Invite friends over to make a larger scale competition and pair families against families for the chance to be the ultimate Game Night champion. Besides setting up the game, don’t forget some of the essentials like – snacks, drinks, and a warm and cozy location where everyone can get comfortable and have a good time!

Winter Family Activities: Fun with Food

Introducing kids to new foods can be somewhat of a challenge. After all, young children are often notorious for being some of the pickiest of eaters. To break their bias toward new or exotic flavors, consider getting creative with your recipes and serving techniques to encourage them to try all kinds of new and interesting dishes. Before the winter season comes to an end, turn to creative food recipes like this one for festive penguin shaped olive snacks.

Photo by: Melissa via

What you’ll need:
– Large black olives, pitted
– Mini black olives, equal quantity to larger size
– Large carrot
– Cream cheese
– Toothpicks


1. Large olives: Cut the olive lengthwise, removing a sliver about ¼ the size of the olive. Discard the sliver or save for later use.
2. Cream Cheese: Fill the large olives that you sliced open with cream cheese or an herb infused goat cheese to act as the white chest area of the penguin.
3. Carrot: Slice a large carrot widthwise to create small circles. This will act as the base of the penguin shaped olives.
4. Carrot: From the circle shaped carrot slices, cut a small sliver from the round to shape the bird’s flippers and use as the penguins beak
5. Mini olives: Insert the sliver of carrot into the mini olives to mimic the look of a beak on the penguins’ face.
6. Toothpicks: Stack the mini olive and carrot beak atop the larger cheese stuffed olive, and place both of those pieces on top of the flipper shaped carrot slice. Use the toothpick to fasten the pieces together and create the full penguin form.

Celebrate the New Year with JumpStart!

It’s officially 2014! How are you celebrating the New Year? Join us in our online world, where there are all kinds of exciting adventures to be had! Grab your Jumpee and start preparing for the start of the coming year in JumpStart by enjoying the last days of the winter season, freshening up your in-game styles, and so much more!


Winter will be over before you know it! However, the Merry Madagascar Scavenger Hunt is still going on, so if you haven’t already completed it, start searching high and low through Central Park and Coney Island to earn our special seasonal surprise. Soon you’ll have to say goodbye to our popular snow filled FunZones and other festive features, so enjoy them while they last.

If you have a few extra coins to spare, freshen up your JumpStart style by checking into our in-game stores to see what we have in stock. Items change regularly so you’ll want to purchase your favorite pieces while they’re still on the shelves. From the furniture in your VIP Lounge and Neighborhood room to Petz, Ridez, and your Jumpeez overall look, there are a number of exciting game customizations to choose from to make your JumpStart experience your very own!

If you are looking for a few more things to help you ring in this exciting time of year, don’t forget to turn to for our large array of holiday resources and activities.

Explore The Winter Wonderland Snow Globe

During the winter holiday season in JumpStart, one of the most popular stops for Jumpeez is the Winter Wonderland Snow Globe, which is why you’re able to access them from multiple portals in the game.


Taking center stage in the Central Park and the MainStreet FunZone areas, this exciting winter themed adventure is on you won’t want to miss. With all the fun that there is to be had, there’s even an entrance from DownTown!

Walk into this area and you’ll automatically be morphed into a festive little elf so that you can ride the holiday train around this snowy mountain or race Rico in a sledding competition filled with high speed twists and turns. Just walk through one of the glowing green gifts to see where you end up.

Click here to learn more about our Winter Wonderland!

Family Activities for the Holidays!

The merriment and wonder surrounding the winter holiday season always seems to help even the busiest of families learn to prioritize the simple things in life like quality time spent together. During this festive time of year, it is as if there are events and activities lined up for every moment of free time to maximize time spent celebrating with family, friends and loved ones. If you are looking for a few engaging ways of gathering your family, this season, here are a few ideas to start planning some wintertime activities.

Christmas cookies

Photo by: Bishma

Holiday Caroling –
Nothing quite spreads the spirit of the season quite like music. Gather your kids and local friends to coordinate a caroling adventure through your neighborhood or a local community center. Pick your favorite holiday tunes and practice a few times before heading out. After all, events like these make for magical holiday memories for people of all ages.

Cookie Swap Parties –
Cookie swap parties are perfect for kids and adults that are big on baking or simply just fans of cookies. To get started, get your guest list together and make sure everyone is able to make an ample amount of their favorite cookie recipe for the holidays. When everyone arrives, guest can swap cookie and recipes to share with their family and friends.

Cookie Decorating –
A perfect alternative to baking and a much easier feat to manage with younger kids, sugar or gingerbread cookie decorating is a tradition held by many families across the globe during this festive time of year. Grab a fun selection of different colored icings, sprinkles and other edible food decorations and lay them out for you kids our holiday guests to enjoy.

Holiday Movie Night –
Bundle up and snuggle up by the television with your kids by sharing a holiday themed movie with them. You can even set out special treats to make the event feel more special than their average night in front of the TV. Make this an annual tradition and your little ones will be looking forward to this tradition each year!