Worksheet of the Week: The Witch is Looking for the Right Numbers

the-witch-is-looking-for-the-right-numbersThis witch is ready to explore some spooky Halloween festivities, but it seems to need a bit of help. Complete this witch by using your counting skills to connect the dots in this free Worksheet of the Week! Click on the image above to download and print this Halloween Worksheet!

Game of the Week: Bubble Maze

JS-GoTW-BubbleMazeAfter helping Poe the Frog complete his mysterious quest in Windy Hollows, now is the perfect chance to meet our friend! Head into Bubble Maze and go high above our magical townspeople to explore a maze with twists and turns you will never expect! There are crows and lightning storms that will suddenly appear, so make sure to keep your eyes and mind sharp as you navigate to the other side of this maze!

Poe’s Puzzle: Casting Charms with Division in Windy Hollows

While strolling through the streets of Windy Hollows, Frankie suddenly received a message from an owl. It is very unusual for something like this to happen, even in the land of Windy Hollows, but any time you get a message like this, you know it must be from one green character… Poe. In his letter, Poe asked Frankie for the help of a Jumpee to brew a Charm. However, Poe is always a mysterious frog and will NEVER just tell us what he wants us to do! Instead, he wrote to Frankie with a math challenge for us to solve that you can read below:
Hi Frankie,

It is so nice to see you in Windy Hollows! I know you are a busy dog, but you should hop in here a bit more… Haha, get the joke? Because I’m a frog… Well, I thought it was a good joke. Anyways, I would love if you could help me out! I need a Jumpee to cast a Charm for me, as my frog hands cannot quite hold a wand very well… Do you think they can follow these steps to find the Charm I need created?

Add up my three lucky numbers: 15, 3, and 2.
Divide the sum of your answer in half.
The answer will lead you to the number of different ingredients in the Charm. Next, follow the stony path to the Charm Creator and open up our ancient book of spells. Go through the book and find the Charm that has the matching number.


Now that you have solved Poe’s Puzzle, which Charm did he ask us to create? Collect the ingredients around the Magic Marsh and start brewing this Charm for our Windy Hollows friend. Do not forget to share your hard work with your pals at the JumpStart blog and post a screenshot of you casting this spell!

Game of the Week: Broomball

GoTW-BroomballWhen you are exploring the many nooks and crannies in the magical world of Windy Hollows, have you ever soared above the town on a broom? If this is something you enjoy, then you should showcase your brilliant broomstick skills with a game of Broomball! Broomball is a sport made of legends, passed down from generation to generation of Windy Hollows Jumpeez. Step on up to the Broomball field and choose between one of the two best and brightest teams in Windy Hollows. You can be one of the crimson red Dragons, known for their bravery… Or you can join the ranks of the royal blue Unicorns, known for their imagination on the court. Thankfully, these games are all in good fun so you can switch teams once a game is completed! Do you think you are up for the challenge of competing in Broomball? Try your luck today and complete our Jumpee Mission:

Game of the Week: Charm Creator

GoTW-CharmCreatorIn the dark corners of JumpStart lies a magical land called Windy Hollows, where Jumpeez are often spotted wearing pointy wizard hats and practicing their magic skills. You can become a spell-casting Jumpee TOO by wandering down the stony streets of Windy Hollows and finding the Charm Creator. The Charm Creator is a tiny little store that features a humongous, ancient book with recipes to turn your friends into wacky creatures. Keep a close eye throughout Windy Hollows and collect the special ingredients, then follow the instructions for a recipe to brew your potions! Finding the necessary ingredients is no easy task… But if you stay focused you will turn your friends into charming frogs in no time! Do you think you can create THREE different potions by the end of the week? Try completing Frankie’s challenge now!

Ivy’s Eggling Hunt: Day FOUR


Do you consider yourself one of JumpStart’s most magical sorcerers? Well, if you love flying around Windy Hollows then you will certainly have an advantage for the fourth day of Ivy’s Eggling Hunt! Use your detective skills to solve Ivy’s riddle. Once you solve this mystery, comment below with the answer and we will reward you with 200 gold coins!

Match starts in 5,4,3,2,1….Go!

Are you ready for your next BroomBall Match? Challenge your fellow Jumpeez to the ultimate BroomBall Match in Windy Hollows! Whether you are on team Dragons or team Unicorns, we are all in it to win and have fun with our Jumpee pals. One can always use a few inside tips to help beat your opponent; here are some tips and tricks to help you give you the cutting edge information to help you win Broomball:

  • First and foremost, get those keyboard controls ready so when the countdown hits “GO” you take off flying. Use the arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to increase your speed!
  • Remember that sharp, last minute turns will help you throw off your opponent when you are attempting to score.
  • Try flying horizontally towards the orbs to help increase your chances of getting an orb.
  • Avoid the obstacles by flying either high near the ceiling or low close to the ground.
  • Use your side arrow controls on your keyboard to help move in and around obstacles. This will also help you maintain your speed.
  • Always try to fly higher than your opponent when bumping their orbs to prevent them from scoring. Flying above your opponents gives you more of a chance to bump their orbs without losing your own.
  • Avoid flying too close to the bleachers and the score boards. These can act as obstacles preventing you from scoring.
  • Shooting for a goal diagonally helps increase your chance of scoring.
  • Don’t spend too much time focusing on bumping your opponent. This could create a distraction and can even cost you the match.

Try out these new BroomBall tricks and tips and start scoring today. Have any more fun tips and tricks that help you win BroomBall matches in Windy Hollows? Share them below along with any thoughts or comments. Keep having fun Jumpeez and keep on scoring!