Launch into Math Blaster!

UPDATE: The DownTown bounce house has become the
Math Blaster Launch Center.

Are your kids ready to take on a new frontier? Have them head DownTown to check out the latest FunZone update! There’s a ship ready to launch them directly into Math Blaster from JumpStart. It’s that easy, so what are you and your kids waiting for?

Head to the DownTown FunZone to launch into Math Blaster!

If you didn’t already know, Math Blaster is a fun and futuristic world where kids ages 6 and up can raise their own alien pet and complete out of this world missions. There, your kids will be learning math through amazing arcade style games as they train in the Intergalactic Space Patrol. If your kids are up for a challenge, have them join the ranks of Max’s Blaster Corps today!

Send your kids into the Launch Center to check it out!

There’s so much to do and see in Math Blaster, so encourage them to step into the Launch Center to check it out. Who knows, Math might even become their new favorite subject! Take a ride with them to the Space Port and let us know what you think of the Math Blaster virtual world.

Come Get Your New Pets!

Hello pet lovers! Looking for a new friend? Well, look no further! New pets have arrived at! Head on over to the Petz Store and come meet your new, fun friends!

Stitch, the quilted lion

Arrival Date: 9/21/2010
Price: 150 JS Coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: Anywhere he can roar and rumble around!

He’s fierce, but he’s friendly! And he’ll be the most loyal lion companion to have. With Stitch by your Jumpeez’ side, I guarantee it’ll be a roaring good time!

Aquamarine, the maritime turtle

Arrival Date: 9/21/2010
Price: 80 JS Coins
Favorite Jumpstart Area: Lounging and being cool in MarineLand

Ready, set, go! Aquamarine, our maritime turtle, is slow and steady, but ready to be your new sidekick! He loves hanging out and chilling, in water and on land! He’ll always be there by your Jumpeez side, and you he will always be around. He’ll never leave you behind, that’s for sure!

Trish, the stylish shark 

Arrival Date: 9/21/2010
Price: 80 JS Coins
Favorite Jumpstart Area: Lurking around for thrills in the Threadz shop

No need to be afraid of this great pink shark. Trish is one fabulous shark hungry for your love and attention only! With this top of the food chain creature by your Jumpeez side, you’ll be on top of your game!

Lux, the enlightening lamp

Arrival Date: 9/21/2010
Price: 110 JS Coins

Favorite Jumpstart Area: Overseeing all the fun at the Arcades

Lux will not only enlighten your Jumpee’s world, but illuminate how fun it would be if he was around! So if you’re looking for an intelligent friend to lighten up your day, shine your way on over to Lux. He’ll be the best and brightest friend around!


Earth Day Excitement at JumpStart!

Today is Earth Day, a day dedicated to awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s environment. U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson organized the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, a day marked by a nationwide series of protests and “teach-ins” in support of environmental awareness. For more about Earth Day, click here – that’s where we got our info!

Today is the 40th Earth Day, and it’s a great chance to think about how you can make the world a better and cleaner place. To get you started, JumpStart is joining in on the festivities!

First, we’ve put together a special scavenger hunt. Litterbugs have left their trash all over JumpStart, and we need your help to clean it up! Look around for discarded newspapers, pizza boxes, soda cans and more. The Earth Day scavenger hunt will continue through this weekend, but you should get started as soon as possible to make sure JumpStart stays as clean and beautiful as ever!

Pick up trash, like this discarded newspaper!

Click here for an Earth Day fashion show!

Where is William Wonderwings? – Photo Challenge #2!

UPDATE: This challenge has now ended.

Last week, we posted our first ever photo challenge here on the JumpStart Blog and received quite a few responses! Congratulations to our winner who correctly guessed where William Wonderwings was photographed in less than 10 minutes. Impressive! This week, we’ve decided to make things more difficult and test how well our readers and their kids really know JumpStart! Think you are up to the challenge? Read on! See this week’s photo!

Spice Up Your Jumpee With a Brand-New Name!

UPDATE: The Name Change-O-Matic is now gone, and Jumpeez can change their names by accessing the JumpStart communicator in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Are you tired of being Colin TornadoLegs and longing to be Kyle ThunderFeather instead? Well, long no more! The Name Change-O-Matic is waiting to blast away your name-related boredom. We’ll show you how we renamed our Jumpee using this nifty contraption so you can give it a try!

Our Jumpee’s name was Tommi RedGem. That’s a nice name, but we’d had it for a long time – ever since we first created our Jumpee! It was time for a change.


See how we changed our Jumpee’s name!

Show Off Your Room and Win a Prize!

UPDATE: This contest has now ended.

Hey, JumpStart fans! We recently announced that rooms are officially live, and we’re excited! We know that your kids will find all sorts of creative ways to decorate their rooms … and we’d love to see what they come up with. In fact, we’re going to give 300 coins to the owner of the best room we see. Follow the directions below to show off your kids’ rooms, and then stay tuned to our Facebook fan page and the JumpStart Blog. We’ll be choosing a winner on March 15th.

Learn how to take and post a screenshot of your child’s room here!

Multiplayer Neighborhoods – How to

We have been working hard to make your child’s neighborhood even better at Now, if your child’s real-life neighbor, cousin, or teammate is a buddy of theirs in, the kids can virtually run around together in the same neighborhood!

Your child is now able to select which of their JumpStart buddies’ houses show up in their online neighborhood. They can even pick which spot their buddies’ houses occupy, so they can live next door to each other!

If you would like some help getting your child set up with a multiplayer neighborhood, read on!