Worksheet of the Week: Marigolds in the Morning!

marigolds-in-the-morningMarigolds are a colorful flower that grow well during all seasons of the year! Its brightly colored petals always stand out, whether they are in a field or a bouquet. For today’s Worksheet of the Week, help us put the “gold” back into our marigolds by coloring our black and white flowers. Once you are done with that, try seeing if you can identify the different parts of this flower including the leaves, stem, and petals!

For this FREE coloring page, ask a parent to help you download and print it here:

Sing the JumpStart Campfire Song with Frankie & Friends!

For Day FIVE of Frankie’s Camping Adventure, Frankie and his pals decided to show off their artistic side and sing along to one of their favorite campfire songs. Singing songs at night by the campfire is a really great way to get the whole family to bond together. It also makes those dark nights under the stars a little bit less scary! As you and the family start packing for your upcoming camping adventure of your own, try and learn the words to this campfire song and share this catchy tune with the rest of your family!

4 Ways to Keep Your Child Entertained while Camping

Heading for a weekend retreat at the campground can be an extremely rewarding experience for your Jumpee. However, the process of preparing your adventures can be a bit time consuming. As a parent, making sure your camping spot is just right and simply flawless takes some hard effort and concentration. Camping with kids can make this slightly difficult, so the best thing to do before you entire the campsite is know what activities you will have to keep them entertained. Thankfully, such a task does not need to be a daunting one. Here are four different ways you can make sure your child has a great camping experience, even during the dullest parts of the trip.


“Westy Options” by Liftarn ©2006. Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License

1. Get Involved in the Preparations
Before the kids start embarking on more “exciting” activities, make sure to think about the kinds of tasks that might be appropriate for them to carry out in making sure the setting up of the campsite is finished as quickly as possible. This does not have to be such a serious activity. Like any other chore, give them special rewards and responsibilities to make sure they feel included in the camp process.
2. Explore Nature
Being in the wilderness for the first time might be a little intimidating for your little one. After they finish completing all of their assigned tasks in setting up the campsite, have them get a bit more familiar with their environment. Bring along mini-notebooks so that your children can make scientific observations of what they see! For the younger kids, have them make drawings of the tall trees and chatty birds they might discover. Have the older children test out their vocabulary by making the descriptive sentences.
3. Make Crafts
While your children start to look at some of the plants and animals around your campsite, let them collect some of the leaves and branches they find. These can be used for some impromptu craft activities. Get out a sheet of paper and some crayons and have your children do some leaf rubbings. Afterwards, have them compare and contrast the different types of leaves you uncover and see if you can identify the different types of trees they belong to.
4. Create Snacks
After all of that exploring and crafting, your children are sure to have worked up an appetite. Have them create some easy camping-themed snacks to revive their energy like ants-on-a-log or have them create their own trail mix using some simple math!

With these ideas, it will be SO easy to keep the kids easy to supervise as you and the rest of the adults do the heavy lifting. Do you have any special camping activities that you do with your children? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

Worksheet of the Week: Pink Strawberries

pink-strawberriesWe just picked up some fresh fruit for the summer, but they seemed to have lost their shape and color! Can you connect the dots and color in these delicious strawberries to save our summertime snack? Download and print this Worksheet of the Week with the help of an adult to get started:

Worksheet of the Week: Reach Me to the Pool

reach-me-to-the-poolIt is a hot summer day and all Timothy wants to do is go swimming, but he cannot find his way to the pool! Put on your thinking caps in this week’s worksheet and follow the path to the poolside. Think you are up to the challenge? Get a parent to help you download and print this Worksheet of the Week and complete this maze!

Dive in to New June Adventures in JumpStart

Now that school is out, it is time to celebrate the start of summer with new June updates to JumpStart! The weather is getting hot, which means we have PLENTY of activities for keeping cool and having fun. There is just so much to show you. Let us take a look at the latest Scavenger Hunt and FunZones to appear throughout JumpStart!

1Hopping from land to land sure can get tiring… Why not stop by the Tiki Pool on MainStreet for a bit? The water temperature is just right for an early summer dip. Relax by the poolside and meet some friendly, colorful birds or chat with your fellow Jumpeez over at the tiki hut.

If you are feeling a bit active, use a launch pad to reach our massive slide. Going down this slide is a thrilling adventure that takes you through an ancient volcano filled with glowing lava. Which reminds us, make sure to keep your hands and arms inside the slide at all times…

2Were you excited to hear about the slide on MainStreet? Well, you are in luck! We also have TWO extra slides DownTown. Take the plunge on these yellow and red slides to experience all of the twists and turns they offer.3After all of that swimming and sliding, make sure to put extra focus this month on getting your HIGHEST score at Punk Punk Drop, the Boardwalk’s featured game! Let us get those pesky little guys as far away from the boardwalk as we can!

4Lastly, remember to keep an eye out for all of the useful summertime items hidden around SpeedDrome and MainStreet in this month’s Scavenger Hunt! Those clever Jumpeez that collect everything on our list will receive a secret prize for their hard work!

Frankie and the gang are SO excited to start celebrating the beginning of summer with you! After seeing all of the latest additions to JumpStart, which do you think you will explore first?

Worksheet of the Week: Name the Insect

name-the-insectsSpring and summer are the seasons where all of our six-legged friends (and eight for spiders) come crawling out from hiding. If you have this Memorial Day off, go on a family hike and take this worksheet with you to practice sounding out letters and learning about some little critters. To download and print this FREE Worksheet of the Week, just click on the image or the link below!