Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Thanks for Playing!


Well Frankie has handed out all of his special gold coins! That means Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush has come to an end! Frankie and the gang want to thank all the Jumpeez that participated in making this one of the funnest St. Patrick’s Days we have EVER seen at JumpStart! Thankfully, your St. Patty’s Day adventures do not have to end just yet! Our March FunZones, Petz, Ridez, and Threadz, are still prominent all throughout JumpStart! Make sure to explore all these majestic activities as soon as possible! Our April theme will is only a couple weeks away!

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day SIX

StPattys-Gold-Rush-6We are on the FINAL day of Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush! Now that you have been playing challenges all week long, use your super gaming skills to get your best possible score! Today Frankie wants to take you on an off-roading adventure in the winding hills of Adventure Canyon. Do you think you can collect all the tikis in Dune Buggy Racer with time leftover to beat Frankie’s score? Try your best! Once you complete Frankie’s challenge, send along a screenshot of your winning score to us and we will give you our LAST 75 gold coin reward!

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day FIVE

StPattys-Gold-Rush-5Today’s Pot-of-Gold Rush takes us deep down to the bottom of the Jumpstart’s seas. Swim past the Boardwalk and head down to MarineLand for a special underwater challenge! Frankie has a special gold prize for the first Jumpee to beat his Bubble Trouble score of 300 points! Put your vocabulary skills to the test and win this challenge! You only have one more day to score some FREE gold coins, so put in as much effort as you can!

Worksheet of the Week: Word Hunt


This week’s worksheet gets you ready for all of your big St. Patrick’s Day plans coming up tomorrow. Some of these Irish words can be really difficult to spell. This word search should help you get familiar with some of the trickier St. Patty’s Day lingo, like “Leprechaun”. Ask your parents to help you download and print the Worksheet of the Week just in time for your St. Patrick’s shenanigans!

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day FOUR


Frankie really was not joking when he said this would be a Pot-of-Gold Rush. Time travel back to the wild west in today’s challenge at GhostTown Grab! Frankie managed to get his personal record of 900 points just before the week began, do you think you have what it takes to beat him? Show us your eye for gold by completing Frankie’s mission! The first player to do so gets 75 gold coins! Also, just a friendly tip: it does not hurt to bring your favorite Ride along with you to help collect coins faster! Once you beat the challenge, make sure to send along a screenshot of your win!

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day THREE

How are we already on Day THREE of Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush? Time flies when you are on the hunt for gold coins… Today Frankie has a special Boardwalk Arcade game he wants you to play. Can you avoid enough pesky Punk-Punks to beat his super high score of 100 points? Try your best at today’s challenge. If you can outsmart more Punk-Punks than Frankie, comment below with a screenshot of your score and Frankie will send you 75 gold coins from his special pot of gold!

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day Two

StPattys-Gold-Rush-2Day TWO of Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush is here! For today’s challenge, head in to the Basketball court at the Sports Arena. Do you think you can take Frankie’s 400 point score all the way to DownTown? Channel your math skills into becoming an all-star Basketball player for this challenge. The first Jumpee that can beat Frankie’s score gets a slam-dunk 75 gold coin prize!