Worksheet of the Week: Name the Insect

name-the-insectsSpring and summer are the seasons where all of our six-legged friends (and eight for spiders) come crawling out from hiding. If you have this Memorial Day off, go on a family hike and take this worksheet with you to practice sounding out letters and learning about some little critters. To download and print this FREE Worksheet of the Week, just click on the image or the link below!

Worksheet of the Week: It’s Spring

its-springAfter watering and caring for her plants for the past month, Linda now has some blooming flowers! They still could use a bit of color… Can you help make her garden bright and vibrant? Ask your parents to download and print this coloring page and bring Linda’s garden to life!

Ivy’s Eggling Hunt: Day ONE


Ivy just loves the spring season! It is hard NOT to enjoy this time of year with all of the baby Mythies happily playing in the Enchanted Sanctuary. Since Ivy is in such great spirits, she decided to give out some gifts to you Jumpeez! However, She is making you work for it. Ivy created five riddles describing different items in JumpStart and you have to find out just what object she is talking about! For today’s riddle, Ivy has a 200 gold coin prize for the Jumpeez that know which Enchanted Sanctuary item this is… Head in to JumpStart now and start searching!

Worksheet of the Week: Words in Spring


Spring is officially here, which means we need new words to describe the wonderful weather! That is why we created this word search so you could add some vibrant vocab to all your outdoor adventures for the season. Ask your parents to help download and print this free worksheet by clicking on the image!

Preparing for Allergy Season

Springtime weather allows us to do so many outdoor activities with our children. Unfortunately, as all those lovely plants start to bloom, they make our families’ seasonal allergies act up. These allergies can really put a damper on all our great spring family plans. Our children can get grumpy on outings with their watery eyes . We just want to sleep. It feels like the family is forced to stay inside! While we cannot cure our bouts with hay fever, there are some tricks for keeping the family as fresh as possible during pollen season:


Photo by Dan Zen, ©2007. Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License


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Fun in the Sun: Water Activities for Kids

As Mother Nature turns up the heat and the kids are on the verge of kicking off summer vacation, why not get ahead of the game and start planning for how you plan on keeping them engaged with new activities? Beat the heat with a few tried and true water activities that will keep the kids laughing, having fun, and even learning! From water balloons to sponge soaking games and all kinds of serious splashing, these popular water activities for kids are easy for at home assembly with both little ones and adults.


Follow us on Pinterest for a whole slew of exciting water activities that you can do at home like this quick and easy outdoor water based craft for a  non-toxic, spray paint that kids can use while playing outside.

Sidewalk chalk paint: –

1 tablespoon of flour
10 drops of food coloring
½ cup of warm water


– Prepare a set of empty plastic spray bottles.
– Mix materials together, assigning a separate bottle for each color paint that you want to create.
– Spray on ground to create washable, water based spray paint for kids to use outdoors.

Do you have any unique water activities that you enjoy in the summer and spring? Share your ideas now!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Frankie and the JumpStart friends would like to wish all our JumpStart Moms, a very special Mother’s Day! Moms play a unique role in a child’s life so making sure that she feels appreciated for at least 1 day out of the year is the least any family could do. Give mom some time to relax to day by keeping bust with some of JumpStart’s exciting and FREE printable Mother’s Day resources – worksheets, activities, and more!

PHOTO BY: hello-julie

PHOTO BY: hello-julie

If you’re still falling short on ways to make this day stand out form the rest, don’t forget to browse through our Pinterest for ideas on how you might make this day a memorable day of celebration for your mother! And, don’t forget to share some of your favorite Mother’s Day traditions with us here on the blog! Frankie and friends would really appreciate it.