Worksheet of the Week: The Witch is Looking for the Right Numbers

the-witch-is-looking-for-the-right-numbersThis witch is ready to explore some spooky Halloween festivities, but it seems to need a bit of help. Complete this witch by using your counting skills to connect the dots in this free Worksheet of the Week! Click on the image above to download and print this Halloween Worksheet!

Magic & Mythies: Meet Willow


Oh, the many things Willow has seen. Only a child when the last invasion of the Shadow Punks began, Willow has watched her world nearly be destroyed and saw it grow back into a bright and wonderful home. With a clear memory of what this darkness is capable of, Willow is dedicated to making sure the Shadows do not get their way. She acts as speaker for the Tree of Wisdom and has brought together a fine group of Elves to help fight along the frontlines of evil.

Her wisdom and knowledge of Terra’s history makes her an excellent guide to all Mages that wish to grow in strength. It is a matter of time until you will need Willow’s help in your studies, so you should make sure to stop by and see her as soon as you can!

Brewing Up a Storm in Windy Hollows

The mysterious land of Windy Hollows has many secrets. The first thing any good magical Jumpee must know is the do’s and don’ts of enchanted charms. Creating new potions can take you on a journey of discovery to find secret rooms, enchanting charms, and magical brooms. Let’s take you on a quick overview for Creation of Potions 101.


Every potion can be very delicate, down to the last drop including the rare and unique ingredients! Gather your ingredients around Windy Hollows. These can be found high in the sky, tucked away in corners or found in a hidden room! Where is the secret room you ask? It’s hidden behind the shop where Jumpeez can buy wands!

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