Battling Summer Boredom

While in school, kids are actively engaged in learning and developing new skills for a good part of their day. Whether it is a textbook topic or more in the realm of socialization, it is as if they always have something to do and people with which to chat and play. As a result, it is as it they are almost conditioned to expect the same level of activity year-round, which makes fighting boredom in the summer months quite the challenge. With Labor Day and the start of school just around the corner, here are a few fun family activities to help make these last few days of summer really count!


Find activity ideas at

Plan a ‘Staycation’ – Are you able to get away from work for a day or two and enjoy a long weekend? Plan a short getaway with the family to a local historical site or nearby city. Exploring a new place, will give you ample opportunity to teach the kids about local history, wildlife, and more! the extended time spent bonding together as a family will be something to cherish year round, especially when schedules pick up at school and work.

Organize a Block Party – Make the ‘end of summer’ season or chose a ‘back to school theme’ as a reason to celebrate, eat and socialize with your friends, family, and neighbors. Designate a location, some activities and a menu. If you want to avoid doing all the extra cooking, consider having a potluck and inviting your guests to bring something to share.

Create a craft – Crafts, art projects and even fun science based experiments and activities can really quench the kids thirst for something fun to do. Best of all they’re easy to organize and a practical source of entertainment that is low maintenance for busy families. Tailor a few crafts to your kids interests and make sure to provide them with the proper materials to complete them. If you’re stumped on ideas, remember that is riddled with activities, worksheets, and more.

How will you be making these last days of summer count? Share some of your favorite end of summer traditions for fighting boredom, here on the blog!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Who’s ready for some super cool shout outs from their fellow Jumpeez? Our Tuesday tradition is back and Frankie has an all new set of shout outs to share! Keep submitting your comments for a chance to get featured in an upcoming set of Jumpee shout outs. After all you’re able to get your messages to Frankie and friends from the website, J-Tube, and the in-game version of the JumpStart Times!


I completed AdventureLand!
– Connor GiantRiver

That’s a major accomplishment, Connor GiantRiver!
We hope you had fun earning your explorer’s badge.
– Frankie

New! Jessica StarDiamond and Caroline LuckyGlacier’s
neighborhood block party!
-Adrian BoomTurtle

What a fun way to make new Jumpee pals around
our online world, Adrian BoomTurtle. Thanks for getting the word
out on this exciting event.
– Frankie

Jumpstart is SOOO awesome! It is even my homepage!!!
– Sudhir FungusBreadth

Thanks for your continued support,
Sudhir FungusBreadth. It’s great to have such dedicated
Jumpeez playing JumpStart!
– Frankie

I love JumpStart AND Math Blaster! They are both SUPER duper fun.
– Allison ChillyComet

There are so many exciting adventures to be had when
exploring these two online worlds, Allison ChillyComet!
Good luck on all of your adventures through
JumpStart and Math Blaster.
– Frankie

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Happy shout out Tuesday, Jumpeez! Did you make our latest set of fan featured submissions? As per usual, here’s Frankie’s top picks for this fun fan feature. Check out what your pals are talking about and keep submitting your jokes, stories, shout outs, and game questions for Frankie and the team to review! After all, any Jumpee has what it takes to be an official JumpStart Times contributor!


“This Halloween, I am going to be a princess zombie!”
– Alexis SweetHeart

Whoa, what a frighteningly festive sounding
costume, Alexis SweetHeart! You are sure to cause a few
scares with your spooky cool look.
– Frankie

“Happy Early Halloween !!!”
– Bailey RainbowLizard

Thanks for being so thoughtful in sharing this sweet
holiday greeting with us, Bailey RainbowLizard!
– Frankie

“Hi WORLD! I love Jumpstart and the
cool Halloween FUN!”
– Sam LittlePuppy

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the
year in JumpStart. There’s so much to do and see, so
we’re happy that you’re enjoying all the festive
features, Sam LittlePuppy!
– Frankie

“It’s almost Halloween!”
– Jasmine ShinyMist

And we’re so excited for it, Jasmine ShinyMist!
Preparing your Jumpee by picking up some of
our hauntingly Halloween themed items
from JumpStart’s DownTown stores!
– Frankie

Be a Good Neighbor and Throw a Neighborhood Party!

Happy Good Neighbor Day, parents! To celebrate, JumpStart invites your children to host a neighborhood party!

Is there something your kids want to celebrate? Or maybe they just want to hang out with other Jumpeez on the block. Well, what are they waiting for? Today is the perfect day for some friendly festivities in their neighborhood!

To purchase party time, first click on the Coin Counter in the top right hand corner of the screen to access the JumpStart stores. Click on the picture of the balloons on the second page to go to the Party Store and buy 30 minutes of party time. While they’re there, tell your kids to visit the Fun Zone Store too, where they can purchase a new fun zone to add even more excitement to their celebration! They can give their guests something to do with a super slide, a roller rink, or a challenging maze.

A disco ball sure brightens up this neighborhood party!

Jumpeez can join other neighborhood gatherings too! Click on any of the Neighborhood Party billboards located around JumpStart to view all current parties and their hosts. Then select a party and click the ‘Visit Neighborhood’ button to join.

Who’s having a neighborhood party today?

And with all this neighborly fun, your kids are sure to further their Achievements! Earn an Event Planner ribbon by purchasing fun zones, a Party King/Queen ribbon by hosting neighborhood parties, or a Neighborhood Vacation ribbon by visiting other neighborhoods.

The Jumpee that received this trophy is a master at picking fun zones!

How do your children plan on celebrating Good Neighbor Day?

We Want to Know, “What’s Going On?”

Have you noticed a few changes around your children’s JumpStart toolbar? If you haven’t already, check out some of the fresh, new ways your kids can personalize their JumpStart adventure! As your children explore JumpStart’s many lands, they can now use the updated dashboard to manage and share information with their JumpStart friends. There, Jumpeez can quickly navigate through the JumpStart virtual world, chat with buddies, help friends with challenges or simply share, “What’s going on?” The dashboard allows your children to easily manage their Jumpee by providing quick links to options in the message board, news communicator, and chat window. This way, your kids are always updated on the happenings of their buddies and around JumpStart!

The JumpStart Dock provides quick links to all of a Jumpee's needs!

In the ‘About Me’ section, your children can now customize their account by listing some of their favorite things. From favorite color to food to music and a few things in between, your kids can personalize their Jumpee’s likes and dislikes, sharing a few fun facts with their JumpStart friends!

Your children can share fun facts with their JumpStart friends!

And if your kids are looking for a quick link to view their JumpStart buddies list, messages, and news all on one page, have them hit the neighboring homepage button on the dock! It’s a quick way to manage all our new features with your children.

The homepage gives your children a quick view of all their buddies’ updates, JumpStart news, and games.

Another way to talk with JumpStart friends is with the message board, which allows your kids to post info or reply to existing posts by selecting quick phrases or sayings from our simple drop down menu. This new drop down menu is also available on our updated chat system to help save time and keep JumpStart chat fun and safe for Jumpeez. This way your children and their Jumpeez will never be at a loss for words whether they’re excited, tired, busy, need help, or are just out having fun!

The message board allows you to easily chat, ask questions, and reply to buddies' messages!

What's Laurel GoofyPuffin up to?

And even with all these new features, the dock is still the place to look for quick launch games, to activate the camera, change action options and access the ever-so handy JumpStart map! So… What do you and your kids think? We here at JumpStart would love to hear how you like our new talk features! Let us know, “What’s going on?”…

Check Out JumpStart’s New Look!

Have your kids seen the new JumpStart dock yet? Now everything a Jumpee needs to navigate through the game is all in one place, on a snazzy, compact little toolbar. Not to mention there are a couple of awesome new features that will make communicating with other Jumpeez much easier and much more fun!

Tell your kids to check out the new dock!

So let’s check out what’s new and take quick tour of some of the features that are available.

Every icon your child will need to navigate the game is right here.

Quick Launch

The first thing we have is the Quick Launch icon. This button will take your kids straight to some of the most popular games in JumpStart. Handy, huh?

Now your child can go straight to their favorite games!

About Me

Your child can share their favorite things with their buddies.

This is one of the biggest additions to the JumpStart game. Here your kids can share a little bit of information about themselves with other Jumpeez. This page will come up when someone clicks on your child’s Jumpee. Your kids can also click on other Jumpeez to learn more about them and see their Profile Page. On this page, there is a spot for Jumpeez to share some of their favorite things like their favorite food, favorite sport and favorite musical style. Then there is the What’s Going On? section where Jumpeez can post updates about what’s going on with them while they’re playing the game. Your child will get to choose from a set of phrases and then post it to their page. Their buddies will see your child’s updates and can comment back on them.

The Home Page

Your child can now message their buddies right from the Home Page.

The Home Page has all of the toolbar’s most important resources all rolled into one. This page has a space for communicating with other Jumpeez where your child can read and send messages, view buddy requests and see their buddies’ updates. They can also check out all the news in JumpStart about new features and activities. Lastly, there is the Quick Launch tab so you can go to a game straight from the Home Page.

Your child will also find some pretty familiar things on the toolbar. These include the Jumpee Creator, the camera and the Jumpee Communicator.

There is so much new stuff to explore and so many awesome ways for your kids to communicate with their buddies when they’re in the game!

What do your kids think of the new features and the new look of JumpStart?

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What Would Your Kids Like to Say to Their JumpStart Friends?

JumpStart is already a fun, safe place for your kids to chat with friends without sharing private information. Now, we want input from you on what else your kids would like to say to their JumpStart friends and Jumpeez they meet around the world!

What else would be fun to say?

We want to keep adding fun new silly greetings, questions, friendlies and more!

Sometimes it’s fun to tell a silly story!

We want to make JumpStart communication better than ever, so we’re asking for your input. What else do kids want to say to their JumpStart buddies? What else would they like to talk about?