Fly Past Your Competition with Speed Boost

ItemPromo-SpeedBoost-DHow does head elf Asher make sure he’s at his best for each Skytracks Racing match? He brings a special batch of Speed Boost with him to the racetrack! Go to Rosie’s Odds and Ends store and grab some Speed Boost to secure your top spot at your next Skytracks race—just like Asher!

Dominate at Skytracks Racing with a bottle of Swamp Slime!

Did you know that in Magic & Mythies, you can fly all throughout the world of Terra? All you need to do is hop on a trusty broom or Mythie to begin exploring these magical lands from a bird’s-eye view! As you grow to become one of Terra’s top flyers, you can take your skills to the racetrack in Skytracks Racing. With so much intense competition, you will need more than just skill alone.

ItemPromo-SwampSlime-JThat is where racing items save the day. Racing items will help keep your opponents’ at a distance and make sure you come in first place. This week, take a test drive with one of our magical brews and purchase some Swamp Slime! This special item will block your opponents’ vision and keep them a bit… occupied as you speed past them! Head to Rosie’s Odds and Ends store today and pick up your very first batch: