Game of the Week: Starscope Theater

GoTW-StarscopeTheaterScienceLand has many secret pathways and caverns to explore. However, if you make the long journey to the top-most point of this JumpStart area, you will find Starscope Theater. This is a special place in ScienceLand, where you can learn about all sorts of interesting facts about the galaxy! If you happen to enter the mysterious and wonderful spaces of ScienceLand this week, then make sure to check out this Jumpee Mission!

Worksheet of the Week: Landform Chart

landform-chartFrom the waterfalls of Punk Punk Valley to the caverns of Training Island, there are so many distinct and wonderful landforms all throughout AdventureLand. Frankie shared some of his favorite discoveries from his Camping Adventure and turned it into a helpful FREE worksheet. Prepare for your next upcoming camping trip by completing Frankie’s Worksheet of the Week so that you can identify some of these unique parts of the Earth while you go for a hike with your family!

Wheelbarrow Gardens for Spring

With warmer temperatures and more sunlight during the day, it is pretty likely that your family will jump on the chance to spend more time outdoors as we head into spring. After all, kids tend to naturally gravitate toward activities that involve them getting their hands dirty! So why not plan a special gardening activity to share this season? Simple projects like wheelbarrow gardens are a great way for everyone in your family to learn more about science, the earth, and responsibility.

Photo by Michael Coghlan

Wheelbarrow gardens are perfect for many reasons! They save space and are mobile to take advantage of the great sunlight that travels around your garden. They are easy to maintain and a great alternative for that rusty wheelbarrow turned upside down in your yard.

What you will need:

1. A metal wheelbarrow
2. A drill with 3/4″ bit
3. Weed control fabric or newspaper
4. Fine gravel
5. Garden soil to fill the size of the wheelbarrow
6. 4 to 8 plants of your choice or seeds


  • First, you will want to schedule a trip with your kids to your local home and garden store. Decide on whether you would like a spring garden with flowers that are in season or a handy herb garden that will allow you to harvest right from your backyard. Select seedlings instead of planting seeds for more immediate results.
  • After you’ve chosen your plants, you and your kids will prepare the wheelbarrow for gardening. Have them help you disinfect the inside of the wheelbarrow bed with garden disinfectant to get rid of any unwanted pests or diseases that can spread and harm your plants.
  • Depending on how large your wheelbarrow is, drill 4 to 8 3/4″ holes into the bed of your wheelbarrow. These holes will allow some of the water to drain out of your mobile garden.
  • Help your kids spread out a layer of weed control fabric or newspaper for your base, and then add a thin layer of fine gravel.
  • Let your kids add the soil to the wheelbarrow. But, be sure not to overfill it as you will be adding your plants to it as well.
  • Decide on how you want to layout your plants, and with a shovel prep the areas you want to add your plants to.
  •  Once you have placed your plants, set the wheel barrow in a sunny area and water it regularly, so that it gets all it needs to grow and survive.
  • Create a family schedule to help create routine for your kids and assure that your mobile garden is regularly cared for. If you decided to plant herbs or any type of edible produce you can also schedule growth checks or harvesting times for your little ones. Try it out!

Educational Resources and Worksheets

Supplemental learning resources are essential to keeping your kids on track when it comes to their education. From free printable worksheets to lesson plans and everything in between, parents and educators have a world of learning available to them online at Convenient, fun and engaging to a large range of early learning levels math, science, English, and history are just a few of the topics that you can use to navigate the endless amount of resources on our site.


Math: Taking on new topics in math is all about having a strong foundation in the basics and building upon each new learned concept. Treat each new lesson or concept that your kids will learn in school as another stepping-stone to more complex lessons in higher learning. To assure that your child never falls too far behind by helping them get in some regular practice with JumpStart’s free printable math worksheets for young learners as young as preschool levels through 5th grade students. From word problems to basic geometry, where do your kids need the most help when it comes to their math lessons?life-clycle-of-a-plant

Science: At its root, science helps explain occurrences in nature, which can be quite comforting to a young child. JumpStart provides a number of exciting science based activities for you to prepare your kids for more complex topics they might cover as they progress in school. Expose them to the power of science early on in life and you might end up with a little Einstein of your own.

History: There is no doubt that there is something valuable to be learned from looking to past generations, times, and cultures. This fact is what makes history or social studies such an important topic for kids to cover in school. Help your kids explore the evolution of our country and global community by turning to interactive study guides like JumpStart’s free printable worksheets, which are designed to make history approachable and most of all fun!

Click here for more FREE Printable worksheets!

The Quizinator: How to Earn an Ant Ride!

When it comes to winning BIG in JumpStart, learning games are always the way to go. And, that rule isn’t limited to coins alone. Over in ScienceLand, players are able to earn their very own Ant ride for earning 10,000 point from the Quizinator in Amazing ScienceLand!

There are 3 levels of trivia, covering topics such as the Human Body, Geology, Botany, the Solar System, and Chemistry to name a few. If you have the gaming skill and science knowledge to beat the clock through each round, you’ll have what it takes to earn a prestigious Ant ride that will let everyone in JumpStart know about your BIG achievement!

Check it out or let us know about your experience with the Quizinator and if you’ve earned your amazing ant!

Start Training at School of Dragons!

School of Dragons has officially opened its doors! With the countdown clock set to zero, Jumpeez from across the JumpStart World and a number of new would-be Vikings are rushing to join in this epic adventure. Today, you can join Hiccup and the rest of the gang from DreamWorks Animation’s hit film, “How to Train Your Dragon,” as they break ground on a new virtual world, where Vikings and dragons coexist.

SOD_MockUp_LaunchPost copy2

Now, you can experience what it was like for Hiccup to bond with Toothless by enrolling in School of Dragons. It is within this online world that you will be paired with a dragon of your very own! United toward working for the greater good of the Isle of Berk, the Viking trainers and dragons you’ll find at School of Dragons are unrivaled in both skill and knowledge. After completing the appropriate missions to be paired with your ideal match, Vikings like you will embark on a journey where exploration and scientific curiosities are the key to success.

Join in all the excitement today to find your place in the village and acquire the essential skills behind long held Viking traditions like fishing and farming. But beyond day to day tasks, players will ultimately need to learn all about what it takes to care for and train a dragon. Do you have what it take to join the ranks of Hiccup and the gang? Let us know or start exploring today at

New to Uncle Milton®’s Amazing ScienceLand: the Quizinator!

UPDATE: The Quizinator is now available in Uncle Milton’s Amazing ScienceLand, which is now located in Adventure Canyon.

Do your kids love playing in Uncle Milton®’s Amazing ScienceLand? Have they been wondering when the long-awaited Quizinator will finally open? Well if so, they’re in luck because the grand opening is on its way! Let your kids test their science knowledge in subjects ranging from human anatomy to the solar system. With three different levels, the Quizinator is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages – a great way to learn and earn more coins!

Step inside to test your knowledge in the Quizinator

Take a Look Inside the Quizinator!