Game of the Week: Ghost Town Grab

GoTW-GhostTownGrabEureka! It sure is easy to strike rich while playing Ghost Town Grab. After all, everywhere you turn there is gold and silver to be discovered. In this Game of the Week, head to the uncharted frontiers of Adventure Canyon and try to collect as much gold as you can before the clock runs out. Special Jumpee hint: mount up on one of your favorite Ridez so you can move quickly and grab more gold!

New Ridez Just Rolled in to JumpStart

With the start of May, we brought in some brand new Ridez. you are you ready to speed through JumpStart in your finest set of wheels? From flying saucers to stumbling ostriches, there is bound to be the perfect Ride waiting for you at our DownTown and SpeedDrome garages. Check out some of our newest additions below!

Big Wheel
Roll through JumpStart on this bright tricycle! These primary colors make this bike really stand out.

Brown Pony
At Adventure Canyon, we only raise the finest of horses for our cowboy and cowgirl Jumpeez. Purchase one of these well-groomed, well-behaved horses to help boost your score in GhostTown Grab!

Pink Flower Skateboard
Hop on this pink deck and show off your best skateboard tricks. Those Hawaiian flowers were carefully painted by our artisan Ride designers DownTown!

Flying Saucer
Some scientists over at FutureLand were kind enough to share some of the most state-of-the-art inventions with us, including this flying saucer.

Black Pony
This black pony is cousin to our brown pony. You will certainly have a trusty steed with this fellow at the helm of your JumpStart adventures.

8-Bit Cube
We are a huge fan of antique Ridez at our DownTown shops. Jump around to all the latest FunZones with this old school, 8-bit cube!

Wooden Llama
Our crew of Ride creators chipped away night and day at a huge block of wood to make this Llama. Purchase it and feel like ancient royalty as you trot through JumpStart!

Chariot Segway
This chariot segway also takes a cue from designs of a distant past, but it has a futuristic twist that will allow you to swiftly cruise through JumpStart.

Punk Punk Skateboards
Punk Punks can be such pests when you are completing your MarineLand missions, which is why putting them on a skateboard design is so… Punk! This board will definitely show all of the other Jumpeez how cool you are.

UFO Mech
The UFO Mech is back for all of you scientific Jumpeez that missed it the last time around. This contraption is a force to be reckoned with!

Blue Ostrich
These Ostriches DownTown might not be the most graceful Ridez, but with such a unique strut, it is hard to resist these flightless birds.

Tiger Magic Carpet
Are you cat lover of felines big and small? Glide through JumpStart on our Magic Carpet of the month, featuring this tiger designed with the silkiest of threads.

With the bright colors of spring, you might want a ride that will match all of the blooming flowers in JumpStart. Perhaps you could try hopping on this short, but speedy Peacock!

Red Hippity Hop
A simple design, but a bold statement. When the other Jumpeez see you bouncing around JumpStart on this red hippity hop, it will be hard for them to hide their jealousy.

Lady Dragon
Lastly, we have this wonderful blue and magenta lady dragon to compete with all of those obnoxious boy dragons. She is a swift one and ready for a race at the SpeedDrome tracks!

These are all of the Ridez that just rolled up to our DownTown and SpeedDrome Ride shops! Have you found one that really catches your eye? Start working hard at your favorite JumpStart activities so you can buy your Ride and cruise in style!

Hop on One of Our Majestic New Ridez

Are you tired of cruising through JumpStart in your February Ride? Have no fear, we hit the golden jackpot with our new Ridez! Whether you prefer to travel by horse, skateboard, or flying saucer, the Ridez store DownTown has got you covered. Take a look at some of our latest new modes of magical transportation that arrived at the Ridez store with our St. Pattie’s Day transformation!

Bamboo Skateboard

BambooThe Ridez store only imports the finest quality woods for their skateboards. Coast through DownTown on this bamboo skateboard and get the best air with your jumps!

Police Car

Police CarDo you consider yourself JumpStart’s top protector? Play Sheriff with this police car Ride!

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Get Cozy with Winter-Themed Ridez, Threadz, and Petz

Hey Jumpeez! Things SURE have gotten chilly in JumpStart lately! Keep yourself warm and cozy by hopping on over to DownTown where you can buy all your new festive Ridez, Threadz, and Petz for the winter season! Show Jumpeez from all around the new styles and Threadz you will be rocking this winter season!


At the Threadz shop, think about how you want to coordinate your seasonal attire. Maybe some candy cane stockings and an adorable snowman t-shirt? Just don’t forget your snow-cap!


With this sleigh from the Ridez store, you’ll no doubt look like winter royalty!


Once you’re ready to cruise down MainStreet in style, find a new pal to play with at the Petz shop. Don’t you love how excited this little reindeer is for winter? It’ll be the life of the party at your next Neighborhood shindig!

These jolly items will only be around for a LIMITED-TIME! Make sure you get to DownTown soon before we sell out of these highly demanded items!

Thanksgiving Updates!


The Mayflower has docked in DownTown, there’s Turkeys running around the area, and Thanksgiving is in full swing in JumpStart. Have you checked out the Petz, Threadz and Ridez stores to see what seasonal features are available? Keep reading if you want to learn more about how you can deck your Jumpee out with Thanksgiving goodies!

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Leaves are Falling in JumpStart

JS ThanksgivingWe hope you had your fill od the Mummy Maze and other Halloween specialties, because seasons have changed and leaves are falling in JumpStart! Check out all new FunZones in CentralPark, MainStreet and DownTown, as well as cool new Petz, Threadz and Ridez. Keep reading to learn more about what’s new in JumpStart!

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Spooky Threadz, Petz and Ridez for Halloween!

JS Halloween Stores Overview

Hey, Jumpeez! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the Halloween decorations all around JumpStart and have made your way through the Mummy Maze a time or two. Did you know that there are also ghoulishly delightful Threadz, Petz and Ridez as well? Continue reading to learn more about our frightfully fun offerings!

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