Worksheet of the Week: Picture the Words

picture-the-words-readingFrankie has a new worksheet for you to complete for when you have a quiet summer day. Help the team at JumpStart match these colorful pictures to the sentences that describe them. To get started on our free Worksheet of the Week, simply click on the image so you can download and print it out!

Game of the Week: Bubble Trouble

This is our first-ever Game of the Week, so we decided to choose a game that is jam-packed with tons of fun and helpful activities for you Jumpeez! Swim deep down through the clear, blue waters of MarineLand to complete this week’s Bubble Trouble mission. In this game, you can build up your reading and math skills while running away from pesky Punk Punks.
Overall, there are over twenty different activities and three different levels to play from, so you will NEVER get bored! If you have not played Bubble Trouble yet, start playing and let us know which levels you are able to complete!

Consonant Digraphs: Tips, Tricks, and Resources

When learning to read, young learners like your kids will ultimately have to face the challenge of consonant digraphs or blends. This concept involves the combining of two consonants in a cluster to represent a new or unique sound. As you guide your child through this fundamental English lesson, you will find that consonant digraphs can occur at both the beginnings and ends of a word. Here are some common consonant digraphs for you to review with your kids and some tips and activities to aid in the process.

BeginningConsonantDigraphs Use the above listed activity to help teach your kids how to identify these common consonant digraphs – “CH-,” TH-,” and “GR-.” As they read through each sample word, invite them to write the word out below the corresponding image of the word in which the beginning consonant digraphs can be found.EndingConsonantDigraphsDo the same, when taking on ending consonant digraphs like “-ck,” “-sh,” or “-ng.” Regularly reading and writing the letter combinations will help your little little learners easily remember the sounds that they make on sight. For additional practice a a plethora of helpful English resources, join us at!

Brain Busters

It’s time to put your brain to the test! These tricky puzzles are designed to get those brain cells working. See how many you and your child can decipher together. Then check back tomorrow to see the answers.

Good luck brainiacs!

(tip: click on each puzzle to enlarge it if you’d like a closer look…)


Halloween Word Search

Here is a little Halloween puzzle to haunt your kids with!  This brain-buster will keep their noggins knocking, despite the large amounts of candy they will be consuming on Saturday.  Just like any word game, word searches are useful in developing a child’s ability to read, recognize, and use words.  This monster-mashed word search will build your child’s confidence in their language skills, ultimately making them feel more comfortable with reading and writing.

Halloween Word Search

Click on the image to Print.

So, start searching, and get your children in the Halloween spirit!

Get Your Friends in on the Search!

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Make Your Own Spooky Halloween Tale!

Here’s a fun Halloween activity to help your child gain grammar and reading comprehension skills, while seeing the hilarious effects of putting words together that may not necessarily match!

That's an awfully (adjective) mad lib.

That's a printable, (adjective) picture of a mad lib.

To get started, print out the story template here.  Then, ask your child to provide each of the word types you see in white (adjectives, nouns, etc), and use their choices to fill in the blanks.  Read the story aloud with your child for lots of laughs!

(Feeling ending in -ed) what you saw?  Tell all your (plural noun)!

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Socialize and Brainercise!

“Nice to meet you,” says Bugsy FlameCloud.

“Where are you going?” asks Jack SlothSprout.

“I am going to explore JumpStart,” Bugsy FlameCloud replies. “Follow me!” is taking children’s gaming to new heights with the addition of canned chat! Jumpeez can now communicate with one another using pre-selected words and phrases. We know kids love to chat online with their peers, and sometimes dance moves alone won’t cut it. We’re dedicated to keeping your little ones safe and happy, and we’re confident that the new canned chat function will do just that!

Canned chat is now available at!

Canned chat is now available at!

Learn more about Dolch words!