Which Mythie Is Your Favorite?

Over the past few months, the list of residents in the Enchanted Sanctuary has grown quite a bit! Today, there are 3 different types of mythies waiting to be raised by Jumpeez. Hopefully your kids have now had time to raise each of the 3 different types.

The dragons came first.

Next, they could raise a pegasus.

Now, thanks to Nabeel’s wonderful Mythical Creature Contest entry, Jumpeez can raise their very own hornhowlie.

We’re curious, though! Which mythie is their favorite?

Tell us why!

Pegasus Accessories Coming Soon!

UPDATE: These accessories are now available in the Enchanted Sanctuary.

Soon Jumpeez can fly their pegasus in style! Kids will be able to pick out brand new horns and saddles for their fun new pet!

This pegasus can’t wait to show off his blue horn!

Do your kids like stars? Animal print? Solid colors? Whatever their taste, they can find a saddle that is just right! Plus, there will be new horns in all different colors!

Can you tell this pegasus loves rainbows and sunshine?

What do your kids like about accessorizing their mythies?

Pegasus 101

Is your child dying to get the latest Pegasus on JumpStart.com, but can’t figure out how to do it? Do your children need some tips for finding and raising our newest mythie? Well relax, because we’re here to help! Welcome to Pegasus troubleshooting.

What Type of Pegasus Is That?

After careful study of our newest mythie, we have discovered that the pegasus has many different types, just like the dragon.  Has your child noticed that there are different types of wings and tails? Some even have beards!

A profile shot shows of this pegasus' beard!

His feathered tail is almost as big as he is!

A straight tail makes this pegasus different!

What type of pegasus does your child have? What are your kids’ favorite things about their pegasus? Does their pegasus have a unique personality?

Pegasus Is Here!

Since the dragons arrived in JumpStart’s Enchanted Sanctuary a few months ago, Jumpeez around the world have been doing a wonderful job caring for and training their scaly friends. But now, the dragons are no longer the only creatures in the Enchanted Sanctuary. As of today, Jumpeez can adopt a pegasus!

Meet the pegasus!

These new mythical creatures, or mythies as we like to call them, are believed to be a mix of a unicorn, a horse and a bird. We still have a lot to learn about these amazing winged creatures and hope that your kids will adopt them and help us find out more about them. Think your kids would like to adopt a pegasus? Visit Ivy the Fairy in the Enchanted Sanctuary to get started!

Like a dragon, a pegasus hatches from the egg. Here at JumpStart, the Eggulator can be used to keep the egg comfortable while it hatches. Once your child has collected an egg and set it up in the Eggulator, they’ll be able to choose a gender and paint the egg. Pay close attention to that paintbrush, though! We’ve found that pegasi, like dragons, often adopt the colors of their eggs!

Once the egg hatches, your kids will need to give their new friend lots of love, food and attention…

Be sure to play with the pegasus!

With enough love, a pegasus will soon be old enough to start training. Unlike a dragon, which can be taught to breathe fire, a pegasus can be taught to make icicles!  

A pegasus can learn to shoot ice in Ice Training.

Eventually, a pegasus will grow big and strong enough to carry its Jumpee trainer through the sky! 

An older pegasus might be ready for Flight School

As your kids get started raising these new mythies, we’d love to hear what they’ve learned about them. What makes a pegasus different from a dragon? Does their pegasus seem to prefer certain activities or foods? Comment here to tell us about your kids’ pegasi!

Pegasus: JumpStart’s Newest Mythie!

UPDATE: Dragons, Pegasus and Hornhowlies are all now available in the Enchanted Sanctuary.

A few weeks ago, we gave you a sneak peek of Pegasus, a new creature coming to JumpStart. Now, we’re back with all the details on the Enchanted Sanctuary’s newest mythie!

If your kid loves playing with their dragon, then the Pegasus is a perfect new friend! Coming to JumpStart.com in mid-August, Pegasus will be found in the Enchanted Sanctuary. Similar to the dragons, it will need attention to fully grow! Your child will need to hatch, raise, and train their Pegasus, but this adorable mythie is worth the effort!

Isn't he cute?!

Want to learn more about these exciting new Mythies?

Something New in the JumpStart Sky!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s…a PEGASUS! If you’ve been in the online world recently, you may have seen a winged horse grazing in the grass or soaring through the sky.

Well, your eyes weren’t fooling you.  It’s true! Try to spot these mythical beauties as they split through the clouds or gallop over the hills of JumpStart.

Eager to get a closer look at a pegasus? These shy creatures are almost ready to interact with Jumpeez.  Soon, the Enchanted Sanctuary will become their new home and Ivy the Fairy will give you the option to raise your very own pegasus.  For now, keep an eye to the sky and you just might catch a glimpse of these magical creatures!