Game of the Week: Garden Defense

GoTW-GardenDefenseAs the groundskeeper of JumpStart, Zuzu takes extra care in making sure our plants grow strong and green. However, this is not the easiest task, and Zuzu could definitely use some help. Bring your problem-solving strategies to your Neighborhood and use them to help keep Zuzu’s gardens insect-free in Garden Defense! For your hard work, you can unlock new defense towers and earn plants to grow in your very own garden. Start this week’s Jumpee Mission at:

A Jumpee Home Away from Home

Just about everything in your JumpStart Neighborhood can be customized to fit your one-of-a-kind style! From the look of your House to even your neighbors, you can choose the look you want and who you live next to. With all of the personalizing possibilities, Jumpeez will feel more at home in their very own Neighborhood. Here is how you can use some of the key features to easily make your neck of the woods as unique as you are!


The outside appearance of your Jumpee House is just as important as what is inside of it. Point and click on your house to select from the choices and how you want your House to look for a more personal, stylish curb appeal.
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Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a season of change and new beginnings. It is also the season of spring cleaning. Frankie and crew have noticed that some of their houses have become cluttered and disorganized after the long year, and so have decided to clean things up and redecorate. So why not take advantage of this mass spring cleaning time and clean out and reorganize your own house.


There are plenty of different furniture and decoration options available for you to purchase in the store. You can make your house into a princess’s castle, an Egyptian palace, a sport’s fanatic’s paradise, or do a complete mish-mash of furniture themes for a unique look that is all your own. There’s even spring themed furnishings, wallpaper, and flooring that will allow your Jumpee to immerse themselves in the spring season.

Mixing and matching different styles, as well as placing and organizing furniture pieces in your house, is a great way to show off your unique personality as well as creating a space that looks cool and is completely functional. What tips do you have for cleaning out and redecorating your house?

New Neighborhood Customization

Frankie heard your suggestions, Jumpeez, and has just released a new feature to the JumpStart World: Neighborhood customization. No longer is your Jumpee limited to just changing the neighbors, FunZone, and house in order to show off your unique personality.


Your Jumpee can now customize almost everything in their Neighborhood: road, sidewalk, grass, trees, and so on. You can follow a theme and try to make your Neighborhood as stylish as possible, or you can go crazy and pick the boldest patterns and items to create a truly one-of-a-kind Neighborhood.


You can customize the look of the grass in your neighborhood; it can be a more traditional green pattern or a wacky purple wavy pattern.


You can be even crazier when choosing the sidewalks. Tiger print, rainbows, animal print… There are dozens of different patterns to choose from the store so you can create the most stylish or the most wacky Neighborhood in the JumpStart world.

Your Jumpee can also go up to any tree and change it to one of the dozens of trees spread out over five different categories available in the store. Your Jumpee can make their Neighborhood into a multi-colored explosion, a year-round tropical paradise, or even a perpetual holiday party.

There are so many options available in the Neighborhood store, you are sure to come up with a unique decorating style to create a Neighborhood that is perfect for your Jumpee. What is your favorite new Neighborhood item? Do you have any suggestions for new items to add to the possibilities?

New Seasonal Items for Fall!

Customizing your game just got even more exciting! Now that we have officially entered the fall season, you might want to treat your Jumpee some of our latest seasonal specials. Start revamping your game with some of our recently delivered home décor items, brooms, petz and ridez! 

When it comes to transitioning into a new season, there’s no better place to start with your fall festivities than with your home. Now, at the home store, there are so many pieces to mix and match. There’s something to fit any Jumpee’s style. From windows and wallpapers to chimneys and doors, you can customize any part of your JumpStart home away from home! 

But if you’re looking for adventure a little farther from home, head on over to Windy Hollows. New brooms have arrived to take your Jumpee to all new heights. Are you ready to take to the skies or play a quick game of BroomBall? Let us know which broom works best for you!

Scorpions, Spiders and Bees, Oh My!

Did you check out our post last week announcing our new neighborhood game, Garden Defense? Well, it’s here, so pick up some bug spray and start protecting your neighborhood garden! It’s up to you to stop those bothersome bugs from destroying your beautiful backyard.

Carefully place your defenses around the garden!

Place all kinds of common tools around the garden to eliminate your scuttling opponents. Blast bugs away with a hose, stare them down using garden gnomes or zap them away with a bug zapper. Buy more defenses or boost up your current ones as you advance in each level against more and more creepy crawlers!

Build up your security to master tougher levels

Earn Green Thumbs by defeating those pests and use them to improve your protection or to earn more points at the end. Stop any bugs from escaping to keep all your lives and rack up more Green Thumbs for a top score! But be careful, if too many bugs slip through you’ll be starting over!

Can you reach a top score?

So, do you have what it takes to increase security and save the garden? Head on over to the neighborhood and tackle all 20 levels today! ZuZu is counting on you to confront JumpStart’s crafty critter problem!

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: Garden Defense!

Update: Garden Defense is now open in your neighborhood!
Log into JumpStart to check it out.

So, do you remember that top secret game we mentioned last week, the one that our pal ZuZu was going to bring? Well she decided that it was time to let you in on the secret! After all, she’ll need you and your Jumpee to keep the gardens growing when Garden Defense arrives to JumpStart.

Lend a helping hand to our helpful hippo, ZuZu!

With a number of pesky parasites on the move around your garden, our resident expert in all things green decided to take it upon herself to find a way to stop them from ruining all of the glorious little greenies. And that’s where you come in! Since we’re all about working together here in JumpStart, we thought we’d trust you Jumpeez with the task of controlling the growing bug population.

Follow the trail to protect against the pests!

Think you have what it takes to blast the bugs and level up in Garden Defense? Then head over to your neighborhood when Garden Defense arrives to the game. All you’ll need to do is look out for the trail of crawling critters in your neighborhood. When the game is ready, you can follow them directly to your garden where ZuZu will be waiting to explain the rest!