Game of the Week: Pearl Push

GoTW-PearlPushMarineLand is well-known for its shimmering pearls and golden clams. Unfortunately, it looks like some Punk-Punks have taken these pearls away from their parent clams. Swim deep down to the clear blue waters of MarineLand and help return these pearls to their families. For being such a great Jumpee, your underwater friends will give you sand dollars as a thank you!

MarineLand: Dive into an Underwater Adventure!

Learning always has its perks around JumpStart! And MarineLand is no different – splash around and join Kat, Cappy, and Jean-Claude to become an honorary member of this majestic underwater world! Did we mention that you’ll be able to earn your very own swim tail, while you’re at it?

plugin-container 2014-12-04 16-59-22-57 Head over to MarineLand to get started! There, you’ll be greeted by Kat and taught all about how you can start earning the 15 sand dollars needed to unlock with amazing JumpStart exclusive. So what’s so special about this tail? Jumpeez are able to use it whenever they enter the waters of JumpStart!

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Complete all the missions in Ship Wreck Reef, The Kelp Forest, Rubble Ruins, and Merllywood along with levels in MarineLand popular Bubble Trouble and Pearl Push games to unlock your swim tail today! There’s a whole underwater world awaiting you, so dive in and start exploring!

What Is Your Kid’s Favorite Area In JumpStart?

Here at JumpStart we are always looking for ways to make our games even more fun for your kids. That’s why we want to hear from our loyal fans! We’ve added a lot of great content to the game and we are dying to know what area your kids love the most!

Here are just a few to refresh your kid’s memory:
Windy Hollows: In this magical game, Jumpeez have an opportunity to collect ingredients in the secret room, fly around on broomsticks, and brew up potions to turn their Jumpee buddies into silly charms! Windy Hollows has also received a magical upgrade of two new charms that were designed by Jumpeez. BroomBall is one of our popular games that is located in Windy Hollows. No wonder this is a favorite among so many Jumpeez!

Making a Potion

In Windy Hollows, Jumpeez can select a charm to create and then search for the ingredients throughout the magical world.


This awesome charm was designed by Alex Black Cloud, one of our loyal Jumpeez!

Enchanted Sanctuary: Jumpeez can practice their caretaking skills in the Enchanted Sanctuary by hatching their very own dragon and then raising it from a baby to an adult. After the dragon is fully-grown, it will be released to the sanctuary where it can fly, and Jumpeez can fly along with them!

MarineLand: In MarineLand, Jumpeez are often “to the rescue” as they help Kat the mermaid and the other underwater residents of MarineLand save the ocean from destructive punk punks. Jumpeez can help save the ocean by completing various reading, math and critical thinking missions which helps to keep everyone safe.

Poseidon’s Hangout: This is a super cool hangout where Jumpeez can visit a funky nightclub, The Octolair, and chat. Jumpeez can also ride the Screamer which often leaves Jumpeez with a thrilling adrenaline rush!


Groove on to the Raymies Band in the OctoLair!


The Screamer is sure to excitedly frighten even the toughest Jumpee out!

Which area is your child’s favorite?

JumpStars and Ranks: Insider Info!

Have you ever stopped by JS Threadz at and selected the perfect outfit, only to find out that you need a higher rank to buy it?

That green top is off limits until I level up...

Lately, we’ve received a few questions about ranks so we thought this would be the perfect time to take you behind the scenes and show you how ranks work. The ranks at are powered by stars…JumpStars that is! As you earn JumpStars, you’ll level up and reach new ranks.
Find out More about JumpStars!

MarineLand Morse Code

Update: Marineland is now located within the Beach.

In honor of’s bubbly new underwater kingdom, we’re throwing a marine-themed brain buster your way! So put on your sailor’s cap and see if you can decipher these morse code puzzlers using the language of the US Navy.

Click here to print

Click here to print

Merllywood’s Next Top Model

UPDATE: The game formerly called Merllywood’s Next Top Model is now Trendy Tides. Your kids can access this game by clicking on the map in MarineLand (now located in the Beach), clicking on Merllywood, and going to Trendy Tides.

We hope you’ve gotten a chance to check out just how cool MarineLand is, and want to make sure you found one of our favorite games!

It is time to strut your stuff on the Merllywood Runway! You can find this game first by entering MarineLand, swimming through Ship Wreck Reef, splashing your way through Rubble Ruins until you end up in Merllywood. When you are ready to show off your fashion skills go find the game Trendy Tides.

In this creative and resourceful game you compete with other Jumpeez for points and express yourself through the art of fashion!

Strut you stuff!

Strike a pose!

Check it out here!!

MarineLand is Live!

Update: Marineland is now located in the Beach.

The wait is finally over – MarineLand is now live at! Visit today for a chance to help out Kat the mermaid and the other underwater residents of MarineLand save the ocean from the destructive little punk punks. Rumor has it that you just might earn a mermaid or shark tail of your very own!

Wondering what you might find down in that undersea kingdom?

Say hi to Jean Claude the sea monster

Say hi to Jean Claude the sea monster

Fashion Show

Compete in a Fashion Show

Explore deep sea ruins

Explore deep sea ruins

Meet a mermaid

Meet a mermaid

And so much more! Once you’ve had a chance to play MarineLand with your kids, we would love to hear what you think. Plus, stay tuned here for some secret tidbits about the game.

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