Game of the Week: Punk Punk Drop

GoTW-PunkPunkDropTake some time from exploring our October festivities and help Frankie keep those pesky Punk Punks away from the Boardwalk! Can you use your sharp vision to beat our Jumpee Mission?

Explore The Star-Spangled FunZones in Our July Additions!

As your parents start firing up the barbecue and you spend more time playing in the pool, Frankie has been bringing us so many great summertime adventures. In keeping with the warm weather and past Fourth of July holiday, Frankie decided to put a patriotic flare on all of the new FunZone and Scavenger Hunt additions. Let’s check out just some of the wonderful features to explore this month!
1Frankie and his pals were so excited to celebrate the Fourth of July that they made sure to prepare a glorious picnic right in the center of MainStreet! With this GIANT picnic, it is hard to tell whether this food is huge or you just got smaller. Either way, we certainly seem to have enough treats to go around for all of us Jumpeez!
2If you are starting to get a bit exhausted from hopping all over this picnic potluck, relax by the cool waters of the butterfly-shaped pool at the Boardwalk. The water is just the right temperature help you refresh after a warm JumpStart summer day.
However, maybe you still have a lot of energy to burn off after exploring the MainStreet FunZone. That would not be surprising considering how much sugar is in those large cupcakes! Not to worry, we have just the activity for you to burn off some more steam. A tall waterslide has just popped up DownTown too! Thankfully, you do not need to worry about climbing up the steep latter to reach the top. Save yourself an extra workout by using the launchpad beside the pool!
3Lastly, we have a special Scavenger Hunt for the month so that you can collect items and be prepared for your Fourth of July festivities! These fireworks might give themselves away… Just look at them sparkle!
With all of these new July additions, you will have plenty to explore with your fellow Jumpeez this month. Maybe start off the month with sharing some treats with your friends, or cooling off by the pool. The possibilities are endless! Also, do not forget to stop by the fireworks show DownTown if you are already missing all of the sparkling festivities from this weekend!

Celebrate Father’s Day with the JumpStart Friends

JS-Fathers-day-bAre you ready for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend? It can be really hectic trying to put together the perfect gift for your dad, so Frankie thought it might make things a bit easier by creating some stylish cards for you to print out and use with your gift! Just click on image to print and download it, then think really hard about what special message you want to write to your dad. Once you have it all written down, make sure an adult or older sibling helps you proofread it for any errors!

Take a Tour of Freefall Mountain

Recently a couple of Jumpeez decided to climb up to the very top of Freefall Mountain and do some skydiving! One of the Jumpeez was scared of heights and a bit nervous at first. But after seeing so many of her Jumpee friends having a great time, she thought it was worth taking the plunge. Here is what she had to say during her first ever Freefall Mountain experience:

“Hi everyone! My name is Angelina Airshark and… I am kind of nervous to try sky diving on Freefall Mountain. But I’m always hearing about how exciting that fall through the obstacle course can be. And well I’m already up here, so I guess I cannot back down now! All of my friends have taken lift-off and it is my turn to do the same!
1Woah, look at all the balloons around the mountain! Be on the lookout for these as you soar through the air. Depending on the color of the balloon, you can earn points towards your Freefall Mountain score! Green balloons are 100 points, yellow balloons are 200 points, and the very hidden red balloons are 300 points!
2Look! I just found my first balloon, and a yellow one at that!
3Phew, this is way less scary than I thought it would be, but it is really exhausting! I think I will take a break and look at this beautiful view of the blue oceans of JumpStart! Also, if you need an extra boost in the wind, hover or walk across the propellers.


This is incredible! I feel like I am seeing JumpStart in a whole new light!
5Oh no, the timer ran out and I am back on land… Well, I think I am definitely ready to do that again! Since there are 2 different challenges with 10 levels each, I think I might spend the rest of the day figuring out which course is my favorite. I am so glad I decided to conquer my fear of heights and take on Freefall Mountain!”

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Thanks for Playing!


Well Frankie has handed out all of his special gold coins! That means Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush has come to an end! Frankie and the gang want to thank all the Jumpeez that participated in making this one of the funnest St. Patrick’s Days we have EVER seen at JumpStart! Thankfully, your St. Patty’s Day adventures do not have to end just yet! Our March FunZones, Petz, Ridez, and Threadz, are still prominent all throughout JumpStart! Make sure to explore all these majestic activities as soon as possible! Our April theme will is only a couple weeks away!

Hop on One of Our Majestic New Ridez

Are you tired of cruising through JumpStart in your February Ride? Have no fear, we hit the golden jackpot with our new Ridez! Whether you prefer to travel by horse, skateboard, or flying saucer, the Ridez store DownTown has got you covered. Take a look at some of our latest new modes of magical transportation that arrived at the Ridez store with our St. Pattie’s Day transformation!

Bamboo Skateboard

BambooThe Ridez store only imports the finest quality woods for their skateboards. Coast through DownTown on this bamboo skateboard and get the best air with your jumps!

Police Car

Police CarDo you consider yourself JumpStart’s top protector? Play Sheriff with this police car Ride!

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Ward Off Bad Luck with These New Threadz

Some sneaky Leprechauns stocked up the shelves of the Threadz Store when we gave JumpStart a majestic new look! We have tons of St. Patty’s Day attire to bring you extra good luck this month. Since the weather is getting warmer, our little green fashionistas also brought you some great clothing for your trips to the Beach and Boardwalk. Check out some of the cool outfits you can pull off this month!
thread1Up to some good old St. Patrick’s mischief? This Leprechaun outfit is perfect for jumping around the Blarney Castle!
thread2Spring has not started quite yet, but this outfit is perfect for any early Beach trip or picnic on MainStreet!
Is it a Rizard? A Labbit? We have no idea, but these scale skins and rabbit ears will make your Jumpee really stand out!thread4If you want a more casual St. Patty’s look, we also have shamrock t-shirts that have the luck of the Irish.Picture5Look like Irish royalty in this green top and dress. Maybe throw on some green slippers to really make this outfit POP!Picture6How could you resist this knit shamrock top and dress? Fancy enough that our leprechauns would approve of your St. Patty’s spirit!

What is YOUR Jumpee wearing this month? Comment below with pictures of your Jumpee in their St. Patty’s get-up and we will showcase them in our March Jumpee Lookbook!