Calling All JumpStart Fans!

Have you been busy traveling from adventure to adventure in the JumpStart virtual world? Then Frankie wants to see your top in-game screenshots. That’s right, Jumpeez, it’s time to show us the JumpStart world through your eyes!

To see where your screenshot could land, find this image on the Jumpstart homepage after logging-in!

Whether you’re flying high in a favorite game or riding around a most loved land, there are so many memories to share! Follow the instructions below to learn how to take the perfect screenshot. Then when you’re ready,  have a parent email us your JumpStart username and favorite pictures at Each day, Frankie will be checking for entries and choosing his favorite shot. His pick for screenshot-of-the-week will be posted to the JumpStart homepage for all to see!

But the fun won’t stop there!  The top entry will also be featured in an in-game loading screen! Imagine playing JumpStart and seeing your screenshot pop up between games; exciting stuff, right?

So, are you ready to get started? Then be sure to read through the guidelines below before submitting your screenshots.

Ready to submit you pictures? Here’s what you need to know! Has a New Look!

Have you seen JumpStart’s new look? Login at to check it out! Now, it’s become even easier for you to stay up to date on the latest happenings around JumpStart with your kids and their Jumpeez. Each time they login, your kids will be able to easily access some of our most popular games, check out “what’s new,” and view their high scores or their online Jumpee pals. That’s right, we’ve got all of that covered on just one page!

Check out the new game listings and score tracker!

Be sure to check out the new “Game of the Day” and “Hot Games” listings next to your kid’s “High Score” window. There, you’ll be able to see which games they’ve been playing and view their highest scores. With this cool feature, encourage your kids to try out any games that might be new to them or maybe even challenge them to beat a posted high score.

Refresh the homepage to view other player records on your account.

To view game records for another player on your account, simply select that player’s name from the drop down menu and hit the refresh button to load their game scores. And when your kids are ready to log out, all they’ll need to do is hit the button on the right of the refresh button to power down their JumpStart account.

Find out what's new in JumpStart!

But that’s not all! On the lower portion of the homepage, you and your kids will be able to view the most recent JumpStart headlines with direct links to our game’s blog. That way, your kids’ Jumpeez will always be in the know about the latest features and seasonal specials each time they login.

So, what do you and your kids think of the new homepage? If you have any questions about navigating the page, just let us know! Frankie and the rest of the JumpStart team can’t wait to hear what you have to say!