Worksheet of the Week: The Witch is Looking for the Right Numbers

the-witch-is-looking-for-the-right-numbersThis witch is ready to explore some spooky Halloween festivities, but it seems to need a bit of help. Complete this witch by using your counting skills to connect the dots in this free Worksheet of the Week! Click on the image above to download and print this Halloween Worksheet!

Worksheet of the Week: Make a Route

make-a-routeUh oh! This ghastly little fellow is in need of a smart Jumpee to guide him through this twisty path! Use your problem solving talents and help this ghost find his way to his haunted home. With the help of an adult, download and print this free Halloween-themed Worksheet of the Week and get started on this spooky maze:

Discover Wickedly Fun Treats at the All Hollows Haunt!

Something spooky has crept through Terra… It must be time for the annual All Hollows Haunt! Join our elvish friends at the Hollows for the very first theme update for our newest mobile app, Magic & Mythies!


Our month-long Halloween extravaganza has some frightfully exciting treats for you! In addition to some glowing jack-o-lanters, cobwebs, and ghosts decorating the cobblestone streets of the Hollows, we have a BIG surprise! The rare HolloWing Mythie has decided to come out of hibernation!

This Mythie might be a little barebones, but it’s filled with a sweet personality and some special powers. Though this Mythie loves treats (place some candy in front of the HolloWing and it will be gone in a second), it despises tricks. Crossed by a mischievous Shadow Punk, they will use their crushing Bone Breaker skill to bring a Shadow Punk’s pranks to a halt.

These ghoulish new features will only be around for a limited time, so make sure check them out before the All Hollows Haunt comes to a close. Only one question remains: do you think you’re ready to take on these frightening new activities?

Beware! Spooky New Additions Have Arrived to JumpStart

Something wicked this way comes… Frankie has been hard at work crafting the perfect Halloween Theme Update. Now, his masterpiece is alive! The JumpStart gang has ghoulish new FunZones and a thrilling new Scavenger Hunt to explore. That is, if you do not mind a bit of eerie entertainment!
JS-OctoberTheme-SocialAnnouncementAs soon as you enter JumpStart, you will notice a monstrous pyramid at its center. Deep inside lies an ancient Mummy Maze with some ghastly attendees hiding in its shadows. However, there is nothing too serious to fear! Put on your spookiest Threadz and bring a couple friends along for the adventure to show those ghosts whose boss!
MummyMazeOnce inside, keep a sharp eye out for the beautiful hieroglyphics and sculptures. As you follow the twists and turns of this maze you will be lead to a surprise ride that will keep you on (or should we say… off) your toes.
After using your explorer’s eye in the Mummy Maze, head DownTown for a Haunted House experience filled with optical illusions, cobwebs, and ghostly guests. Enter this FunZone… if you dare!
Haunted HouseDo not forget to lookout for some special treats in our epic Halloween Scavenger Hunt located across FOUR areas: MainStreet, DownTown, SpeedDrome, and Poseidon’s Hangout. After completing this Scavenger Hunt, you are bound to be the top trick-or-treater of all your friends!

Ready to brave these frightful and friendly FunZones? Head into JumpStart and get started on your month-long Halloween excursions!

Inside the Mummy Maze: Spooky Tips and Helpful Hints

MM Intro

Halloween in JumpStart is fun for a lot of reasons- Ridez, Threadz, Petz and the decorations in different worlds, but one of our favorites has to be the Mummy Maze! The maze is packed full of spooky surprises! From mummies to scarabs, enchanted floors to sarcophagi, there’s something waiting for your Jumpee around every corner! We’ve got some hints to help you make it all the way through the maze! Keep reading for our top tips!

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Halloween Ideas for the Whole Family

Photo by Jennifer C., ©2010 Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License

Photo by Jennifer C., ©2010 Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License

Halloween is sneaking up on us faster than a spooky monster in a haunted house. There are tons of different options for how to spend the night with your kids. Trick-or-treating, community events or a get together at your house are just a few options. Read on for our suggestions on how to make the night frightfully fun for your family!

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Spooky Threadz, Petz and Ridez for Halloween!

JS Halloween Stores Overview

Hey, Jumpeez! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the Halloween decorations all around JumpStart and have made your way through the Mummy Maze a time or two. Did you know that there are also ghoulishly delightful Threadz, Petz and Ridez as well? Continue reading to learn more about our frightfully fun offerings!

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