Fly Past Your Competition with Speed Boost

ItemPromo-SpeedBoost-DHow does head elf Asher make sure he’s at his best for each Skytracks Racing match? He brings a special batch of Speed Boost with him to the racetrack! Go to Rosie’s Odds and Ends store and grab some Speed Boost to secure your top spot at your next Skytracks race—just like Asher!

Game of the Week: Punk Punk Drop

GoTW-PunkPunkDropTake some time from exploring our October festivities and help Frankie keep those pesky Punk Punks away from the Boardwalk! Can you use your sharp vision to beat our Jumpee Mission?

Magic & Mythies is Now Available for your Computer!

Huge news from Terra—Magic & Mythies is now available as a downloadable for your computer! And, best of all, our newest version of the game allows for the most optimized Mage experience to date!

JSM-downloadWith faster gameplay, clearer graphics, and increased stability, you can keep focused on training your Mythies and engaging in some Shadow-busting combat like never before! Grab our downloadable and help the heroes of the League keep Terra safe!

Game of the Week: Ghost Town Grab

GoTW-GhostTownGrabEureka! It sure is easy to strike rich while playing Ghost Town Grab. After all, everywhere you turn there is gold and silver to be discovered. In this Game of the Week, head to the uncharted frontiers of Adventure Canyon and try to collect as much gold as you can before the clock runs out. Special Jumpee hint: mount up on one of your favorite Ridez so you can move quickly and grab more gold!

Discover Wickedly Fun Treats at the All Hollows Haunt!

Something spooky has crept through Terra… It must be time for the annual All Hollows Haunt! Join our elvish friends at the Hollows for the very first theme update for our newest mobile app, Magic & Mythies!


Our month-long Halloween extravaganza has some frightfully exciting treats for you! In addition to some glowing jack-o-lanters, cobwebs, and ghosts decorating the cobblestone streets of the Hollows, we have a BIG surprise! The rare HolloWing Mythie has decided to come out of hibernation!

This Mythie might be a little barebones, but it’s filled with a sweet personality and some special powers. Though this Mythie loves treats (place some candy in front of the HolloWing and it will be gone in a second), it despises tricks. Crossed by a mischievous Shadow Punk, they will use their crushing Bone Breaker skill to bring a Shadow Punk’s pranks to a halt.

These ghoulish new features will only be around for a limited time, so make sure check them out before the All Hollows Haunt comes to a close. Only one question remains: do you think you’re ready to take on these frightening new activities?

Magic & Mythies: Meet Asher

Mythies-AsherHighlightCHe may be timid as the League of Mages’ leader, but Asher is one of the top elves in Terra. With such a friendly personality, all of his fellow Mages admire and respect Asher’s bold decisions. When Asher suggested inviting humans into the world of Terra, many of the elves were quite shocked. However, the other elves smartly put their trust in him. Ever since, Mages, Mythies, and elves have worked side by side to defeat the evil Darkness.

Now that you know a little more about our Mythies hero, make sure to keep an eye out for him once you head into Terra! He will help you get settled into this magical new world.

New Magic & Mythies App on iTunes and Google Play!

The portal to Terra has been unlocked. Meet head elf Asher at the entrance to begin the battle against Darkness!

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