Big Neighborhood News!

Have you noticed some charming changes around your neighborhood, recently? Well that’s because our construction crew has been hard at work redesigning your home away from home, right here in JumpStart! Arriving just in time for summer, your new neighborhood is the perfect place for some outdoor fun in the sun.

Your home has a new location and a great new garden!

On your first visit back, listen carefully and check out the new “My Neighborhood” welcome tutorial. It will let you know all about the different ways to customize your home, your neighborhood FunZone and your new and improved garden!

See some of the ways to customize your neighborhood!

We Want to Know, “What’s Going On?”

Have you noticed a few changes around your children’s JumpStart toolbar? If you haven’t already, check out some of the fresh, new ways your kids can personalize their JumpStart adventure! As your children explore JumpStart’s many lands, they can now use the updated dashboard to manage and share information with their JumpStart friends. There, Jumpeez can quickly navigate through the JumpStart virtual world, chat with buddies, help friends with challenges or simply share, “What’s going on?” The dashboard allows your children to easily manage their Jumpee by providing quick links to options in the message board, news communicator, and chat window. This way, your kids are always updated on the happenings of their buddies and around JumpStart!

The JumpStart Dock provides quick links to all of a Jumpee's needs!

In the ‘About Me’ section, your children can now customize their account by listing some of their favorite things. From favorite color to food to music and a few things in between, your kids can personalize their Jumpee’s likes and dislikes, sharing a few fun facts with their JumpStart friends!

Your children can share fun facts with their JumpStart friends!

And if your kids are looking for a quick link to view their JumpStart buddies list, messages, and news all on one page, have them hit the neighboring homepage button on the dock! It’s a quick way to manage all our new features with your children.

The homepage gives your children a quick view of all their buddies’ updates, JumpStart news, and games.

Another way to talk with JumpStart friends is with the message board, which allows your kids to post info or reply to existing posts by selecting quick phrases or sayings from our simple drop down menu. This new drop down menu is also available on our updated chat system to help save time and keep JumpStart chat fun and safe for Jumpeez. This way your children and their Jumpeez will never be at a loss for words whether they’re excited, tired, busy, need help, or are just out having fun!

The message board allows you to easily chat, ask questions, and reply to buddies' messages!

What's Laurel GoofyPuffin up to?

And even with all these new features, the dock is still the place to look for quick launch games, to activate the camera, change action options and access the ever-so handy JumpStart map! So… What do you and your kids think? We here at JumpStart would love to hear how you like our new talk features! Let us know, “What’s going on?”…

Check Out JumpStart’s New Look!

Have your kids seen the new JumpStart dock yet? Now everything a Jumpee needs to navigate through the game is all in one place, on a snazzy, compact little toolbar. Not to mention there are a couple of awesome new features that will make communicating with other Jumpeez much easier and much more fun!

Tell your kids to check out the new dock!

So let’s check out what’s new and take quick tour of some of the features that are available.

Every icon your child will need to navigate the game is right here.

Quick Launch

The first thing we have is the Quick Launch icon. This button will take your kids straight to some of the most popular games in JumpStart. Handy, huh?

Now your child can go straight to their favorite games!

About Me

Your child can share their favorite things with their buddies.

This is one of the biggest additions to the JumpStart game. Here your kids can share a little bit of information about themselves with other Jumpeez. This page will come up when someone clicks on your child’s Jumpee. Your kids can also click on other Jumpeez to learn more about them and see their Profile Page. On this page, there is a spot for Jumpeez to share some of their favorite things like their favorite food, favorite sport and favorite musical style. Then there is the What’s Going On? section where Jumpeez can post updates about what’s going on with them while they’re playing the game. Your child will get to choose from a set of phrases and then post it to their page. Their buddies will see your child’s updates and can comment back on them.

The Home Page

Your child can now message their buddies right from the Home Page.

The Home Page has all of the toolbar’s most important resources all rolled into one. This page has a space for communicating with other Jumpeez where your child can read and send messages, view buddy requests and see their buddies’ updates. They can also check out all the news in JumpStart about new features and activities. Lastly, there is the Quick Launch tab so you can go to a game straight from the Home Page.

Your child will also find some pretty familiar things on the toolbar. These include the Jumpee Creator, the camera and the Jumpee Communicator.

There is so much new stuff to explore and so many awesome ways for your kids to communicate with their buddies when they’re in the game!

What do your kids think of the new features and the new look of JumpStart?

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New Charm Contest for Windy Hollows!

UPDATE: The Charm Contest is now over. We received so many amazingly creative designs – thank you to everyone who entered! Please click here to see the Top 10 entries.

Calling all Jumpeez: Windy Hollows needs your help! New pages have magically appeared in the JumpStart special spell book, and we need help creating new charms to fill them. So join in on the fun as we give your kids the power to create their very own charms for all of JumpStart to share! Just fill out the entry form and enter to win our Charms Contest!

Find out how to enter the Charms Contest!

New and Improved: Starting Locations Based on Age

UDATE: From the map at, you can now choose your Land based on location, alphabetically, or age level!

With so many explorers of different ages, we’ve been working on a way to make it easier for players to navigate through the world of  Over the past few weeks, we’ve been organizing locations based on their appropriate age groups so that Jumpeez can jump straight to their favorite spots!  If you’ve entered a birthday into your account, you may have also noticed that your Jumpee’s starting location has changed and that you now start off in a world that’s just right for you!

We hope this new layout means less time navigating through the game and more time learning and playing!  Have fun with it!

What Type of Dragon do You Have?

Earlier this week, we announced the arrival of the Enchanted Sanctuary, a brand new land where Jumpeez can hatch, raise and train baby dragons. For those of you who have already hatched an egg, you probably discovered that the color you painted you egg influenced the color of your dragon. But what you may not know is that dragons not only come in different colors…they come with different personalities too!

 In fact, there are 6 different types of dragons (3 boys and 3 girls), and each one looks and acts a little differently! Want to find out what type of dragon you have? Read on!

The 6 Types of Dragons

Click here to find out how to tell the dragons apart!

JumpStars and Ranks: Insider Info!

Have you ever stopped by JS Threadz at and selected the perfect outfit, only to find out that you need a higher rank to buy it?

That green top is off limits until I level up...

Lately, we’ve received a few questions about ranks so we thought this would be the perfect time to take you behind the scenes and show you how ranks work. The ranks at are powered by stars…JumpStars that is! As you earn JumpStars, you’ll level up and reach new ranks.
Find out More about JumpStars!