Jumpee Creator: Create a Custom Cool Look

Frankie and the JumpStart friends absolutely love seeing Jumpeez just like you express their unique style while exploring our online world! That’s why there are so many options for you to choose from when creating your in-game avatar. After all, your Jumpee is a representation of you and how you want to take on JumpStart!

Jumpee Creator

Excited about the ongoing Winter Olympics? Style your Jumpee for the occasion!

Best of all, revamping your look is simple, easy, and loads of fun! Just select the “Jumpee Creator” button from your Toolbar to get started. It’s the icon shaped like a clothing hanger!


It will pull up all of your available customization options – facial features, skin tone, hairstyles, shoes, clothes, and more! No matter the occasion you might be celebrating in-game of style that you might want to sport, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Click here to learn more about the Jumpee Creator!

The Enchanted Sanctuary

Raising Mythies and caring from Egglings is not easy task. However, with a little extra knowledge and some regular practice, there’s no stopping a Jumpee that is willing to put in the added work and time that comes along with raising these Enchanted Sanctuary pals! Think you’re ready to take on this challenge? Here’s everything that you need to know to get started!

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Meet with Ivy, the fairy, over in the Enchanted Sanctuary. Click on her for instructions on how to power up the Eggulator and get your new Eggling. She will challenge you to collect a few hidden hearts, using our helpful counter to track your progress.

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Once you have them all, follow Ivy’s trail of magical fairy dust to find the magical Eggling nest tucked away in the big tree. An Eggling will pick you and you’ll need to bring it to the Eggulator to hatch it into a Mythie. At the Eggling stage you will have the option to name your new Eggling pal and care for it with tickles and dancing!

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Education and Gaming

Today, the tools used to educate children both in and out of the classroom go far beyond your average set of textbook or flashcards. These days, learning comes in all shapes, forms, and platforms. And, with technology playing a larger role in all aspects of life, the rise in popularity of “edutainment” based games and mobile learning applications are no surprise.

Education and Gaming

The term, “edutainment” has come to refer to the blending of general entertainment with educational content to create an exciting and interactive learning experience for people of all ages. More specifically, in kids’ gaming, edutainment has evolved to be a popular choice in making learning fun and easily accessible to kids and families on the go through expertly designed mobile applications and games.

With the growing popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, kids are getting information from all kinds of modern avenues and the style in which they learn is evolving with the times. For example, our latest mobile release, JumpStart Pet Rescue includes that exciting balance preferred by many preschoolers and early learners when it comes to mobile gaming. Filled with hours of amazing adventures and learning activities, this exciting mobile game covers a full range of essential skills. In attempting to rescue a few lost JumpStart pets, kids are challenged to maneuver through 5 magical lands of learning. Interactive games like these keep kids engaged and encourage them to continue learning no matter their location.

From mobile apps and console games to online virtual worlds, today’s gaming technology has truly expanded the potential for kids learning and given parents and educators the tools they need to give their kids an extra jumpstart in school. What ways do you promote learning with your kids outside of the classroom?  Are there  games or mobile applications do you find most helpful when your family is on the go?

Grab Your Friends and Head to AdventureLand!

Did you hear the big news? Jumpeez everywhere have been talking about the most recent update to AdventureLand! This popular fun filled land of learning has gone multi-player! Soon you’ll be able to grab your friends and meet with Frankie to start your explorer training.

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Now, your Jumpee won’t be alone when you decide to start training and making your way over to the Lost island of the Punk Punks! While interacting with friends, you’ll even be able to share your top tips and tricks for completing each of the missions. Are you and your friends ready to try out the new Multi-player mode? Race on to give it a shot.

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If you are having any issues seeing other players around the game, don’t worry. Start by clearing your browser’s cache by following the simple instruction listed here.

When you get a chance, start exploring AdventureLand with your friends and let us know what you think about the new multi-player mode. But, with all the excitement surrounding this recent update, don’t forget to keep any eye out for those pesky punk punks. At least, now, you have the help of your friends to take on that challenge. Good luck, explorers!

VOTE NOW: Custom Cool Features!

In JumpStart, kids are encouraged to express their unique vision through the customization of their Jumpee and game. The more you advance in missions and learning games, the more features you are able to unlock. Join JumpStart’s conversation and vote on your top customization ideas.


From designing your own roller coasters to being the author of your very own storybooks, how would you like to be able to express yourself around the game? Vote now in our latest poll question, to get your voices heard.

If you had access to an in depth building feature to customize any of the following areas of the game, which areas would they most like to design as your own?

a. Missions – tasks and interactive games
b. Neighborhood – house features, FunZones, neighbors, etc.
c. Jumpee features – face, body or makeup
d. Jumpee hairstyles – cuts and colors
e. Clothing – t-shirts, pants, accessories
f.  Art – postcards, paintings, coloring sheets, etc
g. Books – story or comic book creations
h. Mythies – colors and textures
i.  Music – song writing or other musical expressions
j.  Roller Coasters – tracks and design
k. Other – Share your kids custom cool ideas!

Calling All JumpStart Fans!

Have you been busy traveling from adventure to adventure in the JumpStart virtual world? Then Frankie wants to see your top in-game screenshots. That’s right, Jumpeez, it’s time to show us the JumpStart world through your eyes!

To see where your screenshot could land, find this image on the Jumpstart homepage after logging-in!

Whether you’re flying high in a favorite game or riding around a most loved land, there are so many memories to share! Follow the instructions below to learn how to take the perfect screenshot. Then when you’re ready,  have a parent email us your JumpStart username and favorite pictures at Gaming@JumpStart.com. Each day, Frankie will be checking for entries and choosing his favorite shot. His pick for screenshot-of-the-week will be posted to the JumpStart homepage for all to see!

But the fun won’t stop there!  The top entry will also be featured in an in-game loading screen! Imagine playing JumpStart and seeing your screenshot pop up between games; exciting stuff, right?

So, are you ready to get started? Then be sure to read through the guidelines below before submitting your screenshots.

Ready to submit you pictures? Here’s what you need to know!

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: Garden Defense!

Update: Garden Defense is now open in your neighborhood!
Log into JumpStart to check it out.

So, do you remember that top secret game we mentioned last week, the one that our pal ZuZu was going to bring? Well she decided that it was time to let you in on the secret! After all, she’ll need you and your Jumpee to keep the gardens growing when Garden Defense arrives to JumpStart.

Lend a helping hand to our helpful hippo, ZuZu!

With a number of pesky parasites on the move around your garden, our resident expert in all things green decided to take it upon herself to find a way to stop them from ruining all of the glorious little greenies. And that’s where you come in! Since we’re all about working together here in JumpStart, we thought we’d trust you Jumpeez with the task of controlling the growing bug population.

Follow the trail to protect against the pests!

Think you have what it takes to blast the bugs and level up in Garden Defense? Then head over to your neighborhood when Garden Defense arrives to the game. All you’ll need to do is look out for the trail of crawling critters in your neighborhood. When the game is ready, you can follow them directly to your garden where ZuZu will be waiting to explain the rest!