Calling All JumpStart Fans!

Have you been busy traveling from adventure to adventure in the JumpStart virtual world? Then Frankie wants to see your top in-game screenshots. That’s right, Jumpeez, it’s time to show us the JumpStart world through your eyes!

To see where your screenshot could land, find this image on the Jumpstart homepage after logging-in!

Whether you’re flying high in a favorite game or riding around a most loved land, there are so many memories to share! Follow the instructions below to learn how to take the perfect screenshot. Then when you’re ready,  have a parent email us your JumpStart username and favorite pictures at Each day, Frankie will be checking for entries and choosing his favorite shot. His pick for screenshot-of-the-week will be posted to the JumpStart homepage for all to see!

But the fun won’t stop there!  The top entry will also be featured in an in-game loading screen! Imagine playing JumpStart and seeing your screenshot pop up between games; exciting stuff, right?

So, are you ready to get started? Then be sure to read through the guidelines below before submitting your screenshots.

Ready to submit you pictures? Here’s what you need to know!

Come Get Your New Pets!

Hello pet lovers! Looking for a new friend? Well, look no further! New pets have arrived at! Head on over to the Petz Store and come meet your new, fun friends!

Stitch, the quilted lion

Arrival Date: 9/21/2010
Price: 150 JS Coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: Anywhere he can roar and rumble around!

He’s fierce, but he’s friendly! And he’ll be the most loyal lion companion to have. With Stitch by your Jumpeez’ side, I guarantee it’ll be a roaring good time!

Aquamarine, the maritime turtle

Arrival Date: 9/21/2010
Price: 80 JS Coins
Favorite Jumpstart Area: Lounging and being cool in MarineLand

Ready, set, go! Aquamarine, our maritime turtle, is slow and steady, but ready to be your new sidekick! He loves hanging out and chilling, in water and on land! He’ll always be there by your Jumpeez side, and you he will always be around. He’ll never leave you behind, that’s for sure!

Trish, the stylish shark 

Arrival Date: 9/21/2010
Price: 80 JS Coins
Favorite Jumpstart Area: Lurking around for thrills in the Threadz shop

No need to be afraid of this great pink shark. Trish is one fabulous shark hungry for your love and attention only! With this top of the food chain creature by your Jumpeez side, you’ll be on top of your game!

Lux, the enlightening lamp

Arrival Date: 9/21/2010
Price: 110 JS Coins

Favorite Jumpstart Area: Overseeing all the fun at the Arcades

Lux will not only enlighten your Jumpee’s world, but illuminate how fun it would be if he was around! So if you’re looking for an intelligent friend to lighten up your day, shine your way on over to Lux. He’ll be the best and brightest friend around!


Jumpee Fan Mail!

Hey JumpStart Fans!

A while ago, we received a hand-drawn picture from a little girl named Bella. A little after that, Bella’s friend Shannon sent us some of her fantastic drawings as well! Lucky for us, the fan mail keeps on coming! This time, we received a letter from JW and another from five kids who clearly are all number one fans!

Our development team took a look at the pictures and said that these kids have some great suggestions for the game . JW sets the bar higher for our art team with his ideas while the group of five suggests ideas that are out of this world!

Jumpeez can jump even higher with JW

Check out more fan mail illustrations and find out how to send your own!

Dragon Fun Coming to JumpStart!

UPDATE: The Enchanted Sanctuary, where kids can hatch and raise dragons, is now live at

Last week, we announced that Jumpeez would soon be able to hatch, raise and train pet dragons in a brand new area of Now, we’re back with more sketches from the JumpStart artists. Check out the art below to see how they designed dragons that are packed with personality!

It all started with some sketches…

Expressive eyes are key...

add in some facial features...

and, of course, the rest of the body...

plus a splash of color to really show off those personalities!

See what the dragons look like in 3D!

Baby Dragons Coming to JumpStart!

UPDATE: The Enchanted Sanctuary, where kids can hatch and raise their own dragons, is now live at

A few months ago, we showed you this sketch of an adorable baby dragon. Now, we are thrilled to announce that he will soon be coming to life at!

The JumpStart Team is hard at work designing a whole new area at JumpStart where Jumpeez will be able to hatch and raise pet dragons! How exciting is that? This dragon sanctuary is still very early in the design process, but rumor has it that there will be a hatchery and area for Jumpeez to play with and care for their scaly pals.

We’ll be sure to bring you details about the dragon sanctuary in the upcoming weeks….so stay tuned!

Tell Your Buddies About the Dragon Sanctuary!

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Decorate Your World: JumpStart Personalized Billboards!

Did you know that your child can design his or her own billboard all throughout Children can decorate their world with the drawings they color or the photographs they snap with their camera! Today, we’ll take a look around JumpStart and find all the billboards so you and your child can decorate them!

There is a billboard in front of the movie theatre on Main and one in front of the Hall of Fame! Have your child take a photo of anything they find interesting and put it on the billboard for them to see whenever they enter JumpStart!

Movie Theater and Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Billboard

Drag pictures on the left to place them on the billboard!

Click here to see more of the billboards around JumpStart!

Free Fallin’!

UPDATE: FreeFall Mountain is now available in the SpeedDrome area.

Here at JumpStart, we’ve been working hard on creating a new area for Jumpeez to enjoy.  It’s called FreeFall Mountain, and it plays off of the popularity surrounding the Launch Pad feature.  Your kids will quite literally be reaching new heights when they visit FreeFall Mountain for a bit of sky diving!  Check out these sketches for a glimpse of what you’ll soon see at…


Making a big dive


Quite the view.


Floating Platform

Get others setup to make the jump!

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