Kick Off Summer in JumpStart!

We’re making way for the start of summer in JumpStart! Fly into the School of Dragons FunZones in Central Park and DownTown to help us kick off the new season. Take in the brightly lit skies, run through the seasonal sprinklers or find shade under one of the stationed beach umbrellas as you continue your adventure through the JumpStart World!

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Help welcome Hiccup back to JumpStart and he’ll teach you a few things about training dragons! Check back into this amazing interactive FunZones to master the viking maze and unlock a special seasonal surprise or play a few rounds of FireBall Frenzy with Toothless!

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Over in MainStreet, you’ll even find that our popular Tiki Pool FunZone is back! Jump in the water to beat the heat of take a ride down the slide for a splish, splashing good time. This is the perfect place to gather with your Jumpee pals to make all kinds of summertime memories.

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And best of all – this is only the beginning! Stay tuned all summer long for super cool surprises and features that you won’t be able to get enough of this season. from updates to Petz, Ridez, and Threadz to a new scavenger hunt, there’s all kinds of exciting adventures to be had in JumpStart! Before time runs out, pick up all the hidden objects like beach balls, sunglasses, picnic baskets and more to earn yourself something sweet this summer!

Springtime Fun in JumpStart!

Do you hear the buzzing of busy bees? From Central Park to MainStreet, the world around JumpStart is in full bloom—spring has finally arrived! Jumpeez can now enjoy the warming weather of this season with a springtime Egg Hunt, seasonal Funzones, and more.

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Luck is on Your Side this Season!

Seasons have changed in JumpStart, bringing all of you Jumpeez some festive fun to mark the kick-off of our St. Patrick’s Day celebration. From pots of gold to four leaf clovers, it seems as though our little leprechaun pals have been busy setting up decorations, FunZones, a seasonal scavenger hunt and more!

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Head into JumpStart now to start exploring in your search for the famed Blarney Stone! Over in MainStreet, Jumpeez are invited to take a step aboard the pink launch pad to catch a ride around the FunZone on a larger than life lucky clover. Before landing in our lucky pot of gold, they will find the Blarney Stone, which legend states give those who kiss it the ‘gift of the gab,’ or more simply put the skill of convincing speech!

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Then over in DownTown, you can help your fellow Jumpeez grow the community lucky four leaf clover. The more water balloons thrown at this planter the faster the giant clover will grow! Along the way there are even a few special surprises that Frankie has added to reward your efforts.

Check on these features and the all new scavenger hunt today and let us know what you think of JumpStart’s latest season!

Blast-Off into a New Adventure!

This season, MainStreet is playing host to all ALL-NEW FunZone to help us celebrate the release of our latest Mobile Apps, JumpStart Blast -Off series of games for Math And Early Reading! Swing by to preview what this high flying adventure has in store.

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Strap on a jet pack and soar through the floating obstacles! While it’s full of twist, turns and all kinds of high flying thrills, you’ll have to pick up JumpStart’s Blast-Off series of Apps in Math and Early Learning to experience the full extent of the game’s exciting challenges!

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After completing a cycle through this FunZone course, you’ll even earn an awesome seasonal surprise to add to your Jumpee’s Inventory! Can you guess what the treasure chest might hold?

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Head into JumpStart now to see for yourself and experience this amazing adventure! Check it out and let us know what you think of Frankie’s latest addition to JumpStart.

Even more to LOVE in JumpStart!

Frankie and friends are kicking off a new season in JumpStart! Have you seen all the new decorations? From hearts and gift bags to teddy bears and other heart shaped treats, are you able to piece together the clues for what we’re celebrating? We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day, so start exploring! Not sure where to start? Besides the regular updates to Petz and Threadz, you can preview all of your fun and festive options, here:

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Over in both the Central Park and DownTown FunZone areas, Jumpeez can find the popular Heart Lane water ride, which invites you down a heart shaped tunnel while sailing aboard a swan. You’ll pass by beautiful scenes of flowers, candy hearts, waterfalls, and all kinds of other Valentine’s Day themed fun.

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Then search high and low through Poseidon’s HangOut, MainStreet, the Beach and DownTown because there are a few sweet treats waiting to be picked up in this season’s new scavenger hunt. Collect all the hidden candy hearts for a special prize of your very own!

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Explore The Winter Wonderland Snow Globe

During the winter holiday season in JumpStart, one of the most popular stops for Jumpeez is the Winter Wonderland Snow Globe, which is why you’re able to access them from multiple portals in the game.


Taking center stage in the Central Park and the MainStreet FunZone areas, this exciting winter themed adventure is on you won’t want to miss. With all the fun that there is to be had, there’s even an entrance from DownTown!

Walk into this area and you’ll automatically be morphed into a festive little elf so that you can ride the holiday train around this snowy mountain or race Rico in a sledding competition filled with high speed twists and turns. Just walk through one of the glowing green gifts to see where you end up.

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Even More to be Thankful for this Fall!

Seasons have just changed in JumpStart, bringing you and your in-game pals even more reason to be thankful for the fall holiday season. Visit the new FunZones in DownTown, MainStreet, and Central Park or drop by our in-game stores for a few seasonal specials that are bound to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit.

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Start your journey with a visit to the DownTown FunZone, where JumpStart’s very own version of the Mayflower has docked for the season. Climb aboard or admire the commemorative rock, marked for the year in which the original boat landed at Plymouth. Surrounded by symbols of the season like a cornucopia of recently harvested crops this area is bustling with wild turkeys and other silly seasonal items.

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