S.P.L.A.T. Alert: Tangorra has Returned!

That’s right, Jumpeez – you heard right! Tangorra has returned to JumpStart to once again cause all kinds of trouble for Frankie and all of YOU adventure-loving Jumpeez. This mischievous character is once again after our precious Egglings for a trouble making potion!

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Map pieces are hidden around JumpStart!

To keep JumpStart safe from harm, S.P.L.A.T. (the Special League Against Troublemakers) is looking to YOU to help us locate the special and extremely rare nest of VOLTAGE DRAGON eggs! Frankie and the team here at the blog will be providing you with all of the latest intel from our friends at S.P.L.A.T., so stay tuned throughout the week for more information, starting NOW! Here are the first three clues to get you to the map pieces.

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Clue #1 – Can you figure out where the next piece of Intel has been hidden?

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Dinosaur Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are an easy and inexpensive means of keeping your kids engaged in learning the fun way. Use the exciting activity to start teaching your little ones about the prehistoric age by having them craft some adorable creatures of their own with our exciting dinosaur paper plate craft. Best of all, you can find most of the materials needed to complete this DIY project from around your home or from the kids’ supply to arts and crafts tools.


Stop by our official Pinterest page for more dinosaur paper craft ideas!

Materials –
• Paper plates
• Construction or craft paper
• Scissors and a hole punch
• Paper fasteners
• An array of decorative craft supplies for decorating – googly eyes, markers, colored pencils, crayons, foam shapes, paints and brushes, glitter, glue, etc.

Instructions –
• Fold the paper plate in half to act as the body of your dinosaur.
• Punch holes in the folded plate to fasten your dinosaurs ‘head, legs, tail and arms that you can fashion out of construction paper of cut up foam pieces.
• Fasten the limbs and attachments using the paper fasteners to completely form the dinosaur’s shape.
• Decorate your dinosaur using your drafting supplies to create fun patterns and a unique look.

Celebrate National Hobby Month

Did you know that January is commonly known as National Hobby Month? Celebrate this exciting time of year with families across the nation by introducing your kids to a few new activities that they might find interest in during the New Year! From crafting to physical activities like biking or intramural sports, a hobby is activity that you might take up in your spare time to explore interests in various fields.


Photo by Regan76

The period of time accompanying the start of a new year is the perfect time to begin new traditions and signal change in your family’s regular routine. And with the stress of work, schedules, and your child’s education, leisurely activities often take a backset to some of your family’s more immediate priorities. Take the time to talk to your kids about activities they might have interest in and give them the opportunity to explore these ideas through clubs, classes, meet ups, or scheduled family time.

Some popular family friendly hobbies include:

  1. Weekend nature walks or hikes – teach your kids about science and nature by taking then to local parks or nature reserves where they can not only learn but also get in some regular physical activity.
  2. Crafting projects – An umbrella term for creative activities and forms of expression, crafting can include all kinds of projects for kids and adults. From crocheting and knitting to paper crafts and the like.
  3. Puzzles and games – Whether you’re looking for activities that stimulate the brain and challenge your strategy skills or are more interested in some “just for fun” games, these types of hobbies come in all kinds of forms.
  4. Outdoor activities – While technology might prove to be helpful in your household, you might benefit from having the kids to unplug from time to time. Encourage outdoor hobbies like kite flying, boating or even intramural sports.
  5. Starting a collection – Depending on our family’s interests, consider starting a collecting with your kids. Whether you collect souvenirs from family vacations or sports memorabilia to seashells or toys, where you start is up to you!

What are some of our favorite hobbies and what new activities do you plan on taking up for 2014?

Explore The Winter Wonderland Snow Globe

During the winter holiday season in JumpStart, one of the most popular stops for Jumpeez is the Winter Wonderland Snow Globe, which is why you’re able to access them from multiple portals in the game.


Taking center stage in the Central Park and the MainStreet FunZone areas, this exciting winter themed adventure is on you won’t want to miss. With all the fun that there is to be had, there’s even an entrance from DownTown!

Walk into this area and you’ll automatically be morphed into a festive little elf so that you can ride the holiday train around this snowy mountain or race Rico in a sledding competition filled with high speed twists and turns. Just walk through one of the glowing green gifts to see where you end up.

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JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week


Looking for Adventure?

Have you begun your journey through AdventureLand? Since going multiplayer, this vast land of learning has been quite the talk of the JumpStart World. There, explorers just like you must begin training on Training Island before advancing to more challenging missions on Lost Island! Have you been able to board the ship to the island of the punks-punks?

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Designed for elementary level learning, AdventureLand provides activities for Jumpeez of all ages. Explore this interactive area with your Jumpee pals and see how many coins you can earn by helping us send those pesky punk punks away! There’s so much for you to do and see while embarking on new adventures in this part of the JumpStart World with Frankie and friends.

If you’ve already completed your adventure and have been looking to extend the exciting journey through this area of the game, let us know about some of the types of missions that you’d like to see! Put your explorer’s thinking cap on and submit some of your ideas to Frankie and the team, today!

Miya MacKenzie Now Featured in JumpStart!

To help put our Jumpeez in the fun summer mood, we have added some Miya MacKenzie songs to our Jukeboxes all around JumpStart! Hang out with your buddies and listen to all the hot music from Miya. Frankie has added some of her top songs including “Addicted to You”, “The BFF Song”, and “I Feel Free”.


Miya is a top international pop star and we wanted to share all her great music with you! Listen to all her songs and decide which one is your favorite. You can listen to these songs all day long and simply find a JukeBox to select a new song! This is the perfect summertime album, so enjoy it while it is available in JumpStart.
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