Tell Us Your Thoughts on the Gryphon!

Have you seen the Gryphon soaring through the Enchanted Sanctuary yet? Whether you have or not, we could really use YOUR feedback on our latest addition to JumpStart: The Gryphon!

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Since we released the Hornhowlie, a whole four years have passed! The Gryphon was such a huge update to JumpStart that we want to know what we did right and how we can improve on releasing a new Mythie in the future. Since you Jumpeez are so important to the game production process, we drafted up this survey so that you can tell us all your thoughts on the Gryphon!

Ask your parents to help you take this survey. We only have a few questions to ask, so it is short and fun for you to answer! This is your chance to have your voice heard in our future JumpStart updates, so complete this survey and spill your heart out about the Gryphon!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

It’s that time of the week, again! Frankie has stopped by to visit the JumpStart blog team to respond to a few shout outs that have been submitted through the JumpStart Times and your Jumpee’s helpful J-Tube Device. Did any of your submission make it into this week’s awesome fan feature? Check out this week’s shout outs, now!

headerRoses are red violets are blue and I would really like
to go to a sweetheart dance with all of you!
– Angel FairyJewel

Thanks for extending this wonderful offer to all of your
Jumpee pals, Angel Fairy Jewel! You seem
like one talented poet.
– Frankie

Come to the Enchanted Sanctuary, now!
– Shwetha TwistySnake

There’s so much to do in the Enchanted Sanctuary
with your Mythie or Eggling, Shwetha TwistySnake! Thanks for
pointing your Jumpee pals to this exciting area of the game.
– Frankie

Frankie, you’re the best and I love JS. It’s so much
fun in MarineLand! I love Trendy Tides!!!!!!
– Taylor SwiftDiamond

Trendy Tides is a fun stop for any fashion loving
Jumpeez, Taylor SwiftDiamond! We hope that you’ve found
success walking it’s runway during your adventures there.
– Frankie

I just want to say that JumpStart is cool,
so stay that way. 😀
– Sean Puppy

JumpStart will only be getting better and more
exciting, Sean Puppy! The team and I are always looking for
ways to keep all of you Jumpeez engaged and having fun.
– Frankie

The JumpStart Times: Be A Jumpee Contributor

Who would know JumpStart better than the Jumpeez that explore the game, day in and day out, right? That’s why Frankie is ready to hear more from you and all your Jumpee friends! While he gets a great amount of feedback from regular contributors in our JumpStart Times and J-Tube submissions, our top dog knows that your creativity knows no bounds, which is why he wants to know more about what you want to see around the JumpStart World and read about in the JumpStart Times!


Your opinions, ideas, and suggestions are one of the most important things to Frankie and the JumpStart friends as they plan for the latest issues of our in-game Newspaper! Are there any areas of the game you want to see featured? Maybe you’re looking for a few fun tips or expert advice from the team on a game or two? Let us know and your idea might make it into the JumpStart Times!

For example, just a few weeks ago, Frankie noticed that a number of players had been asking about Voltage Dragons, and before we knew it S.P.L.A.T. arrived with a special mission for all of you! Had it not been for all the buzz surrounding theses awesome game features, Frankie might not have noticed Tangorra’s return.

Before our next newspaper hits the stands, let us know what you’re more interested in reading!

Looking for Adventure?

Have you begun your journey through AdventureLand? Since going multiplayer, this vast land of learning has been quite the talk of the JumpStart World. There, explorers just like you must begin training on Training Island before advancing to more challenging missions on Lost Island! Have you been able to board the ship to the island of the punks-punks?

chrome 2013-02-14 09-03-31-48

Designed for elementary level learning, AdventureLand provides activities for Jumpeez of all ages. Explore this interactive area with your Jumpee pals and see how many coins you can earn by helping us send those pesky punk punks away! There’s so much for you to do and see while embarking on new adventures in this part of the JumpStart World with Frankie and friends.

If you’ve already completed your adventure and have been looking to extend the exciting journey through this area of the game, let us know about some of the types of missions that you’d like to see! Put your explorer’s thinking cap on and submit some of your ideas to Frankie and the team, today!

New J-Tube Submissions Feature

The amount of submissions that have been received from all you Jumpeez has been amazing! Frankie is so excited about all the shoutouts, jokes, stories, and questions that we decided to make it even easier for you to both send in and view other Jumpeez submissions. To do so, we replaced the in-game Communicator with our brand new J-Tube Device.


This device organizes submissions in a way that makes it easy for Jumpeez to find the content they are looking for. You can search through archived jokes for a good laugh or read other Jumpeez questions to learn more about the game. Check through all the past submissions to see what your friends are saying and even look for your own submission. The J-Tube Device makes it easy to see how much fun everyone is having at JumpStart!


After you have finished reading through past submissions, you can easily send in one of your own by choosing the type of content you would like to send in. Simply click on the category and then type in your submission. It is now easier than ever to send in your jokes, riddles, stories and more right in the game! As if these categories were not exciting enough, Jumpeez will be able to send in video submissions soon! You heard that right, your own personal videos. Stay tuned for more exciting news about this J-Tube Device and submissions!


Frankie cannot wait to hear from all you Jumpeez, so be sure to send in your submissions and look for them to be featured in our brand new J-Tube Device!

A New Feature has Arrived to!

Submitting work for your kids to get featured around JumpStart  just got even more exciting for all you parents and Jumpeez, so get your articles, pictures, jokes, and questions ready!


Not only can you send in work direct from the game as a contributor to the JumpStart Times, but now you and your parents will even be able to send in fan art or screenshots using the new “Submit Your Stuff” button that has been added to the player homepage!

You and your parents will be able to put your writing skills to the test or upload image files direct from your computer. If you have something to share with Frankie and the Jumpstart team, check it out and send in your stuff, today!

Let’s Hear What You Have to Say!

Hey Jumpeez! Do you have something important that you want to say? With our in game chat and messaging, Frankie has made it as easy as can be for players to get to know each other and lend a helping hand on mission and games.

chrome 2013-01-11 16-52-57-05

Now, that he’s even had time to chat with some of you face to face, he has a few questions about what everyone has been talking about. What types of topics or trends do you post most often about? Is there anything specific that you want to be able to say while in-game?

Take some time to let him know what you have to say. Are there any exciting greetings or fun catch phrases that you and your friends like to use? He loves learning about what interests you most, so don’t hold back!