Penguins of Madagascar Update

Baby Penguins

Last week, we announced that the Penguins of Madagascar would be getting their very own virtual world! Launching November 24, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private will be taking on adventures and top secret missions in a whole new game! This is exciting news for the Penguins, but it also means big changes for Frankie and the crew in JumpStart! Want to learn more about what Penguins of Madagascar World means for JumpStart? Keep reading for full details!

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School of Dragons FunZone: Have You Met Hiccup?

Since earlier this month, JumpStart has been enjoying an exclusive look into the unreleased School of Dragons virtual world game with the addition of the new FunZones in DownTown and Central Park. Jumpeez from all over the JumpStart World have been flocking to this exciting and all new gaming area, where Hiccup and Toothless have been ready to greet them as they take on round of Fire Ball Frenzy or make their way through the menacing Viking themed maze.

How well do you know Hiccup? For any “How to Train Your Dragon” fan, Hiccup is a living legend that brought about peace between Vikings and Dragons after years of turmoil. To get to know this Viking hero a bit more, here are a few important things to know!

Growing up in the Viking village of Berk, Hiccup lacked the physical strength to mirror a traditional Viking leader like his father, chief of Berk, Stoick the Vast. Because of this, Hiccup has spent much of his life helping Gobber the Belch in the armory. Tinkering with new inventions, Hiccup always exhibited a unique sense of inventiveness and creativity, which would ultimately link him to his dragon companion, Toothless.

Learn more about Hiccup here!

Have a Blast with School of Dragons

DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon has soared into JumpStart with tons of excitement and surprises. For any aspiring Vikings, head to Central Park or DownTown to see the awesome FunZone that is perfect for dragon training.
JS 1Step into the training grounds to test your accuracy and speed in Fireball Frenzy.  Hop onto a powerful dragon and shoot moving targets as you navigate your way through the maze.  Rack up points by firing at various targets, but be careful not to hit the wrong ones or you will risk losing points.  Challenge your friends to see who can score highest and claim the title of master dragon trainer.

JS 2Members can enter another maze located above the entrance to Fireball Frenzy.  For Jumpeez that are able to make their way through the various twists and turns successfully, an awesome surprise awaits.  Travel to the top of the FunZone to discover a treasure chest with a prize that is essential for a Viking-in-training.

JS 3Check out this FunZone for a sneak peak of the incredible adventure that awaits in School of Dragons.  Register at for the latest news and updates and prepare to be blown away when the beta launches later this month.  Practice your skills at Fireball Frenzy so you can be a star pupil at the School of Dragons.

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

worksheet 13

Meet the Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private!

The penguins from DreamWorks’ Madagascar are on a mission in JumpStart and they need your help!  After settling into their new headquarters, Skipper and his team have been in search for reliable agents to complete a variety of special tasks for them.  Due to the mysterious nature of these jobs, the penguins are in need of the best and brightest Jumpeez.


A main part of your duties as an agent will involve exploring the vast world of JumpStart.  The penguins seem to have contacts everywhere that will in turn send you across the map to retrieve missing objects or find valuable clues.  Become acquainted with these colorful characters and gain the inside scoop on what is going on at JumpStart. Start with a visit to the Zoo to learn more about these cool characters.


One of the best perks of working at Penguins HQ is the high-tech gadgets you will be given access to.  These tools will help greatly as you embark on your missions.  Decode mysterious texts or use special goggles to locate objects undetectable to the naked eye.  Not only will these inventions make your job easier, you will look really cool doing it, too!  After all, an important aspect of being an agent is looking the part.


While having the title of a Penguins HQ agent is enough of a reward, you will be compensated generously for your efforts.  Successfully completing missions will result in hard-earned coins and Jumpstars.  Increase your rank as you collect Jumpstars and spend your coins on brand new Ridez, Threadz, and Petz to reward yourself for a job well done.


Visit the Penguins in the Central Park Zoo for fun adventures and exciting surprises.  Skipper and his crew will keep you on your toes as you help them learn more about JumpStart and accomplish their numerous tasks.  Do you have what it takes to be a special agent along side the Penguins?

Tour JumpStart with the Penguins from Madagascar

Are you ready to take on some TOP SECRET operations around JumpStart? Join Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private to complete the Penguins’ Missions in HQ and start your training as one of their secret agents. Preview all the exciting adventures ahead, here on the blog or over at JumpStart’s official YouTube Channel!

Travelling throughout various areas of the JumpStart World with your trusty toolkit devices, Jumpeez must complete each of the listed missions from the Penguins’ mission board. Along the way, you will be able to earn fun prizes like some extra coins or even fish to spin the Coney Island Prize Wheel!

Penguins Prize Wheel

The Prize Wheel can only be spun using fish so be sure to save some up as you complete missions. After all, each spin gives you the chance to win exclusive items for your Jumpee, including  Alex themed accessories like a lion tail, paws, or mane! Souvenirs like these are perfect for any Madagascar fan in JumpStart.

If you’ve already started, let us know what some of your favorite parts of the Penguins’ Missions are in HQ? We love hearing what Jumpeez like you have to say about the game!

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Practice your ABCs with Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and this fun printable worksheet! If your kids are struggling with learning the alphabet be sure to give this worksheet of the week  a try or check out JumpStart’s latest mobile app, Madagascar: My ABCsWorksheet of the Week