Day 10: Thank You to Our Jumpeez!

All the JumpStart characters wanted to make the final day of 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP about YOU! They had such a great time sharing crafts and activities with you over the past week and a half! Here’s an extra special note that they put together for all of our awesome Jumpeez:

Hey Guys! Thanks for joining us for 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP! It was an awesome chance for us all to share different ways to make the Holidays special! From making your own ornaments to playing outside in the snow (or sun!), we couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate the Holidays and end the year on a great note! If you want to see ALL the posts from the campaign, just check the 10 Days in Frankie’s Workshop section of our blog! Thanks for joining us, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! -Frankie, Kisha, Shannon, Eleanor, Botley, Pierre, Lauren, Hops and CJ!

Holiday Campaign Going on Now!

Have you seen our fun Holiday Campaign, 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP yet? The many faces in and behind JumpStart have been sharing a craft, worksheet or activity each day! They’ve posted craft ideas, video tutorials and activities designed to make the Holidays extra special! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites so far and shared them here!

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Day 3: Meet Shannon!

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In addition to the many faces IN JumpStart, there are also several faces BEHIND JumpStart! These are the Producers, Artists, Designers and Community Team members who work together to create fantastic products like JumpStart! One of these is Shannon, who is a Producer on World of Madagascar. Shannon is here with an AWESOME DIY video tutorial that she made to share with Jumpeez everywhere!

Watch her video below and let us know what you think!

Day 2: Meet Kisha

Image converted using ifftoanyHere for Day 2 of 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP is Kisha! Super creative and the resident artist of JumpStart, Kisha is excited to share with you FOUR DIY ornaments you can make at home!

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Special Holiday Promo Coming Monday!

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Hey Jumpeez! Do you recognize any of the characters in this picture? If you can’t name them all, don’t worry. Starting Monday, we’re bringing you 10 Days in Frankie’s Workshop, an all-new holiday campaign where YOU get to meet the elves who’ve been hard at work getting JumpStart ready for the holidays!

Each day, there will be a post from one of the JumpStart characters who will share a fun craft to make with your family, a cool worksheet to help you learn or an awesome activity to do with friends!

Be sure to check the blog Monday for the first day in Frankie’s Workshop!

DIY Craft Ideas for Fall

Do you have fond memories of welcoming the fall season to your childhood home? Share these sentiments with your kids by finding ways to warm your space with festive décor, family, and special seasonal activities! Moments spent together, creating fun and festive DIY crafts to decorate the home will turn into memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Share some of your top at-home crafts with us at the JumpStart blog or find some inspiration in our suggested craft ideas for fall!

Photo by Roxanne Ready, ©2011 Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License.

Festive Fall Wreath – Is there any better way to welcome the season by marking the entrance to your home with a harvest themed wreath? Show some of your seasonal spirit with a handmade wreath. Materials can range from yarn to faux foliage, Halloween themed paper cutouts, decor pieces, and more – depending on your style. Start with a round base of some sorts, using cardboard, wire or even Styrofoam. From there you can affix your decorations to create a custom cool look for your home.

Mason Jar Lanterns – Looking to add a little spooky feel around the halls of your home? Create cute Halloween themed lanterns using glass jars that you might have saved up around your home. Create designs on the jars, using paint, stencils, or craft paper and then illuminate the jars from the inside. As a safety precaution avoid using candles or any natural flame as this could create a real hazard in your home. Instead, turn to electronic or battery powered options.

Jack-o-Lanterns – There’s probably no truer symbol of the season than a pumpkin. Make an event of carving up theses gorgeous gourds. Get the kids involved by creating cool cut out templates of their favorite designs or characters. Similar to the above mentioned Mason Jar lanterns, be sure to use battery powered lights to avoid burning the pumpkin or starting any larger scale hazards.

What are some other DIY projects that you enjoy taking up in the fall? Share some of your family’s favorite craft ideas in the comments below!

Father’s Day: Salt Dough Craft Ideas

Father’s Day is a time to show dad how much you appreciate him! If you are looking with the kids to surprise him with something memorable yet affordable, engage them in crafting something special for him at home like a salt dough sculpture. The best part about this type of craft is that it is versatile and can double as a learning experience for your kids. Using materials that can be easily found around your home, invite your little ones to start sculpting a Father’s Day masterpiece in the form of a helpful paper weight, small ornaments, and more!

Sculpt and paint something for dad! Photo by Lawrence Rayner

Kitchen crafts allow kids to put their math skills to good use by measuring materials. Depending on how much dough you plan on making, this Father’s Day craft might call for you to increase the recipe or handle quick conversions and other calculations. Use our tried and true Salt Dough recipe to get started!

2 cups of flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

1. Mix dry ingredients (salt and flour) thoroughly in a large bowl
2. Slowly stir in water
3. When dough begins to form, begin to knead by hand on a flat surface
4. Divide dough for kids and allow them to start sculpting. For ornaments, flour a flat surface and roll out dough into a flat sheet to cut out shapes.
5. When salt dough sculptures are complete, bake them at 200 degrees, until dough is firm. Time will depend on the size of the figurine.
6. Let dough cool and then paint

If you are not sure where to start with your ball of dough, think about dad’s interests! You could include the emblem of dad’s favorite sports team, a figurine set for him to have at his desk at work, a painted paper weight and anything that you can dream up. Whip up a batch of salt dough now and let us know how you end up celebrating Dad.