What are YOU Thankful For? Frankie Wants to Know!

frankie thanksgivingHey there Jumpeez! It’s Frankie! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought it was a great time to reach out to all of our Jumpeez with an important question:

What are YOU Thankful For?

Think about all the things in your life that you are fortunate enough to have… your home, your family, your school, your friends. It’s incredible how many great things we all have in our lives that we might forget to say “Thank You” for. Jumpeez, this is your chance! Comment below and let me know what you’re thankful for. It can be something big, it can be something small, it can be a person or a thing, it can be your best friend or your teacher or your Mom or Dad– whatever and whoever YOU are thankful to have in your life!

One week from today, on Thanksgiving, I’ll have a special blog post where I post and respond to a few of my favorite responses.

I want to hear it all.. there is no wrong answer! Click the comment button and start giving thanks!

S.P.L.A.T. Alert: Send in a Status Update Stat!

Where are you in your TOP SECRET adventure to unlock access to the hidden nest of Voltage Dragon eggs? S.P.L.A.T. wants to get a status update and see if you’ve been able to decipher anymore of these clues.

plugin-container 2014-08-07 08-54-05-57

Check back for more clues! We’re counting on you!

And more importantly, we have some news to share. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, Jumpeez – we have a few more clues to share! Two more clues have been put together , which means it’s time for you to head out into JumpStart to locate more map pieces!

plugin-container 2014-08-07 08-50-03-74

Clue #4 – Where could it be?

plugin-container 2014-08-07 08-52-27-95

Clue #5 – The top of what?

Need any help following these clues? Let us know in the comments below! And good luck Jumpee – we’re counting on YOU to keep JumpStart safe.

Windy Hollows PhotoBomb Friday

Are you creative, fun, and ready for some spooky Windy Hollows fun? If so, now is your chance to shine! We are looking for the best, wackiest, funniest, and most creative Snapshot for Windy Hollows’ PhotoBomb Friday! Get together with your B.F.F.s and favorite Jumpeez, and navigate through Windy Hollows to create an awesome PhotoBomb. You can even invite your mother, father, sister brother to participate, by having them each create their own Jumpee on the family account. Get the whole family involved and have a great time. After creating your photo, submit it to our site and you might find yourself featured as a Photo Bomb winner on our official JumpStart site! Good luck and have a great time with your photos!


Once you take the PhotoBomb, you will have the choice to save it to your album, once saved, choose the ‘Submit’ button to send Frankie your best PhotoBomb! Frankie will be reviewing all of the amazing PhotoBombs and place the best ones on the JumpStart Blog this Friday. So start sending in your favorite PhotoBombs with your best friends for a chance to be featured on our Blog! Be sure to also check out what other Jumpeez are submitting on the Kids Submissions page! Remember be creative and have fun using your imagination! Here are a couple of helpful tips that Frankie is looking for:


  • The more people the better! Coordinate some of your friends to meet for a PhotoBomb.
  •  Look the part. Frankie loves when Jumpeez coordinate the colors or clothes they wear.
  • Strike a pose. Coordinating everyone to do the same pose, or one person have a creative   post always looks awesome!
  • Show off your Ridez and Petz. Frankie loves when he sees Jumpeez strutting around JumpStart with the latest and greatest features.

Tips & Tricks: Photo-Bomb of the Week

Have you been busy striking your best poses around the Zoosters’ European Habitat? Don’t forget that you can always send in your best Photo-Bombs direct from the game, for a chance to be featured on the JumpStart homepage for all to see!

Submitted by Gabriella SkyPuppy

Those of you that have already been submitting photos are probably asking yourself, “But, what does it take to win?” And that’s where we want to help! Now, you can use the following tips to help your Photo-Bombs stand out from the rest —

  1. Get your Jumpee pals together! Frankie loves seeing Jumpeez interacting to photo-bomb all of those unsuspecting tourists.
  2. Change up your look and get creative with all the fun options available in the Jumpee creator. We love seeing a range of different Jumpee looks when helping Frankie pick the winning photo.
  3. Don’t forget to face the camera! After all, this is your chance to be featured on the homepage for all of JumpStart to see.
  4. If your submission is not chosen, the first time around, try switching up you locations so there’s some variety in your shots.
  5. Have fun with it and strike your silliest poses!

Take these tips into JumpStart today and you might be the next Jumpee to be featured on the homepage, in the next issue of the JumpStart Times and on one of our very own in-game loading screens. Best of luck, Jumpeez!

Jump Into Our New PhotoBomb Contest!

Hey Jumpeez! Have you been enjoying our latest Photo-bomb feature in Italy? Then, get ready to jump into action because those unsuspecting tourists have no idea of the silliness that’s going to appear in their next photo! 

And now, with these new pictures you have the opportunity to become famous! Simply, submit your Photo-bombs direct from the game and into our new Photo-bomb of the Week contest! After taking your best shots, save them to your album and click the button that says ‘Submit’ right below your chosen submission.

Frankie and his team will go through all of your best photos each week and feature that week’s winner, not only on the homepage, but also in our newsletter, and as an in-game loading screen for all of JumpStart to see!

Start preparing your best poses, silly faces, and awesome outfits because when it comes to earning the title of photo-bomb of the week, every bit counts!

WANTED: JumpStart Times Reporters!

Do your kids have a story to tell?  Be sure to let them know that Frankie is on the lookout for some new talent to join the staff at the JumpStart Times as one of our creative contributors! That’s right; we’re looking for some new reporters to take on some of the hardest hitting Jumpee stories around. Are your kids ready to put their writing skills to the test? Each week, Frankie will be choosing an article written by one of their fellow Jumpeez. So, don’t wait; start submitting your kids work and they just might be featured in our next issue!

Article topics can vary but to help give your little learners a little more direction here are a few great topics, perfect for early writers:

  • If you could meet anyone, including historical or fictional characters,
    who would it be and why?
  • If you could go anywhere where would you go?
    why would you choose that place?
  • Do you have a favorite pet or animal?
    Tell us about it and why they’re your animal of choice.
  • Do you have a favorite book or movie?
    Let us know why you like it.

Now, before submitting their work to our Editor, Frankie, you’ll want to make sure that your kids’ submissions meet the following requirements:

  • All submissions must be written by a Jumpee. This means that we’ll need you to include your child’s in-game username* along with their article. Without this part of the submission, we will not be able to credit them for their work.
  • Each article can be no longer than 150 words
  • All submissions must be sent by a parent , so that they can be passed on to our Editor in chief!

So, do your kids have what it takes to tackle a a story for the JumpStart Times? We can’t wait to see what they have to say. Oh, and don’t forget that they can keep on submitting work each week for a chance to be considered for an upcoming issue.

 * Please keep in mind that these generic usernames are created by combining a set of pre-selected names in-game, which assures that all of your child’s account information is kept private.

Calling All JumpStart Fans!

Have you been busy traveling from adventure to adventure in the JumpStart virtual world? Then Frankie wants to see your top in-game screenshots. That’s right, Jumpeez, it’s time to show us the JumpStart world through your eyes!

To see where your screenshot could land, find this image on the Jumpstart homepage after logging-in!

Whether you’re flying high in a favorite game or riding around a most loved land, there are so many memories to share! Follow the instructions below to learn how to take the perfect screenshot. Then when you’re ready,  have a parent email us your JumpStart username and favorite pictures at Gaming@JumpStart.com. Each day, Frankie will be checking for entries and choosing his favorite shot. His pick for screenshot-of-the-week will be posted to the JumpStart homepage for all to see!

But the fun won’t stop there!  The top entry will also be featured in an in-game loading screen! Imagine playing JumpStart and seeing your screenshot pop up between games; exciting stuff, right?

So, are you ready to get started? Then be sure to read through the guidelines below before submitting your screenshots.

Ready to submit you pictures? Here’s what you need to know!