New Comics Have Appeared in the Comic Book Shop!

Do you remember the Comic Book contest that we held a few months back?  The one, where you could submit your very own comic creations for a chance to be published in the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop? It was the contest that Savannah SweetDragon won with her story, “A Glitch in the Time Machine!” Does any of that ring a bell?

Stop by the Comic Book Shop for an exciting new read!

Well, that contest allowed Frankie and the JumpStart team to see just how creative Jumpeez, like you, can be. Which is why we’ve decided to share a few more submissions, from that contest, with you and all of JumpStart! Head over to the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop, today, to check them out!

Scroll through all the new titles to find a story that interest you!

As always, you’ll still be able to find Savannah SweetDragon’s terrific tale, along with the classic story of “Windy Hollows.” But now, you’ll also get to flip through the pages of stories like, “The Mythie that Wouldn’t Hatch” or “Shadow Punks in the Night”. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these stories just as much as we did! So, stop by and let us know what you think of these charming new additions!

Get Your Copy of the Windy Hollows Comic Book!

Getting kids to read can be difficult, at times. Give your kids a jump start in the right direction by picking up our first ever comic book, Windy Hollows! Based on the adventures of a group of curious students in a land full of mystery and magic, this tale is one that any JumpStart fan is sure to love.

Selected to attend Windy Hollows’ prestigious Oakcrest Academy, Logan, Selena, Maggie, Nicholas, and Poe embark on a fun filled journey after accidentally turning Poe into a frog. Without the proper potion to reverse the charm, they must work together in order to get their fearless friend back.

You and your kids can preview Chapter One of the comic at by logging in and heading over to the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop! But, if you want to know if this group of Jumpeez has what it takes to master the ways of Windy Hollows’ potions, brooms, and charms, you’ll need to order your official comic book through Amazon. This is the only way to finish the tale and receive our special edition Windy Hollows stickers. So, don’t wait and get your order in today. After all, there are only a few copies left before we get our next shipment!

Have you finished reading you copy already? Let us know what you think of JumpStart’s first ever comic book!

Comic Book Contest: A Glitch in the Time Machine

Coming to a Comic Book Shop near your Jumpeez… A Glitch in the Time Machine! Later this week, you and your kids will be able to flip through the pages of Savannah SweetDragon’s comic creation, the winning selection from our recent JumpStart comic book contest.

A Glitch in the Time Machine

Send your kids over to Windy Hollows to get some reading in and to celebrate one of their fellow Jumpeez! They’ll learn that in JumpStart, anything is possible with a little bit of brainpower and team work. Give it a go and let us know what you think about the latest Comic Book Shop read!

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Comic Book Contest: We Have a Winner!

It’s finally the big day! Today, we’re announcing the winner of the Comic Book Contest! But before we get to that, let us start by thanking all of you, parents, for submitting your kids’ amazing stories and artwork. It’s been so much fun for our team to read through all of their JumpStart tales!

And the winner is…

And now, JumpStart would like to congratulate 11-year old Savannah SweetDragon on winning our first ever Comic Book Contest! Her story, ‘A Glitch in the Time Machine,’ will soon be available in the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop for all your kids to read. At this very moment, our team is hard at work in the comic book shop, getting everything ready for the big release!

Want to know more about what’s to come?

Comic Book Contest: Thank You!

Today’s the last day that JumpStart is accepting your kids’ Comic Book submissions! Did you get a chance to enter in their work? With all the excitement surrounding this contest, we can hardly wait to read the great stories your Jumpeez have to tell!

But before we announce a winner, we’ll need to take some time to sort through all the submissions and get our team reading through your kids’ creations. For all the latest contest news, be sure to check back with us often and we’ll keep you all updated on any official announcements!

In the meantime, take some time to stop by the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop to check out Windy Hollows: A Tale of Mischief and Magic! Thanks to all you parents and your Jumpeez for participating in this JumpStart Contest!


ATTN Storytellers: Comic Book Contest!

UPDATE: This contest has been reopened. Tell your kids that the Windy Hollows Comic Book Contest is still accepting submissions. Once they’ve created a comic, they will need a parent to scan in their submission forms and email them over to, along with their Jumpee’s username.  

The Comic Book Shop in Windy Hollows is expanding and needs more comic books to fill the shelves! Think your kids can help?

Just like Windy Hollows: A Tale of Mischief and Magic, JumpStart has a story too and who better to tell it than your kids’ Jumpeez! Their comic book can be about anything JumpStart related—an area, a pet, a character, etc. The JumpStart sky is the limit! Once their story is ready, send it in for the chance to have your child’s work published and on the shelves of the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop for Jumpeez everywhere to read! To get started, download an entry form for your child by clicking on the image below.

Comic Book Contest Entry Form

We do have some requirements that we ask your kids to follow in order for their entries to be considered by Frankie and the rest of the JumpStart team:

  1. Entries can be no longer than 10 pages.
  2. The subject must be JumpStart related.
  3. Only parents can submit the entries. The parent section must be filled out in order to validate the winning entry

All entries must be submitted before the deadline, March 9, 2012. Multiple entries are allowed, so if your child has lots of ideas, send them our way.

Send entries to:
Knowledge Adventure
ATTN: Comic Book Contest
2377 Crenshaw Blvd, Suite 302
Torrance, CA 90501

We can’t wait to see what your kids come up with so have them to get started today!