Ivy’s Eggling Hunt: Day FOUR


Do you consider yourself one of JumpStart’s most magical sorcerers? Well, if you love flying around Windy Hollows then you will certainly have an advantage for the fourth day of Ivy’s Eggling Hunt! Use your detective skills to solve Ivy’s riddle. Once you solve this mystery, comment below with the answer and we will reward you with 200 gold coins! Budurl.me/HuntDay4

Ivy’s Eggling Hunt: Day THREE


Today’s item in Ivy’s Eggling Hunt takes us to the busy streets of DownTown. Work with a parent and try to solve Ivy’s tricky riddle! Once you come up with the answer, comment below and we will give you 200 gold coins! Since we are halfway done with the Eggling Hunt, Ivy thought she would be generous and give you Jumpeez a special HINT!

“Hi Jumpeez! Ivy here, to give you an extra clue for your Eggling Hunt adventures! For today’s item, you will want to keep a VERY close eye on items around the Ridez store. Best of luck!”

Think you know the answer? Comment below once you have solved the riddle to receive your Eggling Hunt prize! budurl.me/HuntDay3

Ivy’s Eggling Hunt: Day TWO

JS_riddle_day2(1)The second day of Ivy’s Eggling Hunt is here! Since the weather in JumpStart is so great right now, we thought it would be the perfect day for a trip to the breezy Beach! Do not forget to pack your favorite pair of flip-flops from the Threadz store for this search!
Jumpeez that comment below with the correct answer will earn 200 gold coins to spend as they please! Budurl.me/HuntDay2

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day SIX

StPattys-Gold-Rush-6We are on the FINAL day of Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush! Now that you have been playing challenges all week long, use your super gaming skills to get your best possible score! Today Frankie wants to take you on an off-roading adventure in the winding hills of Adventure Canyon. Do you think you can collect all the tikis in Dune Buggy Racer with time leftover to beat Frankie’s score? Try your best! Once you complete Frankie’s challenge, send along a screenshot of your winning score to us and we will give you our LAST 75 gold coin reward! budurl.me/RushDuneBuggy

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day FIVE

StPattys-Gold-Rush-5Today’s Pot-of-Gold Rush takes us deep down to the bottom of the Jumpstart’s seas. Swim past the Boardwalk and head down to MarineLand for a special underwater challenge! Frankie has a special gold prize for the first Jumpee to beat his Bubble Trouble score of 300 points! Put your vocabulary skills to the test and win this challenge! You only have one more day to score some FREE gold coins, so put in as much effort as you can! budurl.me/RushBubbleTrouble

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day One

Your chance to hit the jackpot in Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush is FINALLY here. Find your way to the Boardwalk’s shores and compete in our FIRST challenge at Shipwreck Lagoon! Do you think you can beat Frankie’s time of 1:30? You are just going to have to put in 110% in this mission, but if you are the first to win we will award you with 75 FREE gold coins! Start sailing the muddy waters of Shipwreck Lagoon ASAP and beat Frankie! Budurl.me/RushShipwreckStPattys-Gold-Rush-1

Get ready for Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush

While walking down MainStreet earlier this week, Frankie discovered a shiny pot filled with TONS of gold coins! Since he has such a big heart, Frankie wants to hand out these gold coins to all you hardworking Jumpeez! That said, he is still going to make you put some effort into this. From TUESDAY, March 10th to TUESDAY, March 17th, Frankie will host his Pot-of-Gold Rush. Each day, Frankie will announce a special golden prize at one of his favorite JumpStart games for the first Jumpee to beat his set scores. The winner for each day will receive 75 gold coins! Think of all the new Petz, Ridez, and Threadz you could purchase with all these coins! In order to compete, all you have to do is comment with a picture of your score along with your name and log-in email!


How can you prepare? Try to get into Frankie’s head and guess which games he might challenge you to play. Also spread out your practicing throughout all of JumpStart’s worlds. Do not spend all of your time just in one place. The more games you practice, the more familiar you will be once Frankie posts his daily announcements! Head into JumpStart now and start practicing so you can win Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush!