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We apologize for the inconvenience that this might cause during your family’s JumpStart adventures. Once the site is back up you’ll be able to continue exploring our limited-time holiday FunZones, training Mythies, and more – stay tuned!

Meet the Latest Mythie to be found in Terra!

Have you been playing Magic & Mythies and training to be a powerful and wand-wielding Mage? Then we have some BIG news – there’s a new mystical companion to train and bond with as you continue your training – meet the PricklePaw!


The Mythie’s spine tingling look has been compared to that of a porcupine, but its true beauty and magnificence is something that is not easily described. You’ll have to see it first hand to understand! It’s gained a reputation for its sweet as honey demeanor. After all, honey just so happens to be its favorite thing to collect in the forests.

To give us a little background, Rowan, the Mythie caretaker, has given us some insight to this mysterious creature that can now be yours! Legend has it that the rare Mythie was recently uncovered in the secluded forests on the outskirts of Terra. An avid burrower, the Mythie went undetected for many years, keeping to itself and avoiding contact with the growing rank of Mages that have begun studying at the League.

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