Worksheet of the Week: The Ghostly Maze

the-ghostly-mazeHalloween is less than a week away and Frankie has one more Worksheet of the Week to help prepare you for your spooky festivities! In this All Hallows’ maze, assist this ghost in finding his way to the haunted castle using your problem solving skills and a touch of intuition. Are you ready for the challenge? Download and print this Worksheet of the Week at:

Worksheet of the Week: The Witch is Looking for the Right Numbers

the-witch-is-looking-for-the-right-numbersThis witch is ready to explore some spooky Halloween festivities, but it seems to need a bit of help. Complete this witch by using your counting skills to connect the dots in this free Worksheet of the Week! Click on the image above to download and print this Halloween Worksheet!

Worksheet of the Week: Make a Route

make-a-routeUh oh! This ghastly little fellow is in need of a smart Jumpee to guide him through this twisty path! Use your problem solving talents and help this ghost find his way to his haunted home. With the help of an adult, download and print this free Halloween-themed Worksheet of the Week and get started on this spooky maze:

Worksheet of the Week: Count the Pumpkins


Pumpkins have sprouted all across JumpStart and we thought it might be helpful to use these bright orange jack-o-lanterns to help us with our counting! Download and print our FREE Halloween-themed worksheet and see if you can use your math skills to count the pumpkins in each row!

Worksheet of the Week: Crazy Mix

crazy-mixOh no! This adorable baby bunny was having so much fun that it accidentally scrambled up all of these words! Do you think you can help this furry friend sort these words into nouns and adjectives before its parents see the mess it made? Ask a parent to help you download and print our Worksheet of the Week and use all of the grammar knowledge you have to assist our pal!

Worksheet of the Week: Punctuation in the Lunchroom

punctuation-in-the-lunchroomFrankie can be so sneaky sometimes! Looks like he secretly added a bit of punctuation into your lunch bag. Complete our FREE Worksheet of the Week so that you can get a healthy serving of grammar today. That way, you can get the last laugh in Frankie’s classroom pranks!

Worksheet of the Week: Reach Me to My Cycle

reach-me-to-my-cycleThis boy’s birthday is coming up and he is SO anxious to see his present. Unfortunately for him, his father has hidden the bike and now he must go through a maze to get his gift! Do you think you can help this boy find his way to his present? Download and print our Worksheet of the Week with your parent’s assistance to get started!