Help Frankie with an AdventureLand MATH Challenge

“Hi Jumpeez, Frankie here! My friend Pierre has been visiting the mysterious and wonderful regions of AdventureLand on his summer vacation. While he’s been away, I received a surprise letter from him detailing some of the exciting things he has seen on his vacation. Unfortunately, it seems like parts of the letter have disappeared. If you have ever had the chance to explore AdventureLand, you would know that it takes a lot of work to get to this ancient island! From this letter’s long and difficult journey, its contents have been unfortunately washed away.


Thankfully, our most adventurous JumpStart crewmember CJ came to the rescue! With a magnifying glass in one hand and a pen in the other, CJ spent day and night working to unscramble the words in Pierre’s correspondence to me. However, he could still use a bit of help restoring this message. What he needs now is for a sharp Jumpee to use addition and counting.

First, add up the numbers in the missing spaces of the letter. Second, use that number to identify which letters that number correspond to in the alphabet, and place it in the blanks!

Here’s Pierre’s letter to us below:

Hi Frankie,

Wow, Ad(11+11)entureLa(7+7)d sure is a m(1+0)rvelous place! I have seen so man(5+20) intere(15+4)ting things! From lan(2+2)-dwelling P(7+13)nk-Punks to the T(8+7)wn of Lost S(4+4)ores, there are so many things to explore in this (5+5)umpS(10+10)art land! I also got to meet your friend Es(7+6)ere(4+8)da! She helped me get a (4+3)iraf(3+3)e to decorate the town with!

Well, I must be going! I cannot wait to return to JumpStart and tell you more about my travels in AdventureLand!

Best wishes,

Once you have found the missing letters, comment below with the completed letter so I can read what fascinating stories Pierre has to share with me!

Poe’s Puzzle: Casting Charms with Division in Windy Hollows

While strolling through the streets of Windy Hollows, Frankie suddenly received a message from an owl. It is very unusual for something like this to happen, even in the land of Windy Hollows, but any time you get a message like this, you know it must be from one green character… Poe. In his letter, Poe asked Frankie for the help of a Jumpee to brew a Charm. However, Poe is always a mysterious frog and will NEVER just tell us what he wants us to do! Instead, he wrote to Frankie with a math challenge for us to solve that you can read below:
Hi Frankie,

It is so nice to see you in Windy Hollows! I know you are a busy dog, but you should hop in here a bit more… Haha, get the joke? Because I’m a frog… Well, I thought it was a good joke. Anyways, I would love if you could help me out! I need a Jumpee to cast a Charm for me, as my frog hands cannot quite hold a wand very well… Do you think they can follow these steps to find the Charm I need created?

Add up my three lucky numbers: 15, 3, and 2.
Divide the sum of your answer in half.
The answer will lead you to the number of different ingredients in the Charm. Next, follow the stony path to the Charm Creator and open up our ancient book of spells. Go through the book and find the Charm that has the matching number.


Now that you have solved Poe’s Puzzle, which Charm did he ask us to create? Collect the ingredients around the Magic Marsh and start brewing this Charm for our Windy Hollows friend. Do not forget to share your hard work with your pals at the JumpStart blog and post a screenshot of you casting this spell!