The KidzVuz Tournament is On!

Frankie is excited to see all of the videos that kids from all over JumpStart have created for our KidzVuz Tournament! Has your Jumpee submitted their video yet? Do not worry, there is still plenty of time for your kids to join in on this exciting interactive challenge! With the KidzVuz Booth in JumpStart’s Central Park, creating and submitting videos to J-Tube for your Jumpee has never been this easy! Did we mention there is an awesome prize for the winner of this challenge? The creator of the video with the most views by Thursday April 3rd, will win a FREE 1 month membership to JumpStart! Have your kids submit a video to enter today!


KidzVuz Video Challenge!

Lights, camera, action! There’s an exciting new challenge in JumpStart! Our first ever KidzVuz Tournament will be held starting today, Thursday, March 13th until Thursday, April 3rd. Jumpeez from all over our online world will have the chance to create and submit their own videos! To win this interactive tournament, gain as many views as possible for your video clip! The video that has the most views will win a FREE 1 month membership to JumpStart!

Getting Started


Click here to learn more about the KidzVuzTournament!