New FunZones Have Rolled into JumpStart

Our picnic in MainStreet has just wrapped up and now it is time to get active! We have three exciting FunZones for you to explore this month on MainStreet, DownTown, and the Boardwalk that will help give you a second wind of energy before you head back to school. Do you think you can handle the excitement?
1Strap on your roller blades and go for a cruise through Skate-o-Rama. Our massive skate park on MainStreet features loops and ramps so you can move swiftly across town. Make sure to also head down to the secret dance area below the rink. That way, you can show off some of your most groovin’ roller moves to your Jumpee pals.
2Our MainStreet FunZone is just the opening act! When you check out our DownTown FunZone, we guarantee you will be impressed by the adventure we have in store for you. Use the launchpad to reach our special zipline, and hold on tight! You will get to see this area of JumpStart like you have never seen it before.
4While flying through DownTown on your zipline, why not also get started on our monthly Scavenger Hunt? Keep a sharp eye out for some worldly items including a globe and miniature Eiffel Towers!
3After you have explored these two features, work on getting your highest score in the Boardwalk Arcade’s featured game of the month: Punk Punk Drop! Those pesky Shadow Punks are constantly getting in the way of our AdventureLand and MarineLand adventures, and now is the best time to put them in their place!

We might have reported all of the new FunZones to head into JumpStart for the month, but we still have one HUGE mission for you to explore. However, you are going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is! In the meantime, start exploring these exciting new features and chat with your pals in the comments below about your favorite FunZone for the month!

Dive in to New June Adventures in JumpStart

Now that school is out, it is time to celebrate the start of summer with new June updates to JumpStart! The weather is getting hot, which means we have PLENTY of activities for keeping cool and having fun. There is just so much to show you. Let us take a look at the latest Scavenger Hunt and FunZones to appear throughout JumpStart!

1Hopping from land to land sure can get tiring… Why not stop by the Tiki Pool on MainStreet for a bit? The water temperature is just right for an early summer dip. Relax by the poolside and meet some friendly, colorful birds or chat with your fellow Jumpeez over at the tiki hut.

If you are feeling a bit active, use a launch pad to reach our massive slide. Going down this slide is a thrilling adventure that takes you through an ancient volcano filled with glowing lava. Which reminds us, make sure to keep your hands and arms inside the slide at all times…

2Were you excited to hear about the slide on MainStreet? Well, you are in luck! We also have TWO extra slides DownTown. Take the plunge on these yellow and red slides to experience all of the twists and turns they offer.3After all of that swimming and sliding, make sure to put extra focus this month on getting your HIGHEST score at Punk Punk Drop, the Boardwalk’s featured game! Let us get those pesky little guys as far away from the boardwalk as we can!

4Lastly, remember to keep an eye out for all of the useful summertime items hidden around SpeedDrome and MainStreet in this month’s Scavenger Hunt! Those clever Jumpeez that collect everything on our list will receive a secret prize for their hard work!

Frankie and the gang are SO excited to start celebrating the beginning of summer with you! After seeing all of the latest additions to JumpStart, which do you think you will explore first?

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in JumpStart!

For the entire month of May, Frankie and his friends have transformed JumpStart into a colorful fiesta to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! With all the new additions to your favorite lands, we thought it might be helpful to give you the latest scoop on our May Theme update. Are you ready to see what Frankie has in store for you this month?
1Start your celebrations by heading in to JumpStart now! Our LIMITED-TIME Scavenger Hunt for the Month features some useful instruments for playing mariachi music! Keep an eye out for these rattling maracas!
2Once you are feeling particularly in the Cinco de Mayo spirit, try your luck for special prizes at our DownTown FunZone. These bright and adorable piñatas may or may not be filled with some great goodies! Click on each of these characters once a day for a chance to strike gold!
3In addition to taking part in this Cinco De Mayo extravaganza, also take some time this month to play our featured Boardwalk game: Freefall Mountain! We gave you some tips a couple weeks ago to reach new heights in your scores, so make sure to read up on that before you start sky diving!

With these new May updates, you have so many activities to explore and so many opportunities to earn unique rewards! If you also happen to love Hops and Flops’ Egg-cellent Adventure, not to worry! We are keeping that FunZone up through the month so you can discover the wacky world happening underneath MainStreet. Meet up with your Jumpee pals today and join the giant fiesta of FunZones happening in JumpStart!

Try on These Breezy Spring Threadz!

Along with all the wonderful new Scavenger Hunt and FunZones that popped up last Friday, we also stocked up DownTown with some colorful new clothing to sport around JumpStart! With Earth Day t-shirts, bunny ears, and so many more items, we guarantee you will find the perfect outfit for your spring celebrations!

1Go for a more active look this month and wear some denim cutoff shorts with a spring tank top! However, just because you are exploring the great outdoors does not mean you cannot look like royalty. Continue reading

Our Spring Petz are Hopping with Excitement

The weather is warming up in JumpStart, which means our springtime Petz are coming out of hibernation! These little creatures just hatched and they are all craving for some Jumpee attention. To keep up with all your springtime celebrations, the Petz store is well stocked with some energetic bunnies and eggs, among so many other sweet little friends.

Jump, the Bodyguard Bunny

1Jump may be little, but he is a protector. If you ever feel like you need a friend in some of the darker parts of JumpStart, Jump stay right next to you and keep you safe! Continue reading

Our Spring Theme is in Full Bloom!

March might be reaching an end, but all that is green and golden in JumpStart is now blooming radiantly! The weather on MainStreet can only mean one thing, the eggs have been hidden for you Jumpeez to find! Check out some of the new spring additions that have hatched this month in JumpStart!


First, there is the famous Hops & Flops’ Egg-cellent Adventure! Follow the dirt path to our MainStreet FunZone where you jump into the mysterious rabbit hole and taken on a path of enchantment and thrills!2

Once you reach the bottom of the rabbit hole, Hops will greet you with a warm welcome to his special and extraordinary home. It is filled with tons of quirky characters, including this little friend:3

While you’re down here, make sure to take on Hops’ rare adventure and find all of the shimmering sparkles for a chance to uncover an egg-cellent surprise!


It looks like some mushrooms sprouted throughout our Boardwalk FunZone and helped us build this awesome playground! Splash around in our teapot fountain, bounce on top of mushrooms, and head down the slide to enjoy it all!5

Lastly, we have a brand new Scavenger Hunt this month! Some of the brightest eggs have been hidden all throughout MainStreet, DownTown,and SpeedDrome. Explore all the nooks and crannies in these lands to see if you are able to find the hidden eggs! Don’t forget, if you find all of the eggs, you will earn a special springtime surprise!

Take advantage of the latest additions to JumpStart and reap all of the rewards it has to offer!