Hoist the Flag – It’s Pirate Month in JumpStart!

Hey there, Mateys! Have you noticed that a few of our pirate pals have anchored down on the JumpStart shores? Tell all of your swashbuckling and seafaring friends the BIG news – it’s PIRATE MONTH in JumpStart!

Hotspot_CentralParkFunZone_09.11So what does this all mean for you and your BFFs? It means that Captain Frankie’s sailed through to drop off a few seasonal updates to the game. Arrrr’ you ready to start your pirate training? In central Park the Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Ride will give you those necessary sea legs!


Your next test is in MainStreet! Can you find the hidden Treasure? Follow the floating skulls to explore secret caverns at this pirate only FunZone! Best of all – the fun doesn’t stop there! As is the case with all changes in season – a new scavenger hunt, and updates to Petz, Ridez, ad Threadz have arrived to the game!

Creative Workshops for Kids

Often time when kids begin school, their learning focus is on fundamental subjects like English, Math, History, Science and other tradition topics. For that very reason, summer gives parents the opportunity to approach learning differently and allow kids to explore interests outside of the classroom. One way of helping your kids develop new skills and learn to express their unique perspectives creatively is by taking them to local creative workshops. Often hosted by community centers and even a few stores and businesses, these classes are an amazing tool in increasing your child’s learning potential this summer.

Photo by: mandaroo63

Think of creative workshops as classes. While the topics might not seem like those fit for the classroom, the activities themselves will help expand your child’s scope of knowledge and also allow them practice important developmental skills – motor, cognitive, and more! What interest your kids most – painting, acting, craft building, drawing, dancing, gardening, knitting, cooking or any other creative types of ventures?

Do your research and learn what options are available in your area. Other popular nationwide stores and business that hold workshops for kids include: Michaels Arts and Crafts, Joann’s Fabrics, and the Home Depot. But don’t feel restricted to these options. There might be day camps and other resources available in your community that you just don’t know about yet.

Get involved this summer and talk to other parents from your kids’ school or head to community centers, local museums and other public works organizations that might be able to better connect you with a few summertime creative workshops for kids!

A Fiesta of Fun Features Arrives to DownTown!

By now, you’ve probably seen the updated scavenger hunt and new Fiesta themed FunZones in Central Park and DownTown. But do you know what other fun and festive features Frankie and friends have brought to JumpStart? Head to DownTown now to shop through all of the latest seasonal items before time runs out on their LIMITED-TIME run!


Not sure where to go? Start at the Threadz Store! There, Jumpeez will find a selection of brilliantly colored spring specials that are nothing short of perfect for enjoying our ongoing fiesta and preparing for the upcoming summer season.


Other ways you might liven up your adventures this season is by stopping by the Petz Store to adopt one of our amazingly unique characters like everyone’s favorite green and prickly pal – Nacho, the confused cactus!Ridez

And last but certainly not least, the team has also brought back some of your favorite rare and radiant Ridez. Race through missions and take on all kinds of new adventures, by hoping aboard an airplane, magic carpet, or even a UFO! Check out the full selection of items to hit our DownTown Stores by joining us in JumpStart now! Frankie and the team would love to know what you think of these seasonal selections.

Match starts in 5,4,3,2,1….Go!

Are you ready for your next BroomBall Match? Challenge your fellow Jumpeez to the ultimate BroomBall Match in Windy Hollows! Whether you are on team Dragons or team Unicorns, we are all in it to win and have fun with our Jumpee pals. One can always use a few inside tips to help beat your opponent; here are some tips and tricks to help you give you the cutting edge information to help you win Broomball:

  • First and foremost, get those keyboard controls ready so when the countdown hits “GO” you take off flying. Use the arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to increase your speed!
  • Remember that sharp, last minute turns will help you throw off your opponent when you are attempting to score.
  • Try flying horizontally towards the orbs to help increase your chances of getting an orb.
  • Avoid the obstacles by flying either high near the ceiling or low close to the ground.
  • Use your side arrow controls on your keyboard to help move in and around obstacles. This will also help you maintain your speed.
  • Always try to fly higher than your opponent when bumping their orbs to prevent them from scoring. Flying above your opponents gives you more of a chance to bump their orbs without losing your own.
  • Avoid flying too close to the bleachers and the score boards. These can act as obstacles preventing you from scoring.
  • Shooting for a goal diagonally helps increase your chance of scoring.
  • Don’t spend too much time focusing on bumping your opponent. This could create a distraction and can even cost you the match.

Try out these new BroomBall tricks and tips and start scoring today. Have any more fun tips and tricks that help you win BroomBall matches in Windy Hollows? Share them below along with any thoughts or comments. Keep having fun Jumpeez and keep on scoring!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Tuesday Shout Outs are back once again to feature some of your Jumpee pals! Have you been submitting your comments to the JumpStart Times? Let us know what’s on your mind and you might see your comments up on the blog in this weekly fan feature! Check into the nearest issue of the JumpStart Times or open your J-Tube Device to start sending in your best shout outs, questions, stories, jokes, works of art, or videos. After all, Frankie loves seeing what you’ve all been up to!


New Ridez! Go to Downtown in Ridez to get one of them.
– Isabella PinkMist

You’re right! There are a ton of great spring specials
in the Ridez shop, Isabella PinkMist! Thanks for helping get
the word out to your fellow Jumpeez!
– Frankie

– Nick AzulCloud

That is exactly why we have so many fun options available
at the Threadz store all the time, Nick AzulCloud!
Make sure to check back regularly for all the fun new additions.
– Frankie

– Heather HappySwan

Raising a Mythie is no easy feat, Heather HappySwan!
Congratulations on getting this unique
Enchanted Sanctuary pal.
– Frankie

JumpStart rocks! It’s very detailed and fun!
Keep up the good work!!
– Lily RainbowEmerald

Thanks for the amazing feedback on the game,
Lily RainbowSwan! We’re glad to have you as a fan.
– Frankie

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Are you ready for a new set of shout outs? Check out what some of your fellow Jumpeez are chatting about around the game. And if you’re ready to see your words featured around the JumpStart World or blog, start submitting your work today through the in-game Newspaper or your Jumpee’s J-Tube device on the toolbar!


Welcome to JumpStart, an amazing adventure!
– Hannah ShinyFeather

Thanks for welcoming your fellow Jumpeez to this
exciting journey ahead! After all, exploration and adventure
are key to learning in JumpStart!
– Frankie

– Joseph LavaDuck

There is so much fun to be had in JumpStart, New York!
From Sushi Chop to FunZones and the Zoosters in Central Park,
there are surprises around almost every corner.
– Frankie

Jump start is the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!!!
– Jordan WhiteDaisy

We’re glad to have you as a fan, Jordan WhiteDaisy!
You review of the game means a lot to the
JumpStart Friends and I.
– Frankie

– Elizabeth SweetMist

Your neighborhood is an exciting place for self-expression,
fun and connecting with friends and we’re glad to
see that you’re using it for just that.
– Frankie

The KidzVuz Tournament is On!

Frankie is excited to see all of the videos that kids from all over JumpStart have created for our KidzVuz Tournament! Has your Jumpee submitted their video yet? Do not worry, there is still plenty of time for your kids to join in on this exciting interactive challenge! With the KidzVuz Booth in JumpStart’s Central Park, creating and submitting videos to J-Tube for your Jumpee has never been this easy! Did we mention there is an awesome prize for the winner of this challenge? The creator of the video with the most views by Thursday April 3rd, will win a FREE 1 month membership to JumpStart! Have your kids submit a video to enter today!