Hops and Frankie Face Off in Basketball

Now that the weather is clearing up, Hops and I thought it could be fun to spend a day at the JS Stadium. There is nothing quite like stepping away from the bustle of DownTown and getting in some healthy exercise and friendly competition. The JS Stadium is filled with different sporting events that you can compete in all while getting some extra practice on your geometry, arithmetic, and spelling.

While you can also play Volleyball and Football, Hops and I are going to stick with playing a heated 1-on-1 match on the Basketball Court. Hops might have the magic jumps to shoot some stellar three-pointers, but I am still confident I will school him today.
1Before we can start shooting hoops, we have to earn our basketballs with a bit of our math smarts. Hops and I agreed to focus on subtraction. What he does not know is that I am a supreme subtract-er! The more answers you can guess correctly, the more balls you will have to shoot!
Ha! I knew it! Well I have 7 more shots than Hops, which will help a LOT as we start shooting. However, it is best not to get too conceited. I need to stay focused on being the best athlete I can. Also make sure to do your stretches just like Hops!

When shooting make sure that you hit the space part to jump in the air, and then hit the space bar again to shoot the basketball. You want to time this correctly so that you will have an accurate shot and score as many hoops as you can. Also, the more shots you make in a row, the higher the value of each of your shots. So if you score 5 basketballs in a row, you will get five points for your next shot.
Well we are down to two more shots and it is neck and neck. Hops has 505 points and so do I… I am going to need some extra luck for this shot!

Oh no! I missed. Well, now I just need to make sure Hops does the same will he make his next two shots?
5He did. Well this is a shame, but here at the JumpStart Stadium Basketball is meant to be all in good fun. Let us all give Hops an extra congratulations on beating me on the court!