Planning a Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Temperatures are rising and soon most kids will be heading home for the start their summer vacation. Combat boredom and take advantage of the sunny seasonal weather by planning a few outdoor activities for your little ones. Coordinating a neighborhood treasure or scavenger hunt will not only help keep them active, but it can be an exciting learning experience that encourages exploration and test your little one’s problem solving skills. Use these tips to set you kids on a journey through your local community!

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1. Create a map of the neighborhood – Print a map of the neighborhood or your designated hunt area as a simple starting point. Use this as a guide and get creative with how you choose to display neighborhood landmarks and all the information necessary to guide the kids through the area. Ideally, you’ll want to create an easy-to-read treasure map that will make the adventure seen that much more exciting, and if it were out of the pages of a storybook.

2. Plan clues and designate points along the route that the kids need to reach. This also creates smaller goals along the way to entice participants to keep going. Select locations to hide scavenger hunt items or use clues to describe local landmarks to visit along the way. If you want to skip the step of planting clues and objects on your kids’ route, then you might have the kids take photos by each of the items described in your clues or marked on your map.

3. Before you and the kids set out on this adventure, scope out the area to make sure its safe, well lit and that there are no major obstacles that might prevent your kids from progressing forward. You might even do a quick test run to assure that the kids can complete the hunt and have any necessary supplies like water or a snack.

4. Create ‘adventurer packs’ or treasure hunt treats to add to the overall experience, These just for fun packs can have toy binoculars, telescopes, and other tools and treats to help make the experience feel that much more real to your kids.

5. Pick your treasure! What is something that you kids have wanted for awhile and that they can’t seem to stop talking about? Designating a treasure that is worthwhile and that excites them. This will help keep the tips focused on an ultimate goal, especially in those moments where they might want to give up or appear to be losing interest in the task at hand.

Fiesta FunZones, Festive Features, and More!

A fiesta of festive activities and decorations awaits you in JumpStart now! Help us celebrate Cinco de Mayo by heading into the game to start exploring our latest seasonal additions like the Piñata FunZone, new scavenger hunt and more.


Over in Central Park and DownTown, Jumpeez can test their luck by striking some of the brilliantly colored piñatas that Frankie and friends have hung up for this special time of year. Visit this area once a day for a chance to win!


All around JumpStart’s major hubs of activity like MainStreet, DownTown and Central park, the JumpStart friends have decorated with fiesta themed items galore like sombrero wearing cacti, streamers, and all kinds of fun surprises. Keep exploring to take in the spirit of the season and collect all the hidden objects for our latest hunt. There are toys, guitars, and on other symbols of the season for you to find! And, don’t forget to check out some of exciting offline activities like our Cinco de Mayo themed worksheets at

Celebrate the New Year with JumpStart!

It’s officially 2014! How are you celebrating the New Year? Join us in our online world, where there are all kinds of exciting adventures to be had! Grab your Jumpee and start preparing for the start of the coming year in JumpStart by enjoying the last days of the winter season, freshening up your in-game styles, and so much more!


Winter will be over before you know it! However, the Merry Madagascar Scavenger Hunt is still going on, so if you haven’t already completed it, start searching high and low through Central Park and Coney Island to earn our special seasonal surprise. Soon you’ll have to say goodbye to our popular snow filled FunZones and other festive features, so enjoy them while they last.

If you have a few extra coins to spare, freshen up your JumpStart style by checking into our in-game stores to see what we have in stock. Items change regularly so you’ll want to purchase your favorite pieces while they’re still on the shelves. From the furniture in your VIP Lounge and Neighborhood room to Petz, Ridez, and your Jumpeez overall look, there are a number of exciting game customizations to choose from to make your JumpStart experience your very own!

If you are looking for a few more things to help you ring in this exciting time of year, don’t forget to turn to for our large array of holiday resources and activities.

Search through the Snow and Other Seasonal Specials!

The Merry Madagascar Scavenger hunt is on! Have you begun your search through Coney Island and JumpStart New York’s Central Park? There are beautiful bows and precious presents, ornamented trees and more hidden high and low and around corners that you might not even expect.

plugin-container 2013-12-11 15-28-27-78

Collect them all and you’ll be earning a seasonal surprise of your own to enjoy around the game. Check into the messages in your “About Me” page for a little more information on how to get started. Once you begin collecting items, you’ll notice that the items will be crossed off of your list of items to find, making it easy for you to keep track of your progress in the hunt!

There are 20 items in Coney Island and another 20 in Central Park, so don’t wait. With all there is to do, this season is bound to blow through JumpStart just as quickly as it arrived!

End of Thanksgiving Month in JumpStart

We hope you had a cozy and heartwarming Thanksgiving with your family yesterday! JumpStart has extended all the amazing Thanksgiving-themed features for just a few more days, so be sure to check it out before it ends!

Scavenger Hunt – hidden pieces of Thanksgiving icons are scattered around JumpStart, so be sure to find all the missing pieces before time runs out for a special prize!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Turkey Chase – these adorable poultries are not going to be around forever! Don’t miss out on a chance to tease the turkeys!

FunZones – the Mayflower is about to set sail for a new destination, and limited-time special entrances to Garden Defense and Shipwreck Lagoon are about to disappear. Check out these fun-filled FunZones before it disappears from JumpStart!

plugin-container 2013-11-06 14-16-15-45

Petz, Ridez, and Threadz – the fashionable Native American and Pilgrim outfits can be reused for costume parties you have in your neighborhood. Special themed Ridez and Petz are here for a limited-time, so don’t forget to pick one up.

Soon, all the Thanksgiving-themed features will be replaced by winter specials! Be on the look out for this chilly-fun update, just in time for yet another holiday!

A New Challenge for a New Season!

It’s time to put your knowledge of the JumpStart World to the test. Do you think you have what it takes to find all of the 20 items in our seasonal scavenger hunt? Now, you can start collecting a range of festive fall items that Frankie and friends have hidden in time for our annual celebration, leading up to Thanksgiving!

plugin-container 2013-11-13 09-19-39-40
From wheat stacks and balloons to mini mayflower replicas to cornucopias of harvest items, there are all kinds of symbols of the season that you can find in MainStreet and DownTown. Search high and low to collect all the items and you might have something special to be thankful for by the end of the hunt.

plugin-container 2013-11-13 09-20-01-75

Head into JumpStart now to get started and let us know how you’re doing on this year’s exciting Thanksgiving themed hunt! Which items were your biggest challenge to find?

Happy Halloween, Jumpeez!

The day has finally arrived and we’d like to wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween! Be sure to get your Jumpee dressed up for some ghoulish games and all kinds of spooky surprises. Before the season comes to an official close, don’t forget to check out JumpStart’s Halloween tips, here on the blog, or all of our festive features in the game.

chrome 2013-09-24 12-46-33-70

From themed games for the family and trick or treating safety tips to craft ideas and other terrific traditions, your Halloween evening is bound to magical and most of all memorable! How will you be celebrating with your friends and family, today?

Don’t forget to take some time to celebrate with your Jumpstart pals by spinning through the frighteningly festive FunZones, scrambling for you last few Scavenger Hunt items or picking up some of the hauntingly Halloween themed Petz and Ridez before they leave the shelves of our DownTown Stores!