Magic & Mythies 1.14

Calling all Mages – join Asher now to experience the latest updates to the magical realm of Terra! Along the way you will be invited to explore the Maze of the Hollows.


This puzzling maze houses a series of challenge chambers that only the most skilled of Mages could possibly complete! Don’t believe us?  Give it a shot – today!

NEW Game – JumpStart: Magic & Mythies!

Magic & Mythies is here—the exciting NEW mobile app that allows you to do even cooler things in your Mythie Training adventures. Now on iOS and Google Play, head to the App Store and get started on our latest game:!

A mysterious Darkness is sweeping through the world of Terra and its residents need your help! Follow head elf Asher into the portal of this magical world to help conquer the evil Shadows at the forefront of its army. In Magic & Mythies, learn to harness magical powers while raising trusty Mythies and help bring peace to Terra once and for all.

  • Some key features include:
    – Racing Mythies at Skytracks
    – Busting the treacherous Shadow Punks and Brambles
    – Creating magical potions
    – Farming various crops and raising animals
    – Building an everlasting bond with your favorite Mythies

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and join the League of Mages? Head to the App Store and download JumpStart: Magic & Mythies today!

Worksheet of the Week: Mythies Word Search


As you may have heard from Asher, our mysterious fairy friend, there are rumors around JumpStart that you will be able to embark on a brand new adventure with your Mythie pals! While we may not know for certain what lies ahead of us, us Jumpeez can prepare for the journey by learning some important Mythie-related vocabulary! Do you think you can use your sharp eyes to spot these words in our Worksheet of the Week?

Mythie 101 – Raising a Pet with Your Jumpee

As you may have heard from our mysterious visitor Asher, your Jumpee and their Mythie will have the opportunity to go on an exciting new adventure soon. To make sure your child and their loyal sidekick are prepared for what awaits them, Ivy managed to come up with some helpful tips to help your Jumpee train with the help of trading secrets among her faerie friends.

While raising a Mythie is certainly fun for your child, it also teaches them so much about responsibility, patience, and time management. To become a strong Mythie Trainer, your child must know how to listen to its Mythie and find out what it needs. Doing so will help their Mythies learn magical powers, which will be incredibly rewarding for their adventures together in the Enchanted Sanctuary and beyond. Here are three ways your Jumpee can become more attentive to their Mythies while still getting to explore the wonders of the Enchanted Sanctuary:

M11. Firstly, check its health levels

M2Before your child chooses a part of the Enchanted Sanctuary to visit with their Mythie, they will want to closely monitor its health to see what exactly would make them happier in its adventures. If their Mythie’s hunger levels are low, then they should feed it some of its favorite meals. If their Mythie’s happiness is low, then it is best to play with it. These bars are extremely helpful in helping your child communicating with their Mythie and learning how to really listen to their animals.

2. Make sure your Mythie’s coat is clean

M3Although it might not seem very important to your child, having their Mythie’s coat sparkle and shine is HUGE in making sure it feels confident. If your child sees that their Mythie has speckles of dirt after its adventures in training and flying, they should take it to the bath and give it a good, hard scrub with some bubbly soap.

3. Embark across the enchanted waterfalls

M4Once your child has had some quality time caring for their Mythie, they can now head into the mysterious waterfalls together and have a real adventure! Suggest to them to hop across ancient stones that have been part of the Sanctuary for centuries, or if they are looking for a more calming activity, relax behind the waterfall and admire some of the natural purple and blue lights that reflect on the cavern’s walls.

As you can see, there are so many ways your child can spend quality time with their Mythie while helping them focus on building core values. Your Jumpee can really make the most of their Enchanted Sanctuary expeditions by listening to the needs of their Mythie and keeping it fully energized for it’s training.

When your child heads into the Enchanted Sanctuary, what are their favorite things to do with their Mythie? We would love to hear all about your child’s adventures. Comment below and share with us your Mythie stories!

Join Your Mythies in the Quest Against Darkness

MythiesTHIS IS A CALL FOR HELP! My name is Asher and I come from a far-off land that is being invaded by a mysterious darkness. Our world is a small one, but it is a mystical place where Mythies can roam freely and harness their unique powers to preserve the balance of magic and nature. I will tell you more soon, but I think I hear Frankie coming back from dinner. I must take off before he catches me! Please, keep a close eye out for more updates from me. The battle against darkness is near, and we need you to prepare!

5 Things to Do While Your Eggling is Hatching

Are you taking on the huge responsibility of raising a Mythie? As you might know, hatching an Eggling requires you to part ways with it for an entire day! We know, that seems like SUCH a long time to be without your pal. However, a lot of magic and love goes into making sure your Mythie grows up to be as strong and majestic as possible during this time. Thankfully, there are many different activities you can do in the meantime that will help prepare you to raise your baby Mythie. Make sure to check out and explore these 5 fun features to keep busy as your Eggling hatches:

1. Keep your Eggling company
The best part about the Eggulator is that you can be right beside your Eggling as it starts to hatch. While it grows, make sure your little friend is comfortable. Adjust the lighting, temperature, and music in the Eggulator to keep its happiness meter in the green. As we like to say, a happy Eggling makes for a happy Mythie! Caring for your Eggling will help the time fly by and you will have created a great new friendship.

2. Purchase a Pet
If you are looking for another trusty sidekick to follow you around JumpStart, you should definitely look into adopting a Pet from the Petz store! These little companions are absolutely adorable, not to mention loyal. Try clicking on them and seeing some of their cute poses. With your new Pet, you will learn what it is like to be the proud owner of a Mythie. Play your favorite games and earn enough gold coins to collect all your favorite ones!

3. Fly around Windy Hollows
Once your Mythie grows up and graduates from school, you will have the chance to fly it around the tall mountains of the Enchanted Sanctuary. If you cannot wait to take in these magical views, you can always work on your flying skills at Windy Hollows. Simply grab a broom from Windy Hollows’ Broom Closet and you are ready for lift-off! While you are flying in the air, make sure to grab ingredients to create special Charms as well!

4. Decorate your Neighborhood
Even though your Mythie will sleep in the Enchanted Sanctuary’s Mythie Dorms and Nursery, it would still be a great idea to welcome it to JumpStart with a huge surprise in your Neighborhood! Switch out the trees and FunZone in the center of your Neighborhood with bright decorations. That way you can throw a special birthday bash with your Jumpee friends to celebrate your Mythie hatching! Also make sure to decorate your home so your Mythie will feel warm and cozy when you go to play there.

5. Play with the the Minisaurs at Minisaur’s Fishbowl
Deep in the caverns of ScienceLand is a giant natural fishbowl where prehistoric creatures known as Minisaurs swim. These fish need someone to help feed and care for them, so this is the perfect place to go. Not to mention, they hatch really quickly. Before you know it, you will have an entire school of Minisaurs you can play with and look after.

By doing these activities, you will not only pass time as your Eggling hatches, but you will also learn great skills to make yourself an excellent Mythie Trainer. We promise that the moment your Eggling is ready to turn into a baby Mythie will be here faster than you think!

Do you have any activities you enjoy doing while your Eggling is in the Eggulator? Share with your fellow Jumpeez in the comments below!

Ivy’s Guide to Raising Mythies

“Hi Jumpeez, Ivy here! While I was taking a stroll through the Enchanted Sanctuary, I came across a Jumpee that looked like he needed some help raising his adorable Mythie. I told him to meet me at the fountain last weekend and I would give him some tips to keep his Mythie healthy and strong! Mythies can be incredibly loyal pals, but they need an excellent owner to help them reach their full potential. To make sure your Mythie grows quickly, you will want to make sure you know how to train it best. Read on to see how you TOO can raise one mesmerizing Mythie.
1Once your Mythie gets to be a growing teen, you can start taking it to Mythie Training! This is an exciting time in your friend’s life! It gets to learn all sorts of new subjects, like how to howl and fly. However, you have to keep up on taking your Mythie to its training lessons for that to happen. Best place to start is by reporting to the powers cavern.
2Every type of Mythie has a different trick that they can learn. This Jumpee’s Mythie is a Hownhowlie, which learns how to make a sonic howl! To start learning you will have to collect special sonic bubbles around the Mythie Training area and feed it these colorful superfoods.
3After you have fed your Mythie all of its special nutritious foods, head over to the flight deck and teach your Mythie how to soar! After this Jumpee hit all the targets circling the flight pad, this little guy took its first flaps into the sky. Always so cute to watch a young Mythie stumble around on its first lift-off!
4I know that you cannot WAIT to see your Mythie learn all these incredible skills, but the key part of being a great Mythie owner is patience. You can only complete one lesson every day, so it might take you a couple days until your Mythie is ready to be released! While you wait for more lessons, there are still very important responsibilities for training your Mythie. Feed and play around with your Mythie during the day. When you go to bed every night, also remember to put your Mythie in the Mythie dorms so that it is fully energized to learn more. Mythies will not be able to continue with their education if they are too tired!

Looks like this Jumpee is on the way to having one marvelous Mythie! How is your Mythie Training going? Share your Mythie stories in the comments!”