Magic & Mythies 1.14

Calling all Mages – join Asher now to experience the latest updates to the magical realm of Terra! Along the way you will be invited to explore the Maze of the Hollows.


This puzzling maze houses a series of challenge chambers that only the most skilled of Mages could possibly complete! Don’t believe us?  Give it a shot – today!

Magic & Mythies: Train the HolloWing


Magic & Mythies: Meet Asher

Mythies-AsherHighlightCHe may be timid as the League of Mages’ leader, but Asher is one of the top elves in Terra. With such a friendly personality, all of his fellow Mages admire and respect Asher’s bold decisions. When Asher suggested inviting humans into the world of Terra, many of the elves were quite shocked. However, the other elves smartly put their trust in him. Ever since, Mages, Mythies, and elves have worked side by side to defeat the evil Darkness.

Now that you know a little more about our Mythies hero, make sure to keep an eye out for him once you head into Terra! He will help you get settled into this magical new world.

NFL and JumpStart Have Teamed Up!

All the exhilaration and family fun of a football game is sprinting straight to your mobile device because JumpStart is teaming up with the NFL! We are proud to announce the launch of NFL RUSH GameDay Heroes! Join the team huddle as JumpStart gears up for football season in BIG ways to bring your family a new line-up of action packed games!NFL-Gameday-Heroes-b

Gear up to support your favorite NFL team before rallying for that gameday win! This exciting app allows you to customize your very own football player before taking the field in a series of exciting and fast-paced mini games! Utilize strategy and game-changing power ups to push ahead as you race through round after round of competitive play with your friends and family.

What are you waiting for, Jumpeez? Connect with your friends and play in real time for a chance to rack up points and become the ultimate GameDay Hero! Best of all – this is only the beginning for JumpStart and the NFL! NFL RUSH GameDay Heroes is available through iTunes and GooglePlay (coming soon to Amazon and Windows).

JumpStart Pet Rescue Goes Mobile!

The highly anticipated release of JumpStart Pet Rescue marks the arrival of a new kind of educational mobile app. With an unprecedented amount of content, parents will be surprised by the number of lessons their preschoolers will cover while exploring this single app. Each interactive area challenges kids by addressing essential developmental skills while encouraging fun and creativity along the way.

Pet Rescue

With hours and hours of activities, kids journey through 5 magical lands where they are able to earn exciting incentives and storybooks. JumpStart’s online players are even encouraged to sync the app to their online account and earn more coins for their Jumpeez, whenever they play. As they continue on an action packed adventure to help rescue some of JumpStart’s lost pets, Jumpeez must put their skills to the test in games that ask them to search, match, and make new connections as they explore each interactive land.

Jumpeez begin their journey in the JumpStart Neighborhood by setting up their own personal home base. Here, players are able to fully customize their own in-game avatars and homes with all kinds of exciting features. The neighborhood is home to the Learning House, the Library, and the Art House. This area is filled with educational games that teach early learners about numbers, recognizing objects, figuring out patterns, the alphabet, and so much more.

Click here to learn more about JumpStart Pet Rescue!