Magic & Mythies 1.14

Calling all Mages – join Asher now to experience the latest updates to the magical realm of Terra! Along the way you will be invited to explore the Maze of the Hollows.


This puzzling maze houses a series of challenge chambers that only the most skilled of Mages could possibly complete! Don’t believe us?  Give it a shot – today!

Celebrate with School of Dragons!

Frankie and the JumpStart friends are celebrating a BIG milestone with our friends at School of Dragons! Today marks the 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the start of classes at their online world, where adventure and science take you on a high flying ride with your very own dragon.


Preview School of Dragons at the Central Park FunZone or enroll your Jumpee to raise, train, and bond with their very  own high flying creature at!

Happy Independence Day, Jumpeez!

Help us celebrate this historic day by joining Frankie and friends in the JumpStart World. Just in time for all the festivities and fireworks, we have kicked off our own celebration with red white and blue decorations, updates FunZones and more!

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How will you be celebrating the 4th of July? Whether you have all kinds of fun family activities planned like BBQs, Block Parties and larger than life fireworks shows, don’t forget to make time to wish you Jumpee pals a happy holiday weekend too! While in the game you’ll be able to enjoy all of the festive summer features like the updated scavenger hunt in MainStreet, DownTown, and Adventure Canyon!

And MOST importantly make sure to listen carefully this season. At the sound of our special signal, you’ll be able to enjoy our summer time fireworks spectacular in certain areas of JumpStart. Check the messages on your ‘About Me’ page for more information!

NEW Petz & Ridez in DownTown!

Are you ready to customize your adventure and put a unique spin on the look and feel of your game? Then don’t wait and rush on over to the DownTown store, where Frankie and friends have restocked the shelves with a selection of seasonal items that will have Jumpeez screamin’ for more!


Keep in mind that these radiant Ridez and precious little Petz will only be around for a limited time, so you’ll want to jump on the chance to purchase yours before they’re out of stock! Not sure where to get started?

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Well, head DownTown of course! Jumpeez can also open our stores by selecting their in-game coin counters. Check out the current store selection and let us know white little buddies and rolling wheels you are most excited about!

A Fiesta of Fun Features Arrives to DownTown!

By now, you’ve probably seen the updated scavenger hunt and new Fiesta themed FunZones in Central Park and DownTown. But do you know what other fun and festive features Frankie and friends have brought to JumpStart? Head to DownTown now to shop through all of the latest seasonal items before time runs out on their LIMITED-TIME run!


Not sure where to go? Start at the Threadz Store! There, Jumpeez will find a selection of brilliantly colored spring specials that are nothing short of perfect for enjoying our ongoing fiesta and preparing for the upcoming summer season.


Other ways you might liven up your adventures this season is by stopping by the Petz Store to adopt one of our amazingly unique characters like everyone’s favorite green and prickly pal – Nacho, the confused cactus!Ridez

And last but certainly not least, the team has also brought back some of your favorite rare and radiant Ridez. Race through missions and take on all kinds of new adventures, by hoping aboard an airplane, magic carpet, or even a UFO! Check out the full selection of items to hit our DownTown Stores by joining us in JumpStart now! Frankie and the team would love to know what you think of these seasonal selections.

Fiesta FunZones, Festive Features, and More!

A fiesta of festive activities and decorations awaits you in JumpStart now! Help us celebrate Cinco de Mayo by heading into the game to start exploring our latest seasonal additions like the Piñata FunZone, new scavenger hunt and more.


Over in Central Park and DownTown, Jumpeez can test their luck by striking some of the brilliantly colored piñatas that Frankie and friends have hung up for this special time of year. Visit this area once a day for a chance to win!


All around JumpStart’s major hubs of activity like MainStreet, DownTown and Central park, the JumpStart friends have decorated with fiesta themed items galore like sombrero wearing cacti, streamers, and all kinds of fun surprises. Keep exploring to take in the spirit of the season and collect all the hidden objects for our latest hunt. There are toys, guitars, and on other symbols of the season for you to find! And, don’t forget to check out some of exciting offline activities like our Cinco de Mayo themed worksheets at

Match starts in 5,4,3,2,1….Go!

Are you ready for your next BroomBall Match? Challenge your fellow Jumpeez to the ultimate BroomBall Match in Windy Hollows! Whether you are on team Dragons or team Unicorns, we are all in it to win and have fun with our Jumpee pals. One can always use a few inside tips to help beat your opponent; here are some tips and tricks to help you give you the cutting edge information to help you win Broomball:

  • First and foremost, get those keyboard controls ready so when the countdown hits “GO” you take off flying. Use the arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to increase your speed!
  • Remember that sharp, last minute turns will help you throw off your opponent when you are attempting to score.
  • Try flying horizontally towards the orbs to help increase your chances of getting an orb.
  • Avoid the obstacles by flying either high near the ceiling or low close to the ground.
  • Use your side arrow controls on your keyboard to help move in and around obstacles. This will also help you maintain your speed.
  • Always try to fly higher than your opponent when bumping their orbs to prevent them from scoring. Flying above your opponents gives you more of a chance to bump their orbs without losing your own.
  • Avoid flying too close to the bleachers and the score boards. These can act as obstacles preventing you from scoring.
  • Shooting for a goal diagonally helps increase your chance of scoring.
  • Don’t spend too much time focusing on bumping your opponent. This could create a distraction and can even cost you the match.

Try out these new BroomBall tricks and tips and start scoring today. Have any more fun tips and tricks that help you win BroomBall matches in Windy Hollows? Share them below along with any thoughts or comments. Keep having fun Jumpeez and keep on scoring!