Celebrate Father’s Day with the JumpStart Friends

JS-Fathers-day-bAre you ready for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend? It can be really hectic trying to put together the perfect gift for your dad, so Frankie thought it might make things a bit easier by creating some stylish cards for you to print out and use with your gift! Just click on image to print and download it, then think really hard about what special message you want to write to your dad. Once you have it all written down, make sure an adult or older sibling helps you proofread it for any errors!

Gear Up for Summer with these Poolside Threadz

Now that summer is here, it is time to visit the Beach, Boardwalk, and all the tropical FunZones to pop up this month. That means you will need the PERFECT outfit for your JumpStart activities. Thankfully, the latest and greatest Threadz have just shipped to DownTown in time for the sunny weather. Let us take a look at some of the warm and colorful outfits that you can put together this month!
1Stay cool by the Tiki Pool with a lightweight blue dress and a pink hat to keep your head in the shade. Do not forget to tie the look together with these breezy and blue sandles!
2June is the perfect time to start exploring the muddy waters of Shipwreck Lagoon! In addition to crafting the perfect boat that will glide through the sea, you will want to put together one excellent costume. How about this Viking uniform? You will look courageous and classy as you step aboard your ship!
3As we previously mentioned, June is ALL about keeping cool. And what is cooler than a red beret? Nothing! Also, make sure to pick up one of our limited-time Father’s Day tops to show your appreciation to your old man!
4If you are not one for the Beach and sand, not to worry! The Threadz store still has some great outfits for you! Try on this goofy get-up and show your fellow Jumpeez you can be a magician with a sense of humor.
5With all of the slides around JumpStart this month, you might want to put an outfit that will be comfortable for the playground. How about a pair of teal shorts and a tank top? This outfit is perfect for climbing up those steep mountains, and it will not tie you down.

Now that you have seen some of the many combinations of Threadz you can make this month, why not head DownTown and start coming up with that perfect summer look? Once you have those colors coordinated and outfits put together, make sure to send along your Jumpee look for Kisha’s monthly fashion column! She would love to see what great, cutting-edge get-ups you put together.

Dive in to New June Adventures in JumpStart

Now that school is out, it is time to celebrate the start of summer with new June updates to JumpStart! The weather is getting hot, which means we have PLENTY of activities for keeping cool and having fun. There is just so much to show you. Let us take a look at the latest Scavenger Hunt and FunZones to appear throughout JumpStart!

1Hopping from land to land sure can get tiring… Why not stop by the Tiki Pool on MainStreet for a bit? The water temperature is just right for an early summer dip. Relax by the poolside and meet some friendly, colorful birds or chat with your fellow Jumpeez over at the tiki hut.

If you are feeling a bit active, use a launch pad to reach our massive slide. Going down this slide is a thrilling adventure that takes you through an ancient volcano filled with glowing lava. Which reminds us, make sure to keep your hands and arms inside the slide at all times…

2Were you excited to hear about the slide on MainStreet? Well, you are in luck! We also have TWO extra slides DownTown. Take the plunge on these yellow and red slides to experience all of the twists and turns they offer.3After all of that swimming and sliding, make sure to put extra focus this month on getting your HIGHEST score at Punk Punk Drop, the Boardwalk’s featured game! Let us get those pesky little guys as far away from the boardwalk as we can!

4Lastly, remember to keep an eye out for all of the useful summertime items hidden around SpeedDrome and MainStreet in this month’s Scavenger Hunt! Those clever Jumpeez that collect everything on our list will receive a secret prize for their hard work!

Frankie and the gang are SO excited to start celebrating the beginning of summer with you! After seeing all of the latest additions to JumpStart, which do you think you will explore first?