Kisha’s Picks: 4 Back-to-School Styles in our August Jumpee Lookbook!

“Hi Jumpeez, it’s Kisha! I’m JumpStart’s go-to fashion consultant, which means I have the scoop on ALL of the latest styles to hit DownTown. As you might know, I keep my ear to the ground on the latest trends traveling across JumpStart each month by spotting some of the excellent outfits put together by you Jumpeez. Since September is fast approaching, and I know a lot of you have already kicked off the school year, I thought I might search for some outfits that were perfect for the classroom. Take a look at my favorite 4 outfits I enjoyed the most below!

The Girls:

August-LookBook-GirlsOn the left: Sydney RainDiamond
Sydney is gearing up for the school year by showing some extra girl power. Her “girls rule” t-shirt tells us she is confident and prepared for whatever scholarly challenges face her. Not to mention, she also knows how to tie a look together. Sydney’s pants perfectly match her cat ears, and those magenta shoes help make her outfit pop just a little bit more.

On the right:
Nicole SpeedyGecko
The school year may have started, but it is still August and the sun is still shining. I appreciate Nicole’s determination to bring her summertime spirit to the classroom. Those bright Threadz are ready for an impromptu beach trip, and helps make sure she stands out among the rest of her peers.

The Boys:

August-LookBook-BoysOn the left: Matt BoomTail

With this warm weather still heating up the grounds of JumpStart, Matt wears his firefighters outfit to make sure we keep cool. Themed get-ups always capture my attention, so Matt’s dedication to this look was much appreciated!

On the right:
Andrew TwinkleRhino

You know what is essential to any functioning classroom? A class clown! Andrew fits that role perfectly. With his jester shirt and cool shades, you know Andrew is determined to get the last laugh in all of your classroom shenanigans. To honor the most delightful asset to any great school year, I just had to award Andrew with my final Jumpee Lookbook award of the month!

With so many different Threadz coming in every month, you can create all sorts of wonderful outfits to compliment your personality. I always have such a hard time picking out winners, because all of you have tons of style! After seeing the looks you pulled off this month, I am already eager to see what you have in store in our next edition! Do not forget to send in a screenshot of your best outfit by commenting below!”

There are Some Brilliant Outfits in the June Jumpee Lookbook!

“Happy summer vacation, Jumpeez! Kisha here, bringing you some of the most fabulous outfits of the season! With everyone heading to the Tiki Pool to keep cool in these warm summer months, I have noticed a LOT of you wearing some of the latest June fashions from the Threadz shop. Excellent work, everybody! Well, now it is time to reward some of the Jumpeez with the most incredible outfits I have seen this month! A tough decision for me, indeed, but these get-ups showed that “school’s out” spirit that I have come to love around this time of year.

The Girls:

1On the left: Isabella GiantRiver
Wearing a bright red skirt with Hawaiian flowers, Isabella is clearly ready for the summer. The bird she is hanging out with in her photo respects the bright colors she chose in her outfit, as they match its own vivid feathers.

On the right: Alyssa RainbowMeadow
Alyssa has on the perfect outfit for some summertime shenanigans, AND she knows how to color coordinate. The blue dress and shirt really bring out her blue eyes and the pink sandles are an excellent touch to highlight the pink in her shirt’s design. Her pigtails also help keep her hair out of her face as she goes down the twisty slides DownTown!

The Boys:

2On the left: Michael FunnyToe
Michael enjoys shooting hoops at the JumpStart Sports Arena, so it is perfect that he shows off his athletic personality through his Threadz! This basketball uniform allows him to move swiftly across the Basketball court and his shoes make sure his feet never get tired.

On the right: Brock Windhead
Brock earned his name as being one of the finest Jumpeez to ever sail the windy seas of Shipwreck Lagoon. As you can tell from his Threadz, it is a very fitting name. His dedication to the pirate look is much appreciated. I knew almost instantly that his style had to be shared with everyone here!

Are you feeling inspired by any of these Jumpee get-ups? Make sure to head DownTown and pick up some of their June-themed Threadz before we run out of stock! If you are feeling particularly stylish, I would really like to see your attention to fashion. Send along your own outfit by taking a screenshot of your Jumpee and commenting below so you can get featured in the Jumpee Lookbook too! I really hope to see what great ensemble you put together!”

Find Your Next Style in Our May Jumpee Lookbook

“Kisha, here! Let me tell you. The competition for best dressed in JumpStart is heating up! There are so many great outfits worn by you Jumpeez I had just the hardest time trying to pick my favorite styles. You Jumpeez sure know how to coordinate an outfit! Well, I had to choose four awesome get-ups, and I went with those that really brought out a Jumpee’s personality. Without further ado, here are my favorite styles of the month!

The Girls:

JLOn the left: Laurel FrostWolf
True to her hobbies, casting spells and rocking out, Laurel has a look that says “punk rock charm caster”. The best part is her red sneakers, which really make her sneakers pop!

On the right: Michelle WaterKitty
Michelle is ready for the ball! With her snazzy blue costume and mysterious mask, she is well-dressed for her dance off challenges at Poseidon’s Hangout.

The Boys:

JL2On the left: Wyatt BronzeCheetah
Decked out in his bronze athletic gear, Wyatt truly lives up to his name with this outfit.

When he isn’t sprinting around JumpStart and competing in games at the JS Stadium, he likes to head to FutureLand. Here, he uses his speed and knowledge of history to save the past at the Time Slicer Machine.

On the right: Zach SillyGoat
Zach might be a silly Jumpee, but there is nothing funny about his appreciation for his mother! I cannot help but give a Jumpee some extra fashion points for sharing their Mother’s Day pride, which is why I had to give Zach a spot in our May Lookbook.

If you see these four awesome Jumpeez walking around town, make sure to give them a warm hello! I hope you appreciated these outfits just as much as I did, and I cannot wait to see what all of you have in store for me over the upcoming summer season. Talk to you later!”