Happy Mother’s Day!

Frankie and the JumpStart friends would like to wish all our JumpStart Moms, a very special Mother’s Day! Moms play a unique role in a child’s life so making sure that she feels appreciated for at least 1 day out of the year is the least any family could do. Give mom some time to relax to day by keeping bust with some of JumpStart’s exciting and FREE printable Mother’s Day resources – worksheets, activities, and more!

PHOTO BY: hello-julie

PHOTO BY: hello-julie

If you’re still falling short on ways to make this day stand out form the rest, don’t forget to browse through our Pinterest for ideas on how you might make this day a memorable day of celebration for your mother! And, don’t forget to share some of your favorite Mother’s Day traditions with us here on the blog! Frankie and friends would really appreciate it.

Mother’s Day: Inspiring Ideas to Celebrate Mom!

While you might want to make sure mom knows that you appreciate her year-round, it is especially important to make her feel special on that 1 day a year that is designed specifically for her – Mother’s Day! Celebrated on the second Monday on May, in the United States, this annual tradition has quite the global presence and has through the years evolved to include a number of fun family traditions. Start preparing for this year’s celebration by following JumpStart on Pinterest!


There, you’ll find some amazingly creative ideas to put your unique spin on a few holiday traditions for mom. Not sure which bases to cover? Here are a few activities that you might plan for throughout the day!

Breakfast in Bed – Let mom sleep in, at least this once! After all, there’s a high chance that she’s up much earlier than you on most days. So that she can enjoy each precious moment relaxing in bed- deliver breakfast to her on a tray with a fun activity like a crossword, a mobile tablet loaded with a favorite TV show, or simply share some much appreciated conversation with her over her meal.

A Family Brunch – Plan for an extra special shared meal or party with the whole family. Makes this event stand out from any other family mean by dressing up the event with flower arrangements, table décor, and a specific theme that mom might enjoy. In situation like this it’s the little details that can really set your brunch event apart – handmade décor, unique invitations and more!

Homemade Cards – Keepsakes like homemade cards are something that mom will cherish and enjoy receiving through the years. They are records not only of you appreciation of her but also of a child’s growth.

DIY Presents – From hand painted works of art to DIY tea cup candles, paper flowers, bracelets and more, handmade presents are only limited by your creativity and the materials that you have at hand. These types of activities double as fun tasks for kids which are great if you’re looking to fill some time. Head over to JumpStart’s official Pinterest to find a few inspiring present ideas to start preparing before Mother’s Day is here!

How will you be celebrating this day? If home cooked meals and DIY craft are not your thing, there are still a number of popular presents that you might buy for mom instead. Keep her interests in mind or go for purchases like gift certificates to the spa, flowers, or a dinner out to her favorite eatery. Don’t lose sight of your goal of simply putting a radiant smile on Mom’s face!