Celebrate Father’s Day with the JumpStart Friends

JS-Fathers-day-bAre you ready for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend? It can be really hectic trying to put together the perfect gift for your dad, so Frankie thought it might make things a bit easier by creating some stylish cards for you to print out and use with your gift! Just click on image to print and download it, then think really hard about what special message you want to write to your dad. Once you have it all written down, make sure an adult or older sibling helps you proofread it for any errors!

Worksheet of the Week: Tie Trouble

tie-troubleFather’s Day is only a few weeks away! Marvin has gotten a head start on his gifts, but he could use some extra assistance finishing these ties. Help Marvin work on his awesome gift for dad by completing the designs he started. Click on the image to download and print this free Worksheet of the Week! budurl.me/Worksheet123

Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers play a special role in a child’s life, so don’t forget to show your dad how much you appreciate him today! Plan a special day filled with surprises like hand crafted presents or home coked meals. Thoughtful acts like these are ones that dad will always treasures and most of all he’ll cherish the time spent around loved ones like family.


At the end of the day, if you’re still looking for a fun and fantastic way to gather the family with dad, head into JumpStart and make some memories playing games for simply good time.  And finally, don’t forget to wish dad a Happy Father’s Day from JumpStart!

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Tie Trouble – Father’s Day Worksheet for Kids

Father’s Day: Salt Dough Craft Ideas

Father’s Day is a time to show dad how much you appreciate him! If you are looking with the kids to surprise him with something memorable yet affordable, engage them in crafting something special for him at home like a salt dough sculpture. The best part about this type of craft is that it is versatile and can double as a learning experience for your kids. Using materials that can be easily found around your home, invite your little ones to start sculpting a Father’s Day masterpiece in the form of a helpful paper weight, small ornaments, and more!

Sculpt and paint something for dad! Photo by Lawrence Rayner

Kitchen crafts allow kids to put their math skills to good use by measuring materials. Depending on how much dough you plan on making, this Father’s Day craft might call for you to increase the recipe or handle quick conversions and other calculations. Use our tried and true Salt Dough recipe to get started!

2 cups of flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

1. Mix dry ingredients (salt and flour) thoroughly in a large bowl
2. Slowly stir in water
3. When dough begins to form, begin to knead by hand on a flat surface
4. Divide dough for kids and allow them to start sculpting. For ornaments, flour a flat surface and roll out dough into a flat sheet to cut out shapes.
5. When salt dough sculptures are complete, bake them at 200 degrees, until dough is firm. Time will depend on the size of the figurine.
6. Let dough cool and then paint

If you are not sure where to start with your ball of dough, think about dad’s interests! You could include the emblem of dad’s favorite sports team, a figurine set for him to have at his desk at work, a painted paper weight and anything that you can dream up. Whip up a batch of salt dough now and let us know how you end up celebrating Dad.