Game of the Week: Hidden Treasure Hollow

Jumpeez – our friends working in the Adventure Canyon caverns need your help! Can you do you part to complete this week’s Jumpee Mission? Head over to Hidden Treasure Hollows to see if you can unearth at least 3 hidden gems!

GoTW-HiddenTreasureHollow-BIf you aren’t able to find them with your first round of picks, you’ll always have tomorrow’s set to try again!

Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush: Day One

Your chance to hit the jackpot in Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush is FINALLY here. Find your way to the Boardwalk’s shores and compete in our FIRST challenge at Shipwreck Lagoon! Do you think you can beat Frankie’s time of 1:30? You are just going to have to put in 110% in this mission, but if you are the first to win we will award you with 75 FREE gold coins! Start sailing the muddy waters of Shipwreck Lagoon ASAP and beat Frankie!

Get ready for Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush

While walking down MainStreet earlier this week, Frankie discovered a shiny pot filled with TONS of gold coins! Since he has such a big heart, Frankie wants to hand out these gold coins to all you hardworking Jumpeez! That said, he is still going to make you put some effort into this. From TUESDAY, March 10th to TUESDAY, March 17th, Frankie will host his Pot-of-Gold Rush. Each day, Frankie will announce a special golden prize at one of his favorite JumpStart games for the first Jumpee to beat his set scores. The winner for each day will receive 75 gold coins! Think of all the new Petz, Ridez, and Threadz you could purchase with all these coins! In order to compete, all you have to do is comment with a picture of your score along with your name and log-in email!


How can you prepare? Try to get into Frankie’s head and guess which games he might challenge you to play. Also spread out your practicing throughout all of JumpStart’s worlds. Do not spend all of your time just in one place. The more games you practice, the more familiar you will be once Frankie posts his daily announcements! Head into JumpStart now and start practicing so you can win Frankie’s Pot-of-Gold Rush!

Penguins of Madagascar Update

Baby Penguins

Last week, we announced that the Penguins of Madagascar would be getting their very own virtual world! Launching November 24, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private will be taking on adventures and top secret missions in a whole new game! This is exciting news for the Penguins, but it also means big changes for Frankie and the crew in JumpStart! Want to learn more about what Penguins of Madagascar World means for JumpStart? Keep reading for full details!

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A Message from the Penguins of Madagascar

Hey Jumpeez, Skipper here. I got Frankie to let me make a special announcement here on the JumpStart blog…

peng_cg_penguins_14Penguins of Madagascar are embarking on their biggest mission yet, The Penguins of Madagascar World! That is right, we are too big to handle and need new missions, new adventures and a new world for it all! Our new digs are launching November 25th! But we will be launching some sneak peeks soon!

The Penguins and I help the JumpStart team out with the submissions you all send in through J-Tube. We kept seeing requests for something called SpeedDrome and Boardwalk, and we got to thinking… what if we could convince the head honchos at JumpStart to give us our OWN WORLD, making room in the JumpStart world for these features to return.

Join Kowolski, Rico, Private and me on new adventures in Penguins of Madagascar World! Don’t get too excited, Jumpeez- it’s not here just yet. The boys and I couldn’t keep it under wraps any longer. We’ll keep you updated with the latest top secret information– keep an eye out!

Gotta go- the world’s top secret missions won’t solve themselves.

Signing off,

Inside the Mummy Maze: Spooky Tips and Helpful Hints

MM Intro

Halloween in JumpStart is fun for a lot of reasons- Ridez, Threadz, Petz and the decorations in different worlds, but one of our favorites has to be the Mummy Maze! The maze is packed full of spooky surprises! From mummies to scarabs, enchanted floors to sarcophagi, there’s something waiting for your Jumpee around every corner! We’ve got some hints to help you make it all the way through the maze! Keep reading for our top tips!

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S.P.L.A.T. Alert: Send in a Status Update Stat!

Where are you in your TOP SECRET adventure to unlock access to the hidden nest of Voltage Dragon eggs? S.P.L.A.T. wants to get a status update and see if you’ve been able to decipher anymore of these clues.

plugin-container 2014-08-07 08-54-05-57

Check back for more clues! We’re counting on you!

And more importantly, we have some news to share. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, Jumpeez – we have a few more clues to share! Two more clues have been put together , which means it’s time for you to head out into JumpStart to locate more map pieces!

plugin-container 2014-08-07 08-50-03-74

Clue #4 – Where could it be?

plugin-container 2014-08-07 08-52-27-95

Clue #5 – The top of what?

Need any help following these clues? Let us know in the comments below! And good luck Jumpee – we’re counting on YOU to keep JumpStart safe.