5 Special Sites to Check out DownTown

You might know DownTown as the place to go for picking up the latest Petz, Ridez, and Threadz. However… there is an ENTIRE land of activities for you to explore outside of DownTown’s cobblestone core. With caves, beaches, and waterfalls, DownTown is not your average shopping center. Frankie and his pals know you might want some extra distractions after a tough time picking out the perfect set of Threadz. Take a look at some of the other sites DownTown that you might have missed!

dt-blog1. The Mountains

If you look past DownTown’s different shops, you might notice a steep mountain cliff off in the distance. Did you know that you play around on its hilly peaks? Search around DownTown for a purple Launchpad circle and you will be instantly lifted to these hilltops. You will notice when you are there that there are two HUGE slides. Before hopping on these slides, make sure to take in the sweeping views of DownTown. Try spotting a couple of your Jumpee friends while you are down there as well!

2. Slides

Now that you have made your way to the top of these hilly cliffs, why not go for an adventurous plunge down one of the two slides DownTown? Hold on tight, because these slides make sudden twists and dives that you will never expect! Make sure to keep an eye out for some of the interesting landscapes inside the mountain. Are you able to spot the secret cave behind the waterfall?

3. The Beachside

While the world of JumpStart has its share of coastal lands, not too many Jumpeez ever venture off into the secret shores of the DownTown beachside. Here you can explore all sorts of mysterious caves, as well as take a swim in the warm waters.

4. Freefall Mountain

The beachside of DownTown also gives you access to one of the most thrilling games in JumpStart: Freefall Mountain! Put on your most aerodynamic outfit and skydive down a steep mountainside while collecting balloons.

5. JS Stadium

For the athletic Jumpee, you will want to also make sure and head to JumpStart’s official sports arena! Whether you are into playing Football, Volleyball, or Basketball, you can head to your court of choice and build up your sporting skills.

Now that you know about these five places in DownTown, why not try taking on a new voyage in your journeys around JumpStart? If you already have checked out these five awesome spots, which do you enjoy visiting the most? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments!