Snapshots from Frankie’s AdventureLand Campout

All week long, Frankie has been giving you and your family tips and treasures straight from his camping explorations of the cliffs and rivers of AdventureLand. In case you have never had a chance to tour the shores of AdventureLand, it is an enormous island located in the clear blue waters south of JumpStart. In order to reach it, you even have to hop into a bright yellow submarine and head there with the help of Pierre. Since I am broadcasting from AdventureLand all week, why should I keep all the fun to myself? Let me share with you some of the cool places I have discovered in my time here. Care to join along for the adventure?

Training Island

1When you first arrive to AdventureLand, you step foot on a slightly smaller land called Training Island. Here is where you learn how to become a top Explorer. Frankie will show you the ropes of collecting items, decorating your House, and fighting off grumpy old Punk Punks. Even on this island, I was amazed at just how many cool things I discovered. Check out this fun hang gliding ride I was able to swing across!

Lost Island of Punk Punks

Once you got the hang of the basics, it is time to explore the real depths of AdventureLand. After centuries of being uninhabited, Pierre and CJ discovered a mysterious land known as the Lost Island of Punk Punks. Much of it has yet to be unexplored and it is up to us to discover some of its secrets.

I was amazed how quickly I began finding new treasures. Right from when we set up base camp, I managed to find a special box of gold right behind this enormous tree:

2As I started growing more courageous, I began walking through the valley into the main part of the island. To my surprise, I came across an entire town right beside the Lost Shores!

There were so many different, fun activities to play here. I even got my groove on with a bit of Foot Frenzy!

3While I was getting tired… I knew that there was still much to explore and the excitement kept me going. I climbed to the top of a steep Mountain where I found Hops, of all people waiting for me! He had spent his time on AdventureLand inventing his very own jet pack. Such a sneaky fellow!

4Well, these are just some of the things I have seen during my campout at AdventureLand, but I still have so much more to explore! Make sure to join Pierre and make the trek to AdventureLand this week to celebrate our week of camping!