Consonant Digraphs: Tips, Tricks, and Resources

When learning to read, young learners like your kids will ultimately have to face the challenge of consonant digraphs or blends. This concept involves the combining of two consonants in a cluster to represent a new or unique sound. As you guide your child through this fundamental English lesson, you will find that consonant digraphs can occur at both the beginnings and ends of a word. Here are some common consonant digraphs for you to review with your kids and some tips and activities to aid in the process.

BeginningConsonantDigraphs Use the above listed activity to help teach your kids how to identify these common consonant digraphs – “CH-,” TH-,” and “GR-.” As they read through each sample word, invite them to write the word out below the corresponding image of the word in which the beginning consonant digraphs can be found.EndingConsonantDigraphsDo the same, when taking on ending consonant digraphs like “-ck,” “-sh,” or “-ng.” Regularly reading and writing the letter combinations will help your little little learners easily remember the sounds that they make on sight. For additional practice a a plethora of helpful English resources, join us at!